Sunday, June 24, 2018

24 Practically Perfect Pics That Describe The World We Live In

24 Practically Perfect Pics That Describe The World We Live In

If you've been on the internet lately, watched the news, or read a newspaper, you probably got the sense that this world is headed downhill. If it's not politics, it's religion. If it's not religion, it's the economy. If it's not the economy, it's world peace. I hate to sound like a pageant girl, but there are so many problems that require fixing, I just don't know where to start. 

The way I see it, all those issues are probably too big to tackle and too serious to laugh at, so why not distract yourself with a little manmade garbage? Enjoy!

1. Just like this truck, their marriage will be able to trek through even the deepest of mud pits. 

2. Relatable.

3. Sometimes you just need a shoulder to lie on.

4. Well, that dog has a better Tinder profile than I do. 

#8 is what happens when a computer mates with a hat. 

5. Much like art, it's cool to look at — but extremely impractical. 

6. I think we all remember this moment too well.

7. This guy went out in style.

8. I don't even know.

Unless you're an only child, #10 proves that there is always a favorite.

9. I would argue this kid may have done him a favor.

10. There is always a favorite. 

11. Sureeeeeeeeee.

12. Disowned.

#13 is why I don't wear anything off the runway. That and I can't afford anything off the runway. 

13. If the Berlin Wall was built in the 2000s.

14. "I died for this?!"

15. Me whenever I cook.

16. What they didn't show you in Harry Potter!

17. The real reason that sucker straw was invented.

18. Finally.

19. A good deal is a good deal.

20. Challenge accepted.

21. High fashion is basically fashion you have to be high to wear.

22. Typical Friday night in hell.

23. Some people (and giraffes) can't stand it when they don't have all the attention.

Lesson learned? Don't propose to your girlfriend when giraffes are around.

24. Well, they really cut to the chase.


This Bro Tried To Make His Ex Jealous, But She Got The Last Laugh

This Bro Tried To Make His Ex Jealous, But She Got The Last Laugh

OMG, some people never grow up! Look, everyone knows breakups are hard, but there's a right way and a wrong way to handle them. This guy shows a perfect example of the extreme levels of douche-baggery one can sink to when being a butt-hurt baby about this stuff. Pretty much everyone is going to see your romantic life displayed all over social media anyway, so to trying to rub it in your ex's face is the move of a total loser. This story, however, does have a pretty epic ending, so hang tight! But first, here's how it started...

He texts her a photo, obviously thinking that it'll put that smear of jealousy across her heart. So, for like no real reason, this chump randomly sends her this:

Like, yeah dude, that's friggin' great...

Not really sure what he was expecting her reaction to be. Come on, man, we can tell that you're not in middle school anymore, what's up with that? You're going to intentionally try to just ruin someone's day? Well, be careful dick sniffer, cause two can play at that game...

So, like a boss with no fucks given, she sends back this little bomb:

Boom madafaka!

But the thing is, she doesn't stop there! As you'll see, his reaction to this is pretty friggin' stupid (I know, big surprise, right?), but she comes back with even more gold after that! The ending is too perfect...

He legit gets offended that she totally one-upped him, starts whining like a child, and then won't drop it! But maaan, she gets him back with that simple and effective use of only four words!

I can't believe he kept going on after she obviously cut him out for good! Just goes to show you that when you mess with fire, you're gonna get burned. And in this case, homie got burned to cinders!

h/t Elite Daily

12 Absolutely Stunning Henna Tattoos

12 Absolutely Stunning Henna Tattoos

Even though henna is mostly used for special occasions like weddings, it has become a huge beauty trend over the past year. Thank goodness you don't have to be getting married to join in on this trend. Trust me, it is too cool to skip out on. I have been obsessed with henna ever since I was a kid, and it fascinates me that people can draw such intricate designs. Hats off to you. Since henna has really been blowing up this year, it seems like designs are getting nicer and nicer. Here are 12 absolutely stunning henna tattoos that will probably inspire you to get one. I know I definitely want one, or maybe two. 

1. Elephant 

Elephants are my favorite animal, so I obviously love this design. I also adore the flower design on the trunk. So cute! 

2. Wrist

This is such a beautiful design. It probably looks like a bracelet from afar. 

3. Hand 

Whoa! Look at the detail. I'm amazed that someone has the talent to do that. 

4. White Henna 

White henna has been a huge trend this past year. So unique! 

5. Another One 

Seriously, this is so breathtaking. I'm really loving the white henna trend. I like how it stands out more, too. 

6. Head 

Amber Rose, you seriously need to do this. Trust me. 

7. Fingers

I love how dainty this is. If I'm going to get a henna tattoo, I want it to be something like this. 

8. Design 

She really doesn't need to wear any rings. This henna tattoo is basically jewelry because it stands out so much. 

9. Black Henna 

I love black henna as much as white henna. It's very intense, and it also looks like it's a permanent tattoo. So if you want to fool people, I think you should do this. 

10. Neck 

When I first looked at this, I thought this was an intricate choker. Wow, was I wrong. By the way, this would look so cool with a strapless dress. 

11. Simple 

I love how one side is more decorated than the other. Ugh, this is making me really want to get a henna tattoo. 

12. Back 

This design is astonishing. I'm really at a loss for words. 

Which henna design is your favorite? Comment to let us know! 

Hairless Cats That Can Terrify And Warm The Heart At The Same Time

Hairless Cats That Can Terrify And Warm The Heart At The Same Time

When we think of a cat, we typically envision a furry creature with a lot of sass. Maine Coons and Persian cats fit our classic idea of what a cat looks like because they have tons of fur (that totally gets on our stuff). Did you know that there are cats out there with no fur at all? These bald cats are quite shocking at first if you haven't seen one before, but they have an interesting way of staying incredibly cute. 

You have to see these horrifying cuties yourself...

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1. The Bambino cat, a cross between the Sphynx and Munchkin breeds, is scary but also one of the cutest things I have ever seen. 

This cat is not impressed by anything. 

2. This close-up gives you a sense of the oddly smooth texture that the Bambino and Sphynx breeds have. 

So weeeiirrrrddd....

3. When they sleep, they are especially creepy.

No botox for this fella. 

4. Their eyes are even more hypnotizing that most cats.

I guess it's because they have no fur to hid behind...

Be careful, the first picture on the next page may frighten you a bit...

5. Sorry, these hairless cats automatically look 300 times more scary than a typical cat no matter what they are doing. 

This Sphynx is not happy.

6. If you put a jean jacket on a Sphynx, everything is better again. 

This could very well be Jay Leno's cat...

7. But like I said, at the end of the day, they are adorable. 

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