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13 Epic Bro Facts About Dr. Dre and Eminem

13 Epic Bro Facts About Dr. Dre and Eminem

Eminem is one of the most prominent rappers in history. But he had help getting there.

His name is listed on some of the most prolific tracks which you can probably rattle off like "The Real Slim Shady" or "Lose Yourself" Or "Monster." And then he's also one of the coolest people to collab with.

But throughout it all, there was a one name that kept coming up: Dr. Dre.

Eminem was kicked out of his home and went to compete in the 1997 Rap Olympics and got himself in SECOND...

It was an annual, nationwide battle rap competition. 

The CEO of Interscope Records got his hands on The Slim Shady EP and he in turn gave it to RAP STAR, Dr. Dre.

Dre was a founding member of N.W.A., founder of Aftermath Entertianment and future founder of Beats headphones.

Dre said: "In my entire career in the music industry, I have never found anything from a demo tape or a CD. When Jimmy played this, I said, 'Find him. Now.'"

But what Dre DIDN'T know was that the voice on the EP was white guy...

Eminem was constantly told to leave hip-hop and go into rock and roll. Dr. Dre said, "It's like seeing a black guy doing country & western, know what I'm saying?

"It's some very awkward sh—t," he added.

But once his associates and him found out Em was white, Dre had to explain why their fears were pointless.

He said, "I don't give a f—k if you're purple; if you can kick it, I'm working with you."

Eminem was NERVOUS: "I didn't want to be starstruck or kiss his ass too much... I'm just a little white boy from Detroit. I had never seen stars, let alone Dr. Dre."

So then they started recording...

But the MORE they recorded the more the more comfortable he got working with his IDOL.

"Guilty Conscience" defined their musical bond. And they started featuring each other on each other's albums.

Slim Shady started rising to the top and the two featured on the Up In Smoke Tour in 2001 and they actually brought down the HOUSE.

And behind the scenes....

Under Dr. Dre's Aftermath label, Eminem got his Detroit collective D12 signed.

And people say they don't even know the name of his band.

They stuck together after a French jazz pianist sued them for $10 million for claiming they used a beat from one of his instrumental tracks.

But they couldn't be torn apart, and the case was settled.

By 2008, Eminem revealed that, "Me and Dre are back in the lab like the old days, man. Dre will end up producing the majority of the tracks on 'Relapse'."

"We are up to our old mischievous ways... let's just leave it at that."

With each passing year, their families grew closer to the point that they were like brothers...

On Dre's wall there's an autographed book that mirrors a phrase from Em, and above the TV there are two photos of Em and Dre from an early photo shoot along with Em's daughter, Hailie.

And at one point there was a baby couch that Hailie used to sit on and watch TV while her dad spoke to his mentor.

Dre has this to say about Em's future: "If he remains the same person that walked into the studio with me that first day, he will be fucking larger than Michael Jackson," says a confident Dre.

 "There are a lot of ifs and buts, but my man, he's dope and very humble." 

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8 Celebs With The Most Dramatic Weight Loss

8 Celebs With The Most Dramatic Weight Loss

I feel like one of the most common dreams in the entire world is to become rich and famous. Come on, everybodywants to be a celebrity at one point in their life.

But trust me, it's not always as great as it seems. How many times have you seen your favorite celebs taking some heat for not looking absolutely perfect at all times? And if you're ever having a bad day you might as well just stay in your house because the minute you're spotted, your photo will be all over the internet. Many celebs have admitted how hard it is to live life in the spotlight, especially when you have insecurities. But some of these celebs have overcome their insecurities and showed the world that they're in control of their lives. Check it out.

1. BEFORE – Jennifer Hudson made a name for herself as a contestant on American Idol.

She didn't win, but her career skyrocketed regardless.

AFTER – Over the years, Hudson has lost a ton of weight and is now a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

2. BEFORE – Drew Carey is a very funny comedian who was once famous as the chubby host of Whose Line Is It Anyway.

AFTER – Drew now hosts The Price Is Right and has lost a ton of weight by eating right and exercising! He event went down 10 pant sizes!

3. BEFORE – Kelly Osbourne became a household name when her family became the subjects of one of the first reality TV shows in history, The Osbournes.

AFTER – Kelly looks amazing now! She lost over 50 pounds and has never looked better!

