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15 Times The Customer Was Almost Right

15 Times The Customer Was Almost Right

A great customer service experience and a smooth, clean poop are two things that happen rarely in life. But when they do, they are two of the most pleasant, week-changing experiences known to humankind. 

Now, when customer service departments started (apparently) hiring comedians to run their Twitter accounts, people's experiences with complaints and queries were brought to a whole new level of entertainment. Who ever thought we'd be living in a world where you could be sitting without toilet paper on a train across the UK and tweet for staff to bring you some wipes? I mean, seriously? These are the kinds of stories that should lead the news every night. We'd all be so much more optimistic.

But that's enough poop-talk for now, I think. Let's just get right into it and examine the glory that is customers vs. customer service Twitter accounts, shall we?

1. For the uninitiated, "no a grass" translates to "not a snitch." You may laugh now.

2. I'm wildly impressed with the kid's resourcefulness and Virgin Trains' response time. 

3. If the dog is healthy, I'm actually okay with this transition. 

4. I hope this made it to his ex.

5. Lonely dad is lonely.

6. I guess I'll keep buying from the 18-year-old kid that works on the loading dock at Costco.

7. I love the passive aggressiveness the internet allows people to rebut with.

8. How does one color without carnation pink?

9. Step 247: Apply ice to burn.

10. Apparently Tesco doubles as a comedy club.

11. Unbeknownst to the person tweeting, the Underground runs multiple trains every day, all day. Who knew?

12. Marijuana? Not even once.

13. I can speak British chav, so let me translate: "When will the PS4 be in stock in Moss Side? I don't want to wait anymore. And the gentleman of Asian descent has a poor attitude."

"It's okay Twitter guy, we're getting more PS4s within the next week, okay? Sorry about the (Asian fella's) attitude. He's likely having a bad day."

14. We all know this much civility has never been seen between these two communities.

15. What did he ask for that it ended up like this?

Main image via Twitter / @o2

Collage image via Twitter / @JetiJig

Saturday, July 14, 2018

He Spoons Nutella And Cream Cheese Into A Bowl. What He Makes? I'm

He Spoons Nutella And Cream Cheese Into A Bowl. What He Makes? I'm DROOLING!

This combines two of my greatest loves - cheesecake and Nutella. This one is so easy to do, I think I might whip this one up this weekend! It's perfect because when you're having a big meal, you might not have oven space to do a baked cheesecake. This will ensure that you get all that creamy and delicious, nutty, chocolatey delight without having to worry about how to cook it. 

Plus, when you're having guests over, this is the PERFECT recipe for making it up in advance so that you don't have to worry about it when you're entertaining. 

12 Surprising Benefits Of Having Three-Day Weekends All The Time

12 Surprising Benefits Of Having Three-Day Weekends All The Time

Labor Day is just around the corner and most of us can hardly wait until it comes. The constant rush and bustle of our busy workdays can really take a toll on us and an extra chance to recharge and spend some much needed time with the ones we love is always appreciated.

As we enjoy the long weekend, we may start to ask ourselves why we can't do this every week. After all, weekends usually feel so short and having an extra day seems like just the ticket to be invigorated and ready when it's time to go back to work.

If you've often felt this way, you may be onto something. While many of us have flirted with the idea of the four-day work week on this side of the world, there are some serious efforts underway in parts of Europe to make it a reality. Sweden, in particular, has taken the idea and run with it, with many areas going as far as to shorten the work day to six hours.

While many of us would certainly like this extra day off, it's still surprising to learn exactly how many positive changes could take place both at work and in society in general if we actually took the plunge.

With that in mind, here are 12 improvements we could all see with a permanent three-day weekend.

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1. It could help the environment.

According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research, switching to a four-day work week could lower U.S. carbon emission levels back down to where they were in 1990. In fact, their data suggests emissions would end up three percent lower than they were back then.

2. The United States would also save on energy consumption.

Keeping office lighting, air conditioning, computers, and other equipment off for another day would lead to a 20 percent reduction in energy use. This not only helps the emissions we talked about, but it also cuts costs for the business.

3. A four-day week would reduce stress-related diseases and turnover.

Work week reduction programs in Sweden have been found to ensure workers are satisfied enough to stay with their employers. Public health experts in Britain are also recommending it as a means of addressing physical problems linked to overwork like high blood pressure.

