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23 Pictures That Look Fake Because They Are So Weird

23 Pictures That Look Fake Because They Are So Weird

Sometimes when you see a picture online you just know it is Photoshopped. Sometimes they are super obvious and poorly done, while others are pretty good fakes. Then there are photos that only look fake. Here are 23 of the best non-Photoshopped, fake-looking pictures you just have to see. 

1. Elevators To Hell

This elevator doesn't reside in Hell, it is actually in Stockholm, Sweden as part of a project to make their underground system an art gallery. Each of the 90 stations are decorated with a theme. It would be easy to identify your stop but I am not sure that I'd ever want to get off at this one... 

2. Largest Horned Steer (Ever) 

Those horns don't look real but they are. With a 37.5-inch circumference, they are the largest horns ever recorded and they belong to Lurch, an African watusi steer. Unfortunately Lurch passed away in 2010, due to cancer at the base of one of his horns. 

3. Melted Wood

These footprints were worn into the ground by a monk who prays in the exact same spot every day, multiple times a day, for over 20 years. 

4. Split Road

This actually happened in Japan after an earthquake. Apparently it occurred because the road was built one lane at a time, creating a natural rift between the two lanes. 

5. Flamingos In The Shape Of A Flamingo

Unless National Geographic is trolling us, this enormous group of flamingos in the Gulf of Mexico got together to create the most meta thing ever. 

6. Indoor Cloud

Fake as this might look, it is actually the work of artist Berndnaut Smilde who measures the temperature and humidity in a room in order to create clouds indoors. You can find more of his work here. 

7. Terrifying Clouds

Speaking of clouds, these are not from an end-of-the-world Hollywood movie. They are real, terrifying asperitas (formerly asperatus) clouds in Iowa. 

8. Doritos Mountain

This mountain is, sadly, not made of Doritos. It is actually just the way the light is pouring in during sunrise in Glacier National Park, Montana. 

9. Pink River

This is not an advertisement for Pepto Bismol. It is Lake Retba in Senegal, and is actually very pink. This is because the high salt concentration in the water (up to 40%) creates a buildup of Dunaliella salina, a salt-loving bacteria. Salt is harvested from this lake and used or sold by the locals.

10. Jewel Corn

This corn isn't painted, or made of glass for some art project. It is real, edible corn and is a hybrid of several varieties. 

11. Ledge Hanging Chain 

This guy is probably just hanging from a jungle gym, right? Wrong. This is "Mustang Wanted"—a daredevil who constantly climbs to the tallest heights and hangs off them with his fingertips like some sort of mad man. Apparently there are at least two people who trust his finger strength enough to hang over the edge of Trump Palace. This picture makes me squeamish but if you want to see more of this madman, go here. 

12. Black, White and Red

This looks like some artsy Photoshopping, but it is actually real. This photo is of a hibiscus flower that bloomed after volcanic ash covered the landscape in Indonesia. 

13. Namib Desert 

This is not a view of Hell's landscape, but the dry riverbed of the Sossusvlei river. It is not known why the dunes are created in this formation, despite geologists researching the area for decades. 

14. Life-Sized Geode

There is no way there is a cave of crystals, right? Wrong. The Cave of Crystals is deep in the Naica mountains in Mexico. The crystals zigzag for half a mile underground. 

15. Grid Waves 

Either the grids on maps are real, or this photo is fake. Or, option three, this is an example of cross sea waves in the Isle of Rhé that can be explained by this simple equation. 

Okay. Maybe not so simple. 

16. Google Maps Location Names Are Real!

Well, this one is at least. The island of Al Futaisi is owned by Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan—a billionaire member of Abu Dhabi's ruling family. The name is written two miles wide and half a mile tall, making it clearly visible from space. 

But as quickly as it appeared, it was removed. Rumors are that the rest of the royal family didn't think it fit into "Abu Dhabi 2030," a plan to revitalize the area by 2030, and so the project was erased. 

17. Lego City 

This isn't actually an image from LEGOLAND or a shot of a child's play set. It is the San Buenaventura complex in Ixtapaluca, Mexico City. 

18. Half And Half Cat 

This cat is actually completely two-toned on her face. Born in 2009, Venus is likely a Chimera cat which means she has the DNA of two separate cats in one adorable body.

19. Shark-ception

A group of scientists were trying to catch fish they had previously tagged to obtain their valuable information when this happened. The three-foot dogfish was tempted by the bait while this sand tiger shark was tempted by the fish. According to the scientists, the shark swallowed the other fish in one enormous bite. 