4. BEFORE – Star Jones used to be a host on The View, and she often discussed her weight loss struggles with viewers.

AFTER – Star took an alternative approach to boost her weight loss. She admittedly underwent bariatric surgery, which effectively reduces the size of your stomach.

But it's not as easy as it sounds – patients who undergo the procedure need to keep the weight off themselves.

5. BEFORE – This iconic celebrity gossiper made his fortune telling celebrity secrets on the internet as Perez Hilton. But you'll barely recognize him today.

AFTER – Perez Hilton looks amazing! Seriously he doesn't even look the same.

6. BEFORE – Seth Rogen made the world fall in love with him due to his overall average look and attitude.

He was the chubby lovable nobody that everybody wanted to cheer for.

AFTER – Seth lost a load of weight for his role in The Green Hornet. The film may not have been great, but at least it helped Rogen get healthier and stay healthier!

7. BEFORE – Preciousstar Gabourey Sidibe has always struggled with her weight. But she's recently vowed to take control over her body and her hard work is starting to pay off!

AFTER – She's dropped 50 pounds and plans on losing even more. You go girl!

8. BEFORE – Everybody loves Al Roker, and many fans were concerned for his health as he seemed to continuously gain weight.

AFTER – The once 340-pound Roker has lost more than 140 pounds over the years! And the best part is – he's kept the weight off!

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11 Murder Mystery Riddles, How Many Can You Solve?

11 Murder Mystery Riddles, How Many Can You Solve?

Riddle me this, riddle me that, my mind is as quick as a cat. Do you love riddles? Do you love murder mystery? Then you've come to the right place. You'll have to be pretty clever to figure all these out. Can you point out the murderer and catch the culprit? See if you're quick enough to figure out these murder riddles!

Note: Solutions on last page.

1. Iced Tea.

Two girls ate dinner together. They both ordered iced tea. One girl drank them very fast and had finished five in the time it took the other to drink just one. The girl who drank one died while the other survived. All of the drinks were poisoned. How did the girl who drank the most survive?

2. Dinner time.

A woman shoots her husband, then holds him under water for five minutes. A little while later, they both go out and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be?

3. Cassette tape.

A man was found dead with a cassette recorder in one hand and a gun in the other. When the police came in, they immediately pressed the play button on the cassette. He said "I have nothing else to live for. I can't go on," then the sound of a gunshot. After listening to the cassette tape, the police knew that it was not a suicide, but a homicide. How did they know?

4. Numbers.

A detective who was mere days away from cracking an international oil smuggling ring has suddenly gone missing. While inspecting his last-known location, officers find a note: 710 57735 34 5508 51 7718. Currently there are 3 suspects: Bill, John, and Todd. Can you break the detective’s code and find the criminal's name?

5. Rich people.

A man is found murdered on a Sunday morning. His wife calls the police, who question the wife and the staff, and are given the following alibis: the wife says she was sleeping, the butler was cleaning the closet, the gardener was picking vegetables, the maid was getting the mail, and the cook was preparing breakfast. Immediately, the police arrest the murderer. Who did it and how did the police know?

6. Baggy suit.

A crime has been committed at Freemont Street. The main suspect is a man named Sean Baker. It was said that a man had been walking along the pathway when he was suddenly shot in the stomach. The suspect had brown hair, blue eyes and wore a baggy Armani suit just like Sean Baker's. Sean was asked to tell the story right from the beginning. "Well," said Sean, "I was just hanging around the park when I saw this man walking along the pathway. Suddenly, a guy came up from behind him and shot him! I ran home as fast as I could." The policemen asked him to give a description of the murderer. "He had a red mustache, red hair and a baggy Armani suit on." "I think this man is telling a lie," said one of the policemen. How did he know?

7. Rooms.

A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms: the first is full of raging fires; the second, assassins with loaded guns; and the third, lions who haven't eaten in years. Which room is the safest?

8. Cars, knives and wives.

A man murders his wife with a knife in their car. Nobody is around to see this. He throws her out of the car being careful not to leave any fingerprints on her body. Next he throws the knife off of a cliff into a gorge where it will never be found and he goes home. An hour later the police call him and tell him that his wife has been murdered and he needs to come to the scene of the crime immediately. As soon as he arrives, he is arrested. How did they know he did it?