There's also the possibility that people might feel inclined to exercise on their days off, which would further reduce these ill effects.

4. A longer weekend may also curb the rise of work-related mental health issues.

The British public health experts also noted that anxiety and depression can be causes or effects of work-related public health issues, which was also part of why they recommended shortening the work week.

5. It can help our relationships with our families.

Many people are struggling to achieve a work/life balance and reconcile their family commitments with their work responsibilities and having a longer weekend could do a lot to bridge that gap.

6. Just adjusting a day per week can add up to some major time off for employees.

The Center for Economic and Policy Research worked out that the change would amount to seven additional weeks of time off for workers.

7. Existing programs are showing reduced workplace sickness.

Swedish businesses that shortened the work week have reported healthier employees and reduced sick leave among their staff. And the change could help even when it is necessary to take a sick day.

8. A four-day workweek could help to reduce "presenteeism."

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found that many businesses focus on attendance over actual performance when deciding to terminate employees. The resulting fears over job security compel employees to work when they're sick, which allows diseases to spread throughout work environments.

A program like this, that puts less emphasis on how much you're at work and more on what you're doing when you get there, could help managers rethink some of these organizational problems.

Speaking of management, there are also some incentives for them to shorten the workweek besides employee satisfaction.

9. Shorter work weeks can increase productivity.

That's been the result for Swedish businesses that are trying it out, anyway. Some employees reported working at about 80 percent capacity during the standard workweek but found they got much more done with Sweden's six-hour work days.

This was because workers found that having fewer hours inspired more efficient use of the hours they had and managers were less likely to hold unnecessary meetings.

10. This time adjustment was also found to improve innovation.

With more time available to think and less stress weighing on their minds, Swedish employees who experienced shorter workweeks found their creativity increased.

The six-hour work day also provided some incentive for new ideas on how to make each hour count.

11. Longer weekends could also reduce unemployment.

British public health experts said the standard workweek involves a "maldistribution of work" where people are either overworked or unemployed and they considered both to be harmful extremes.

Hiring new employees to make up for the resting ones would introduce some balance and Swedish employers have found that the increased productivity offsets the cost of hiring more workers.

12. It may prepare us for the crises of the future.

A report from Oxford University suggested that 47 percent of American jobs will end up being computerized and Alex Williams from the City University of London argued that changing the workweek to four days will be "essential to make life liveable under these changed economic conditions."  

Don't forget to COMMENT and tell us if you think adding another day to the weekend is a good idea.

Friday, July 13, 2018

16 Of The Most Amazing Wood Sculptures

16 Of The Most Amazing Wood Sculptures

Woodworking is one of those old-school crafting skills that'll never go away completely. 

Even in modern times, with our prefabricated homes and particle board furniture from Ikea, there's still space for handcrafted wooden beauty. Let's take a moment to appreciate what hardworking hands can do to natural elements. 

1. All done without power tools...

Redditor spastichabits shared some of their dad's handiwork. Incredibly, these distinctive pieces are made entirely by hand, all out of a single block of laurel wood.

2. The creepiest piece you could possibly buy.

Set this one up in your living room and there's no way anyone is ever going to want to break into your house.


There's dedication, and then there's this. Every square inch of this piece is incredibly intricate and stunning. One misplaced cut or chip and the whole thing could be ruined.

4. I think your dresser is cracked...

I love the playful nature of this dresser. Getting each drawer (even the bottom ones, which are subtly different) would have required some careful measuring and cutting.

5. Excuse me,'re melting.

I don't know what, exactly, a melting knight is supposed to represent, but it's hard to deny that this carving by Morgan Herrin is a particularly eye-catching piece.

6. Talk about two-faced...

Having a skull sculpture or a human head sculpture is pretty cool (especially when they're this well-made). But having both in the same sculpture? That's even better.

7. Creatively utilized scrap wood.

With most wood pieces, you can see the woodgrain but not have a sense of the trees that the wood came from. This coffee table really puts the forest in your living room.

8. Don't touch the woodpile!

If you've ever had a wood-burning stove, you've probably had a big pile of firewood somewhere on your property. This, though, is on another level entirely.

