Thursday, August 30, 2018

21 Ridiculous People Who Ain't As Special As They Think

21 Ridiculous People Who Ain't As Special As They Think

From the second we are born we are spoiled with unconditional love, attention, and adoration. When we head off the primary school some of us come in last (or in my case, second last) and we receive a participation ribbon for trying. Once we reach middle school, we are dying our hair or piercing our noses in an attempt to either fit in or stand out. There are some who walk among us who truly believe they have blessed this Earth with their presence and we should all spend our days showering them with compliments and false hopes. To those people, I say, "You ain't special, you just delusional."

1. This is some new level shit. 

2. Who the hell was supposed to be pumpin' my gas?

3. Welcome to the party that isn't fun and never ends. 

4. Do you want your dog back, or do you want the likes?

#5 is the outcome of drinking when driving a motorized vehicle. 

5. Don't drink and drive applies to all motorized vehicles, damnit. 

6. Welcome to my life, Greg.

7. What socks?

8. When you're literally one in a million.

The guy in #10 needs boundaries or a psychiatrist... or maybe both.

9. The term "dead weight" really sticks out here. 

10. Romance is knowing that you can be replaced.

11. This is the type of woman that would burn your house to the ground if you cross her. 


12. With a roster like that, you are most definitely NOT irreplaceable. 

#15 is the ultimate sacrifice made in the name of love. 

13. Not everything in this world revolves around Chad, Gail!


14. Apparently, he wasn't that "special" of a someone.

15. There is always one in every squad. 

#18 would be more painful to watch than a the romance scenes in Game of Thrones with your parents sitting next to you on the couch.

16. I guess an Evite wasn't good enough. 

17. Can someone give this girl a hug so she can stop crowding my news feed with this garbage!?

18. I'd rather watch paint dry. 

#20 proves that humans aren't the only ones with attitude problems. 

19. I would recommend taking a chill pill, but I think this person needs something a little stronger. 

20. Much like the short man complex, small dog complex ruins lives. 

21. What a sacrifice. 

23 People Who Just Can't Catch A Break

23 People Who Just Can't Catch A Break

If you're having a terrible day, it's always important to take a step back and remind yourself that there's someone out there who currently has it worse than you do. It's basically like an automatic mood enhancer! Here are a few people who just can't catch a break. 

1. This sweet, innocent hedgehog.

All he wanted was a nice cozy spot. Now he's just given up on life. I'm all about accepting what life throws at you, but I don't know if I could deal with the tunnel vision.

2. The person who thinks this is fashionable.

Honestly, more power to them at the end of the day. Maybe they're just ahead of the trend.

3. This poor sucker.

You gotta keep the wheel steady. KEEP IT STEADY.

I guess technically, being stationary underneath a mountain of debris is pretty steady.

4. Just changed the cat litter and mopped the floors? NO PROBLEM!

Ain't no cats got time to worry about whether you've just cleaned. They live by their own rules!

5. The person who experienced this absolute tragedy.

Sending them positive vibes and good thoughts during this trying time. We all scream for this lost ice cream.

6. The person who dropped their fresh pizza on the ground.

Another food tragedy...lost too soon. But at least the Ninja Turtles just scored a free meal.

7. The dude who has to hear this from his crush.

Not what you want to hear at all. Hopefully, your coping mechanisms are healthier than the next guy's.

8. The person who has to Google this.

If you have to search this, maybe you're already dead? Nah, that can't be the case. Unless your Ouija board has Wi-Fi connectivity...

9. This little girl who tried her best at spelling.

She gave it her all, and yet her all wasn't quite enough. But it's the thought that counts, right?

10. The person who opens their dishwasher to see this.

Suds for dinner, anyone?! Maybe it's time to order takeout. With disposable utensils. Dishes are obviously not their thing.

11. This girl has definitely learned the hard way.

The tan line can totally be fashionable, right? We all have to suffer for beauty sometimes.

12. When you're cooking and then your entire dinner falls into...your dinner.

Who wants their pasta sauce with a side of CAN?!

Honestly, I'd still eat it. I guess you could say I have a can-do attitude.

13. The person who gets friendzoned like this.

Ouch...need some ice for that burn?! Or you could just be happy that you made a friend. 

14. The person who gets it taken a step further.

Woof... At this point, you have to assume she knows what she's doing. Savage.

15. This is just the worst thing that could happen to anyone.

Can a person ever bounce back from the friend zone?! In this case, it's not even about getting with your crush, it's about getting out with anyself-esteem left.

16. The person who accidentally drops a truth bomb.

Better to have it out in the open, right? Or she could just play it off as a joke and show up with a surprise in nine months... 

But probably the honesty thing. Go with that.

17. The person who won and lost at the same time.

Please play again? That's one dog who just doesn't want to find his forever home.

18. The person who left this outline.

There's really no upside to this. But at least the people on the bus that did it probably had a good laugh about it. You made their day by ruining yours, friendo.

19. The person who managed this on their first day.

Welp, I guess you won't be making it past the probation period! But at least the cleanup could be fun if they do it right.

20. This little girl.

Such betrayal from a furry companion is too much. A dog would never do that, though. Just sayin'.

21. The person who buys this anti-fungal cream thinking it's toothpaste. 

Hey, they both clean, right? And who knows, maybe your bad breath is caused by a mouth mushroom, and this is exactly what you needed? 

22. The person stuck in this predicament.

Although it's kinda their fault that this happened... Play it safe and stop earlier next time, buddy.

23. The person who sees that shadow when they go to work out.

Talk about temptation... Well, maybe lifting burgers will get you dem gains.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

24 People Who Are Just Plain Doing It Wrong

24 People Who Are Just Plain Doing It Wrong

Sometimes common sense isn't all that common. Like when you think everyone out there knows the proper spot to fill up their car, someone out there surprises you with their stupidity, or even something more basic like using a seat belt. Yeah, there are people out there who don't know how to do that properly either. And it's not people who haven't seen a car before... 

They're just plain doing it wrong!

1. The guy who will make his mechanic very rich someday

2. The person who has a different definition of diet than the rest of us

3. The person who definitely missed the mark on this one

4. The woman who thought this was acceptable gym attire

Sidenote: how does this even work???

5. The girl who thought this was how seat belts worked

6. The guy who's about to lose his bike

7. The girl who probably wasn't singing well anyway

8. The person who should never be allowed around Twizzlers

9. The girls who value their hair over their $1,000 laptops

10. Whoever set up this display

11. The person who did this just to make me cringe

12. This driver

13. The person who came up with this sign

14. The person who doesn't understand the concept of electric kettles

15. The person who didn't think it through

16. The woman who doesn't get technology

17. The guy who thought this was what they meant by "bike-n-ride"

18. Whoever came up with this barf

19. The girl who doesn't know how to use a chair

20. The person who thinks this is how you brush your teeth

21. The horrible pet owner responsible for this

22. This water slide

23. The person who failed at spaghetti

24. And lastly, this shopper

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