9. Coin toss.

A dead body is found at the bottom of a multistory building. Seeing the position of the body, it is evident that the person jumped from one of the floors, committing suicide. A homicide detective is called to look after the case. He goes to the first floor and walks in the room facing the direction in which the body was found. He opens the window in that direction and flips a coin towards the floor. Then he goes to the second floor and repeats the process. He keeps on doing this until he reaches the last floor. Then, when he climbs down he tells the team that it is a murder not suicide. How did he come to know that it was a murder?

10. Funeral.

A girl was attending her mother's funeral where she met a man. She was very intrigued by the man and was interested in getting to know him. As she was making her rounds she realized she had not gotten the man's name or number. Later, when she went to find him, he had already left. A week later, she murdered her older brother to find the man. Why?

11. Cottage life.

A wealthy man lives alone in a small cottage. Being partially handicapped, he had everything delivered to his cottage. The mailman was delivering a letter one Thursday when he noticed that the front door was ajar. Through the opening he could see the man's body lying in a pool of dried blood. When a police officer arrived he surveyed the scene. On the porch were two bottles of warm milk, Monday's newspaper, a catalog, flyers, and unopened mail. The police officer suspects it was foul play. Who does he suspect and why?


1. The poison was in the ice.

2. She shot her husband with a camera and then developed the photo.

3. If the man shot himself while he was recording, how did he rewind the cassette tape?

4. Bill is the suspect, if read upside down the numbers read "Bill is boss. He sells oil."

5. There is no mail on Sundays.

6. How can the murderer shoot him in the stomach if he came up behind the man?

7. The room with the lions because they would have now died of starvation.

8. He never asked the cop where the scene of the crime was, so they knew that he had murdered his wife.

9. None of the windows were left open. If the person jumped, who closed the window?

10. So the man would attend the funeral again.

11. The police officer suspects the newspaper delivery person. The absence of Tuesday's and Wednesday's newspaper indicates that the delivery person knew there was no one there to read it.

12 Adults Failing At Grown-Up Cooking

12 Adults Failing At Grown-Up Cooking

Taxes, kids, mortgages...being an adult is tough! Now on top of all that they expect you to cook like one? Grownup meals take a lot of time and finesse — honestly, a lot of people just "ain't got time for dat!" So what's the next best thing? Pop open a can of beans and throw it on some lightly burned bread, I guess. 

Half of the time you can just toss something in an oven for twenty minutes and pray for the best. At least that's the mentality of the dozen people we look at in this article today. You wouldn't believe what passes for "meals" in the minds of these so-called adults, but hey, I'm sure we've all eaten worse at some point in our lives. 

Have you ever had an epic cooking fail? Or have you managed to pass off a kid's meal as real food? We want to hear about it in the comments, so let us know about your most embarrassing meal and tag your friends and family who still haven't fully grasped the concept of grown-up cooking! 

1. All food groups in one, apparently.

When considering your nutrition balance and intake — oh you just dumped fried stuff all over it, OK, cool.

2. Can't wait, no grate!

No cheese grater? No problem. Just hand rip that cheese like we did in college, perfect. Oh, and throw in whatever random bits of pasta you have too, because consistency is an unnecessary luxury.

3. I don't remember this on the Food Network

4. When you're smilin', the whole world smiles with... ew.

This has "dad meal" written all over it. Whatever cans you can open or packages you can throw in the oven, put 'em together and you got yourself a classic dad meal!

5. Now that'sa smorgasbord

Let's see, what have we got here? SpaghettiOs, toast, beans, cut up hot-dogs, and — oooh! Is that white cheddar macaroni? How fancy! 

6. This whole menu seems appropriate 

This bar was required to offer food as a part of their liquor licence... 

7. The Master Chef, Boyardee

Talk about an entree! It comes in your choice of shapes: Spider-Man, SpongeBob, or Alphabet.

8. Why your grandpa is so childish...

Gum it down, Gramps! 

9. I don't think that's what they meant...

10. How to make Taco Bell unhealthy...

Well, I should say "even unhealthier"! I never thought that could be possible.

11. Playing with your food

Admit it, you want to do this next time you have waffles!

12. You and everyone else here, sister

Sometimes you just gotta embrace your failures...

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