Tuesday, February 20, 2018

19 Totally Boss Things Kylie Jenner Did Before Turning 19

19 Totally Boss Things Kylie Jenner Did Before Turning 19

I think we can all agree that Kylie Jenner is the coolest teenager and we're all totes jealous AF about it. I mean, just look at her Instagram if you need proof. Her selfie game is on point. Well, I guess her everything is on point. Kylie's done so much already and she's still a teenager. When I was a teen, I was still trying to figure out how to even be a human being. In honor of her 19th birthday, let's take a look back at all the boss things that Kylie's done. Happy Birthday, Kylie!

1. She created those amazing Lip Kits that are never in stock and I'm totally not bitter about not owning any. 

But real talk, her Lip Kits are SO popular that they're always sold out in seconds. SECONDS.

2. She bought two multi-million dollar houses. She even added an elevator to her new mansion! #Boss

The majority of people can't even afford ONE multi-million dollar mansion...

3. She's one half of the Kendall + Kylie clothing line! They created clothes, shoes and handbags for Pac-Sun and Topshop!

Their swimming suits at Top Shop are TO DIE FOR. 

4. She's the face of Puma. 

Free work out gear? I'd take that! 

5. She's expanding her makeup collection! She has the Lip Kits, lip glosses, liners, matte stains and eyeshadows! Her eyeshadows are called Kyshadows because... she's Kylie. 

6. She's been in two music videos! She starred in her BF Tyga's "Stimulated" and PartyNextDoor's "Come and See Me" videos.

7. King Kylie is one of the most followed people on social media! She has more than 70 million followers on Instagram.

And I'm one of those 70 million who like all of her posts. HER SELFIE GAME IS JUST SO STRONG.

8. She walked down the red carpet at the Met Gala, the most exclusive and fabulous event in fashion! Also, she looked drop dead gorgeous in her gown! 

Work it, Kylie.

9. She co-wrote a novel with Kendall called Rebels: City of Indra

10. Even though everyone knows Kendall as the model of the family, Kylie is a model too! She's appeared in ads for Balmain.

Kylie looks perf in that dress!

11. She's modeled for ads AND she's walked the runway. She was a model for Kanye West's collection at New York Fashion Week.

12. She's super busy with her makeup line but she also has a hair extension line too called Kylie Hair Kouture. 

And the hair extensions were also always sold out! I just want bright hair like Kylie. Is that too much to ask for? Is it too much to ask for nice things?!

13. She's been on the cover of Teen Voguetwice. The only way any of us would be on the cover of Teen Vogue is if we photoshopped ourselves onto a cover. 

14. She's traveled all over the world! And on private jets too. 

15. She co-hosted the 2014 Much Music Video Awards with Kendall! 

16. She's been a star on Keeping Up With the Kardashians since she was 10 years old! 

17. She designed a handbag and shoe collection with Steve Madden.

18. She has so many cars. And not just regular cars. She has a Mercedes-Maybach to a Ferrari.


19. Kylie landed a spot on Timemagazine's most influential list in 2015!

COMMENTand tell us which of these things on the list you'd like to accomplish!

I want to star in a music video. How cool would that be?!

16 Random Slices Of The Internet Cut Off Just For You

16 Random Slices Of The Internet Cut Off Just For You

The internet is a lot like having a dog — its behavior is both good and bad, it'll keep begging/notifying you for attention, and you're gonna want to spend more time with it than actual people. Other than that, it's not actually like a dog at all. I've heard the internet is simply a series of tubes that emanates memes and allow people to complain about everything under the sun. Well, while my knowledge of technology might not be the most informed, I do know some funny junk when I see it. So, don't think about how it's done, just sit back, scroll through, and enjoy these random bits of funnyness I've assembled from the far reaches of the weird wide web...

1. There's a lothappening here...

2. Just a brief lesson in ancient history:

3. Also, never forget that this happened:

4. Always good to add a bit of intrigue to those boring moments in life...

5. Ever wonder how a smoke alarm works? Just take a look inside!

9. Mmm! Looks delicious...

7. Oh yeah? Explain this!

8. This is not what the kids mean when they say they wanna "smash"

9. Pretty much as close to "me IRL" as I'll get in this pic dump:

10. Apple's design screwing us over yet again

11. Whoever did this is my new hero

12. Part of this complete breakfast

13. If you can't be honest, at least be clever

14. There are correct answers and then there are the bestanswers:

15. The future is looking bleak 

16. I'm embarrassed to admit how often this happens to me...

...let's just say, enough. It's happened enough times.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

15 Things That Never Never Ever Should Have Happened

15 Things That Never Never Ever Should Have Happened

Lots of things happen every day that we wish could be prevented, but alas, the world doesn't work that way! So what can we do? 

I don't really know, but I made this list for you...

1. Sorry, Dustin...

2. This question...that's technically not even a question

3. Oh no...

4. I, personally, would have preferred it if this photo series hadn't happened 

When alcohol gets involved, things get ugly...

5. A drunken kiss we all regret happened 

6. This should NEVER happen

7. This shoulder ride definitely shouldn't have happened 

8. I wonder what those were used for...

I don't know who invented the next thing, but they should be put away! 

9. Hello, food poisoning, pleased to make your acquaintance 

10. Probably shouldn't have let this sign placement happen

11. This is what's wrong with the world 

12. The bottom picture might just be worse than the actual tattoo

The next person created a monster...

13. If there was Frankenstein's monster of denim, this would be it 

14. Nailed it 

15. Okay, I think we're done here