9. An amazing wood sculpture, in Gif form.

A screengrab of this would be impressive in its own right, but to fully appreciate this kinetic wood sculpture, you really need to see it in action.

10. Pouring a tree stump.

Creating the illusion of a floating paint bucket from this tree stump would take some careful planning — first, brute force to get rid of the excess wood, then meticulous carving.

11. If Stormtroopers were a little more nature-oriented.

If Imperial forces occupied the Forest Moon of Endor and ran out of shiny white plastic, their helmets might wind up looking a bit like this.

12. Rawr!

The artist who created this had probably seen enough uprooted trees to envision the roots as a lion's mane. It's amazing that something like this was created with a chainsaw.

13. Creative use of burnt wood.

What started as a (relatively) simple cat's head carving is made striking with blue glass eyes and expertly burnt areas to replicate the distinctive pattern of a Siamese cat.

14. Sweet ride.

A full-sized dragon / motorcycle hybrid made entirely out of carved wood is the kind of thing you don't realize you desperately need until you finally see it.

15. Their bark is worse than their bite.

Here's another awesome stump carving. The artist could have been content to carve one wolf standing on the stump, but went the extra mile by adding a bonus wolf.

16. That's metal...err, that's wood.

It might be a tad geeky (to non-metal fans, at least), but there's no denying the care and craftsmanship (and balance!) that went into this Metallica carving.

If you could have any carving from this list, which one would it be? Tell us in the comments!

12 Crazy Details About Will And Kate's Royal Babies

12 Crazy Details About Will And Kate's Royal Babies

It's just a fact that we're all obsessed with the royal family. We seriously can't get enough of them! Maybe it's because we don't have our own version of the royal family. Well, besides Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy, am I right?! The royals always have the entire world watching their every move – the royal wedding, any time Kate Middleton wears ANYTHING... But everybody went absolutely wild when George and Charlotte were born. And you won't believe some of these secrets about these cute royal babies!

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Surely, it's a crime to be this cute. Look at them. So royally happy! So in love! 

No, wait. THIS is a crime. It's a crime how cute this family is.

Unfair. Where can I sign up to join this family? 

Here are some secrets about Prince George and Princess Charlotte that will make you feel almost part of the family!

We can all dream to even just own a piece of clothing that Kate wore. 

1. It looks like Kate and Will are ready for more beautiful babies! They've let everyone know that they really want a sibling for George and Charlotte.

Rumor has it that they want all three kids to be close in age. Well, it's now or never!

2. William always refers to Charlotte as his "little joy of heaven."

Annnnnndddd this is my cue to start weeping. Look at her face! Pure joy written all over her face.

3. William revealed that Charlotte has been sleeping through the night since she was three months old!

No wonder, Will and Kate look well rested for being parents to two young children!

4. George has already taken to his role as the older brother. He's protective over her and is always making sure she's okay.

That is just too stinking cute. 

5. Charlotte took her steps just before her first birthday. And thankfully, they caught it all on camera! 

Her outfit with the hair bow is just too adorable!

6. George is described by his parents as being "lively" and "noisy." He loves to ride ponies, play with animals, jump in puddles and race his toy tractor around the house. 

His toy collection must be out of this world. 

7. George already knows what he likes and dislikes. His favorite book is The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and his favorite TV show is Fireman Sam. He also happens to love French fries but hates vegetables!

Loves French fries and hates vegetables? George is just like us!

8. George and Charlotte are spoiled with their mom's cooking every night! The family has a nanny and a maid but not a cook. That's all Kate!

9. The kids get to have their parents tuck them in every night! 

Kate and Will switch off giving the babies a bath, reading them a story and tucking them into bed. 

10. Kate had a medical team on call for three months before the delivery of George and Charlotte. The medical team wasn't allowed to drink and always had to be ready to drop everything!

11. William is focused on giving George and Charlotte a very normal childhood. They've moved from London to the quieter countryside. 

William is focused on his children growing up as good people that are dedicated to helping others. Awwww!

12. George already loves going to nursery school. He goes three times a week and Kate is always the one who drops and picks him up from school. 

The kids are cute. The parents are beautiful. Ah, what a great family. COMMENTand tell us if you think another royal baby is coming soon!