20. Grand Prismatic Springs

This looks like a rainbow paint job but is, in fact, the Grand Prismatic Springs in Yellowstone National Park. The colors are all thanks to various bacteria; they are divided into zones based on temperature. 

21. A Fish With Human Teeth

Oh how I wish this weren't real. This is the sheepshead fish and it does indeed have very human-like teeth. You can eat this fish—many people do—but I plan to stay far, far away from them. 

22. Floating Monster

This is not the Loch Ness Monster or any other demon fish. It is sadly just the carcass of a deceased whale floating to shore.  

23. A Man With A Hole In His Head

This is Billy Owen, and yes, he can shove his hand through his (empty) eye socket from his mouth. He suffered a rare form of cancer that took half his face and his eye. Surgeons removed most of his nasal cavity and the plate covering the roof of his mouth. When he removes the dental plate, he can poke his hand from mouth to eye. Now he makes his living acting as a zombie and working in places like the former Goretorium and the Venice Beach Freakshow. 

Photographer Takes 720,000 Pictures In 6 Years To Capture The Perfect

Photographer Takes 720,000 Pictures In 6 Years To Capture The Perfect Shot

The world is full of so many beautiful and breathtaking things. Going for a simple hike reveals the natural beauty that surrounds us, but it's easy to forget it all when you live inside of a big city and are constantly busy. One thing that makes it easier now, however, is the fact that technology has progressed so far. People weren't able to capture the beauty of the world with photos that can arguably look better than real life. Photography is truly an art form which only gets better with time, speaking for both the skill of the photographer and progression of technology. One photographer set out to hone his craft, attempting to capture the "perfect photo" — and he definitely did.

Meet Alan McFadyen, a photographer dedicated to his craft.

When he was young, Alan's grandfather would take him out to see kingfishers dive into the water.

Ever since then, Alan was unable to forget the beauty of the bird's dive into the water.

In memory of his grandfather, Alan set out to capture the perfect photo of a diving kingfisher, though it took him a really, really long time.

Here is the absolutely amazing picture that Alan took:

How long did it take him? A whopping 6 years, 4,200 hours, and 720,000 photos.

According to Alan, "The photo I was going for of the perfect dive, flawlessly straight, with no splash required not only me to be in the right place and get a very lucky shot but also for the bird itself to get it perfect."

I'm sure Alan can now rest easy knowing that he has captured such a beautiful photo, along with so many others.

15 Shopping Tips Essential To Surviving Black Friday

15 Shopping Tips Essential To Surviving Black Friday

There's every other shopping day of the year, and then there's Black Friday. The Christmas shopping season kicks off with one heck of a frenzy, and if there's anything you can count on, it's the combination of deals and stress. 

Making the most of the big day is a challenge, but it can be done. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so you don't have to shop 'til you drop.

1. If at all possible, leave kids at home.

It's going to be a long day, with plenty of time spent standing in lines, and probably many bags to haul around — not an ideal scene for the kiddos. 

2. Prioritize the deals.

Because lists aren't only for Santa, make a list of all the things you want at each store, with the must-haves at the top so you know what to target and don't waste time browsing.

3. Check eBay for discounted gift cards.

It's not uncommon to find people selling gift cards for less than the face value — if you know you're going to be hitting Best Buy hard, grabbing a $100 gift card for $90 ahead of time puts you $10 ahead. 

4. Get emails from the stores on your list.

You never know, folks on the email lists might see deals that don't go out in fliers or on the website, so why not sign up? You can always unsubscribe later. 

5. Make a backup plan.

Because the hottest deals are going to sell out fast — people will literally crash doors to get door crasher deals — it's unlikely that you'll get absolutely everything on your list, so think of some alternates before you hit the stores. 

6. Make a budget and stick to it.

It's so easy to get sucked into the deals and you'd better believe the impulse buys will be as tempting as they ever get. It all adds up awfully quick. If you can manage, take cash and leave your plastic at home.

7. Shop with a friend.

Not only is this a prime bonding opportunity, but it's almost necessary to divide and conquer on a busy day like Black Friday. And just think of the saved time in the parking lot if you carpool. Teamwork makes the dream work!

8. Don't go to Walmart.

Just don't. Of course they have great prices, but everybody knows that, which means that everybody shops there...and everybody loses their minds there. If there's a Wild West of Black Friday, it's at Walmart. 

9. Start early.

Even if a store isn't open on Thanksgiving, their website will be up and running. If you can find what you want online, you might just be able to avoid the rush altogether.

