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15 People Being Super Awkward Online

15 People Being Super Awkward Online

Awkward people are just awkward across the board. They're awkward in real life, and no matter how hard they try to cover it up, their awkwardness still shines through online. They just don't seem to understand what's acceptable in a public setting and what isn't. Hopefully they don't learn any time soon considering we're all having a good laugh at their expense.

Check out these super awkward people who grace the internet with their presence:

1.  Uncle needs to just stop it. Like now...that would be nice.

2. Well, that's an honest-to-goodness mistake.

3. Fair points all around.

4. Isn't that sweet with a dash of horrendously tacky and awkward?

5. Oh, because everyone needs to know this information and why you're "bored." 

6. As if this guy just said that...

7. OMG. I'm cringing for this guy.

8. It's nice for a dad to be complimentary...but this is WAY too weird.

9. Oh, just to let you know in front of everyone, you're uninvited.

10. The kisses make it all better. JK. 

11. That doesn't even look remotely close to Peter Dinklage.

12. How rude.


14. It just keeps going.

15. Not sure what's more awkward, his comments or the combination of his comments and that picture of his face.

Photo Source:  reddit /u/ Get_Sascrotched

7 Heart Attack Warning Signs That Could Save Your Life

7 Heart Attack Warning Signs That Could Save Your Life

Is there anything worse than a preventable tragedy? Sadly, too many tragedies only seem preventable in retrospect. In the aftermath, rooting out the causes of the tragic event exposes some tell-tale signs that danger was just around the corner all along.

The difference comes with knowledge. Knowing the warning signs can turn a tragedy into a positive, and remove all need for hindsight. This is especially true of heart attacks.

Often they seem to hit out of nowhere. We see it all the time on TV and in movies. A character suddenly staggers, clutching at his chest and arm, and slowly drops to the ground while his face turns red. But in reality, there are typically indicators well in advance of the heart attack. 

Knowing what to look for can prevent a tragic outcome.

1. Indigestion, nausea, and heartburn

On their own, indigestion, heartburn, and nausea can be a nuisance. When they start to occur frequently, they can signal a problem. Awful heartburn accompanied by vomiting is an even more urgent sign. Nausea tends to be a more common indicator for women.

2. Anxiety attacks and insomnia

Heart disease decreases oxygen levels, which can affect your mood. Anxiety attacks and bouts of insomnia that have no other triggers can be your body's way of saying something's not right. Anxiety attacks tend to affect women more than men.

3. Unusual sweating

When you sweat without exercising or being active – more like the cold sweat you get with the flu, or in women, like a hot flash – and especially when it persists for longer than a week, the underlying cause might be heart disease. 

4. Excessive fatigue

Not like you've just had a bad night of sleep or even a rough week at work, but the kind of bone-weary fatigue like you have the flu. It can last for days, weeks, or even months, and make ordinary tasks extremely difficult or tiring, like walking up the steps. It could be accompanied by a feeling of heavy legs or fatigue that gets worse throughout the day – this tends to be more common for women.

5. Chest pain

It might not even be pain, but pressure or burning. When a heart attack is imminent, the pain will often radiate down the left arm or through the back. However, this is more a concern for men – it's common for women to have heart problems without accompanying chest pains.

6. Aches and pains

Although chest pains are commonly associated with heart attacks, shoulder, arm, neck, and jaw pain can show up too. Be especially wary of pain that follows physical activity and then goes away – which it would not with a pulled muscle – or pain that moves around between the jaw, shoulder, arm, neck, and chest and includes tingling or numbness.

7. Dizziness and shortness of breath

A weakened heart has trouble sending oxygen around the body, which can lead to a shortness of breath and light-headedness – and women feel light-headed more frequently than men.

Main image via flickr / moonsfaa

Collage image via Dreamstime

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15 Homes That Are Designed To Amaze You

15 Homes That Are Designed To Amaze You

Daydreaming about being fabulously wealthy is a time-honored tradition. Everybody likes to think about what life would be like if money was no object. And at the top of the list, it's all about the dream house. 

Where would you live? A swanky, ultra-modern glass-enclosed pad in the hills? A towering chalet in the mountains? Something more spread out, on the water? Few of us dream small; it's just more fun to dream amazing. And perhaps the better question is: would that house be just a dream, or a goal to work toward?

Check out some amazing houses to get your imagination going.

The First Crescent, South Africa

French chateau with a pool through the house

Jewel of Maui, Hawaii

9945 Beverly Grove Dr., Beverly Hills

Montecito Charm

Tuscan Mansion, Aspen, Colorado

Westwood Plateau, Coquitlam, British Columbia

Queen Anne Victorian Mansion, Thousand Oaks, California

Nautica Vista, British Columbia

"Steamboat", Colorado

1559 Tomahawk Drive, Salt Lake City

Akasha, Whistler, British Columbia

West Vancouver, British Columbia

Avon Castle, Hampshire, United Kingdom

1302 Collingwood Place, Sunset Strip

Main image source: Facebook / Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia
Collage image source: 1. 
Jason Soprovich 2. Facebook / Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia 3. Home DSGN