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Smartphones And Calculators Were Given Different Designs Because Of The
Rotary Phone

Smartphones And Calculators Were Given Different Designs Because Of The Rotary Phone

Common sense isn't nearly as common as it sounds. Sometimes we just get stuck in ruts and do things the way we've always done them, whether that way makes much sense or not. And we get used to seeing things in familiar ways, not necessarily picking out what's relevant or rational.
A great example is something we all carry in our pockets: Our phones. Most of us have probably never noticed the big difference between the phone's keypad and the calculator's. But you won't be able to un-see it now!

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Have you ever noticed that the keypads for calculators and phones are different?

Which is weird, right? They use the same nine digits in a three-by-three pattern, but the only digit in the same place on both layouts is the 5.

Okay, so that's old tech, but even on the latest devices, the layout stays the same.

On the phone, the 1 is in the top left; on the calculator, the 1 is in the bottom left. Does this make any sense?

You would think it would be easy enough to just standardize the designs, right?

And yet they remain different. So what's going on?

Well, it's easy to forget that phones didn't always have keypads.

Once upon a time, phones had rotary dials...

It seems more than a little odd that, when phones made the switch from rotary to touch-tone, they didn't just port over the pre-existing layout from calculators.

This adding machine was the first to arrange the numbers three-by-three with the 1 in the lower left position. The bean counters and number crunchers who used them every day had no difficulty with them, and machines like this one were in offices everywhere by the late 1950s.

You can't say Bell Labs didn't do their research when they were developing keypads. They tried out many different variations of layouts to find out which worked best.

They weren't thinking about what already existed; they were thinking about how people would use their phones in the future.

Engineers discovered that people simply found having 1-2-3 in the top row easiest to use. 

But when it comes to the phone, the keypad has an additional use that the calculator doesn't: Punching in letters. And it just makes sense, reading-wise, to have the letters start at the top. But nobody would associate the progression of the alphabet with a series of digits starting at 8. As if texting before phones came with keyboards wasn't bad enough, right? 

Still, it makes you wonder why calculators didn't start with 1 in the top left in the first place.

Rumor has it the Bell engineers wondered that as well, and put the question to the big minds at the major calculator makers. None of them had a particularly good answer, however. They just went with the design that people were used to.

It's worth noting that new keypads for things like ATMs use the phone layout rather than the calculator.

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16 People Struggling To Get To Tomorrow

16 People Struggling To Get To Tomorrow

If life were peaches and cream, there wouldn't be a need for dreams. Unfortunately for you and I, some days really do take a toll on us. Whether it be physically in the form of spilling piping hot coffee over your pants or the emotional strain of explaining to your co-workers that you've had an incident not involving your fully functioning bladder.

Whatever the case, we do have a way of picking up all the pieces and forging success for the next day. Though until that happens, you just have to deal with it like these next people just struggling to get by.

1. When the wife snaps the perfect shot of your feelings about air travel.

The universe has a way of showing our true colors sometimes. As if his facial expression didn't tell the whole story already.

2. His spidey senses are dwindling.

A recent drop in crime rates has left Spidey without a job or sense of purpose.

3. This is a HUGE accident just waiting to happen.

Girl, get that coffee in ya and start thinking straight, please!

4. Ouch!

Here's hoping they didn't break the chair by sitting on it because... Well, just look at it!

5. When your puppy makes your Roomba redundant.

Wonder who's responsible for this intricate mess?

6. This hurts my grammar loving brain.

I'm not sure what's worse, the use of "it's" or the name "Jon Bovi."

7. When you walk in on your friend at a house party.

"Uh, excuse me, kinda busy here! You can close that door now."

8. Will he make it?

All signs point to nope.

9. This is how to lose all trust from your younger brother.

Same day your little bro's dreams of being a rally car co-driver vanished into thin air.

10. In Japan, the clothes judge you!

Ouch. What's wrong with plain ol' large?

11. When you can't even trust your calculator anymore.

Please excuse my dear aunt Sally, she knows which is the correct calculator.

12. I trust you, trust me.

Even if he didn't, gotta give him points for being so eloquent about it.

13. Won't you tell us how you really feel?

Well, whenever I feel completely useless, the feeling is mutual.

14. Looking to get a golden tan?

How about a shower instead.

15. Hitting the bottom of the barrel.

Based on their spelling of 'spoon,' this is probably the least of their worries for the day.

16. It's your lucky day!

Well, that was extremely short-lived.

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Helpful Tips For Bad-Breath Sufferers

Helpful Tips For Bad-Breath Sufferers

Unless you've got an incredibly lucky mouth, you probably have to deal with some bad breath every now and then. But for many people, it just doesn't seem to stay away for long. It's unfortunate, but it doesn't have to be embarrassing. Remember that about 25 percent of people worldwide have chronic bad breath. So if you or someone you know has this problem, they're definitely not alone.

But suffering from halitosis lends itself to a couple of questions. For one thing, how does this bad breath happen? And of course, there's the one on most people's minds. What can be done about it?

It's easier to explain the cause than it is to find a solution, but I hope you can find both right here.

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If you have bad breath, this is probably what's causing it.

Millions of nasty bacteria are having quite the party in your mouth.

They're chowing down on any food particles and dead cells you've got in there.

And when they're done, they leave behind some gross volatile sulfur compounds.

There are at least 150 possible compounds, but there are two that come up the most.