10. Use technology to your advantage.

Hey, while you're waiting around in those lines, things could be happening online, so check your phone regularly. If the blender you're holding drops to a lower price on Amazon, why wait around? Speaking of which, don't forget to charge your phone!

11. Speaking of technology, get the app.

If you do brave Walmart or Target, their apps can do things like guide you to the items you want to purchase. Alternately, Amazon's app lets you scan a bar code so you can compare prices more easily.

12. Take snacks.

If you think the stores at the mall are crowded, wait until you see the food court at lunch time. When you pull out your turkey sandwich, you'll feel like a genius. Thanksgiving leftovers for the win!

13. Check store policies before you shop.

Not every store will have a great return policy for all your purchases — some will charge a re-stocking fee that could dig into your savings, or only have a 30-day policy — and many will suspend their price-matching policies for Black Friday.

14. The lowest price doesn't always mean the best deal.

Yeah, maybe you can get a TV for $100. But is it a good TV? You might be able to grab better tech for $200 with a deep discount, so you'll get more bang for your buck.

15. Don't just shop for Christmas presents.

Look ahead to birthdays and weddings coming up in the new year and grab something nice while it's at the deepest discount of the year.

Good luck out there!

Monday, May 21, 2018

20 People Hanging On By A Thread

20 People Hanging On By A Thread

When life hands you lemons, you're supposed to make lemonade. But sometimes life just keeps hurling lemons at you faster than you can handle until you're lying on the floor, barely holding on to your sanity. These people have all been attacked by lemons and are now barely hanging on by a thread.

1. This girl is the definition of a loyal football fan. She had an assignment due, but suffers from FOMO, so decided to bring her laptop to the game. I'm sure she's on the verge of losing her sanity.

2. This is a pretty crappy situation. When you run out of toilet paper and need to resort to using coffee filters, you know that you're in a bad place in life.

3. I think most mothers of young children are in the same category of barely hanging on by a thread. This one is probably one finger painting gone wrong away from losing it.

4. Sometimes when the struggle is too real, you need to get resourceful. I'm sure this guy isn't proud of the choice he's made, but he made the choice that was necessary. He's a true hero.

5. Like I said, sometimes you need to get resourceful. I want to laugh at this, but deep down, I know that it's something that I would totally do, so I'm conflicted.

6. I can't even imagine what went wrong in order for this car owner to take out his driver's seat and replace it with a school chair. I'm sure this isn't very safe during an accident.

7. Like everyone in this article, this shower curtain is barely hanging on. I would be willing to bet an insane amount of money that this bathroom belongs to a male bachelor. 

8. I don't think that Megan's hanging on, but her bank account is going to have to. I would recommend that she tries her hand at dumpster diving to find free meals. 

9. Sure, a family being broken apart is always tragic. But nothing is sadder than having to split up a beanie baby collection and give half of it away. Only '90s kids will remember.

10. I think Bree needs to join Megan from earlier on a dumpster diving adventure. Although just staying asleep is probably the more sanitary option. Hopefully there's some good food in her dreams.

11. This is exactly what puts me at the end of my rope. Sometimes it's just easier to burn the house down than to stay in a room with a spider that you lost track of.

12. I think this is the perfect analogy for what it's like trying to get a job right out of college. You need experience to get the job, but you need a job to get experience.

13. When you're in college, the money struggle is definitely real, which is why this girl has chosen to do her grocery shopping in the school cafeteria. I can't say I blame her.

14. Have you ever been so tired in the morning that you put the toothpaste on the wrong side of the toothbrush? Me neither. I suppose it's better than putting that hand soap on it instead.

15. I mean, at least he had one of the correct numbers there... I think this is a clear sign that school is not for you and that you're meant to drop out and join the circus.

16. I can totally imagine that this is at the end of a long, terrible day, and that getting her clothes caught in the escalator is just the icing on top.

17. If this girl is still holding on by a thread, I have no idea how, because I would've absolutely lost it by this point. Nair really should make it a little more obvious that it's not shampoo.

18. This is a bummer, but whoever finally knocks them down is going to hit the jackpot. They'll be hydrated, nourished, and caffeinated. It sucks for whoever paid for them though...

19. When the job market's too competitive, sometimes you have to get creative. I'm sure he's sick of living in his parents basement and hearing them complain about him not having a job, so he's trying to do something about it.

20. After their power being out for four days straight, this kid got the lovely job of cleaning out the fridge. He's completely lost it. The gas mask is so extra.