One is hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs. The other is methyl mercaptan, which is more like rotting cabbage.

You're not going to want either of them around for too long.

But when you clean your mouth out, you'll find it's hard to get rid of them.

You'll definitely want to brush and floss regularly, but you may discover your bad breath persists even if you do that.

It's important to make sure you're getting plenty of water.

When your mouth goes dry, the dead cells that build up in your mouth don't have anything to wash them away. This gives all those bacteria a smorgasbord of snacks.

You might also think about getting a tongue scraper.

This can help get rid of unwanted bacteria and food particles on your tongue. You can also brush your tongue, but many people seem to prefer this.

However, you may need another step to keep bad breath-causing bacteria at bay.

Some scientists recommend bringing in helpful bacteria to fight the bad ones.

There's some promising research suggesting Streptococcus salivarius K12 can introduce their own products that bad bacteria can't stand. And they do it without hurting you at all.

If you're suffering from chronic bad breath, talk to your doctor about K12 lozenges and see if those can help you.

And be careful about using mouthwash.

A lot of them clear away as many good bacteria strains as they do bad ones. And alcohol-based ones can dry your mouth out, which only makes the problem worse.

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When He Tries To Shame A Woman At The Gym, The Internet Steps In!

When He Tries To Shame A Woman At The Gym, The Internet Steps In!

Let me put this as nicely as possible: 

People who try to crush self-esteem suck! 

And people who make fun of others who are motivated to better their lives suck even more! 

Think I'm being too harsh? Well, we live in a harsh world! We live in a world where women feel uncomfortable to work out in gyms because of the stares, glares, and comments coming their way. We live in a world where body shaming and posting rude, revealing videos of others online is somehow seen as funny...

Except it's not, okay? It's really not.

And while some people still don't seem to get it, the all mighty internet just might. Let's take a look...

This super unfunny guy was working on his selfie game at the gym when he spotted a young blonde woman working out behind him. 

She was doing a version of Jefferson squats. Sure, her technique wasn't totally on point...but who cares?! She's doing her thing. 

This is the starting stance for proper Jefferson squats: 

He decided to film the woman and blast her online for basically being a complete idiot...which she's not.

Worldstar Hip Hop posted the video to their page with the caption: "What Muscle Group Is She Working On?"

What this guy didn't realize: while a few trolls can always be found in the depths of the net, the Internet as a whole has so had enough of cheap shots taken against women. 

They're over it, okay? Of the over 62,000 comments, most of them are coming to the defense of this young woman who only wanted to work on her fitness. 

Of all the comments coming back at this guy, this one is by far the best: 


However, there were so many gems in this thread, it'd be shame to leave you with just that. Many people spoke out about how...

...he should have helped her instead of bashed her online. What do you think? 

Other people decided to educate the young man and send some support the woman's way. 

These are the kinds of comments that restore faith in humanity after a silly boy posts a video in attempt to shame a motivated woman. 

Thoughts? Let me know in the COMMENTS! 

Main and collage image via Facebook / Worldstar Hip Hop

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

12 Incredible Photos That Come Close To Communicating The Miracle Of

12 Incredible Photos That Come Close To Communicating The Miracle Of Birth

To many, the actual moment of a baby's birth is the most emotional, beautiful, and ultimately human moment that exists in the world. Most would say that no writer can put this experience into words, no musician can put it into song, and no person can adequately explain it. But what about a photographer? It's certainly true that a photo says a thousand words, but of those thousand, are there the appropriate ones to communicate the miracle that is giving birth? 

Recently, The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) held their annual Image of the Year Competition and it's safe to say these portrayals more than adequately capture the moment of and surrounding birth. Winners were selected by a panel of judges, and these photos demonstrate the inexplicably intense but undeniably beautiful nature of bringing life into this world.  

Winning photos were chosen by the quality of technicality, emotionality and composition. Listed below are category winners and additional entries. See what you think of these dynamic, eclectic, and raw images of love.   

1. "Transition" by Snap Life Photography. 

 Whether they're tears of joy or of pain, they're beautiful. 

2. "Mymmy's Little Doula" by Lacey Barratt Photography. 

When a little girl is about to become a big sister. 

3. "Support" by Ashton Renee Photography. 

When three people are about to become one. 

4. "Power" by Thistle + Lace Photography. 

This expression honors the strength and determination of mothers everywhere. 

5. "O MY WORD!!!" by Genesis Birth Photography.

The people surrounding mothers-to-be can be just as expressive. 

6. "The Goddess: she looks within to draw strength" by Emma Jean Photography.

Well, that title covers it. 

7. "Technology saves the day (and the baby)" by Melissa Jean Photography. 

They may be few, but there can be moments of fun. 

8. "She's here!" by Blue Muse Photo. 

The utter, utter joy. 

9. "Pause" by Erin Monroe Photography. 

Everyone needs a little time to collect themselves. 

10. "Where peace begins" by Natalia Walth Photography. 

This incredible image was the winner in the Postpartum Category. 

11. "The Surge" by Apple Blossom Families.

The intensity we see here took home the prize in the Labor Category. And rightfully so. 

12. "Underwater birth, baby with gorgeous curly hair" by Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie. 

This astoundingly beautiful photo won best overall in the competition. 

Main image via International Association of Professional Birth Photographers | Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie

Collage image via International Association of Professional Birth Photographers | Apple Blossom Families