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11 Rare And Bizarre Birthmarks

11 Rare And Bizarre Birthmarks

Don't believe the old wive's tales — birthmarks aren't caused by anything mothers do or don't do while pregnant. And there's no way to prevent them. Some people are just dealt a tough hand before they even start out in the world. And the people on this list certainly know all about that. But sometimes life is all about how you deal with the lemons. You can suck and have a sour face, or can have an awesome lemon meringue pie. Mmmmpie . . .

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1. Little Connie

When little Connie was four-weeks-old, the birthmark on her nose perfectly resembled a bright red clown's nose. While certainly amusing to see, her parents were concerned because it was not only growing onher face but internally as well. They were warned that Connie could bleed to death if she ever happened to cut her nose. Following a three-and-a-half-hour surgery, almost all traces of the birthmark are now gone.

2. This boy's white stripe

We don't know this kid's name or his story, but his birthmark definitely looks super sweet. And it gives us a chance to throw a little science at you. Birthmarks fall into one of two categories: Vascular (which usually look like stains or "strawberry marks") and Pigmented (which are colored and sometimes hairy like moles).

3. Professional dancer Cassandra Naud

This professional dancer from Alberta, Canada has fully embraced her birthmark. 22-year-old Cassandra Naud loves her unique look and is thankful her parents decided against removing it when she was younger. She was even told by a casting agent that she should digitally remove her birthmark from her headshots, but Naud believes it actually helps her career by making her more memorable.

4. Li Xiaoyuan

Little Li Xiaoyuan started with a tiny birthmark on her back — now grey hair covers half her body. Since spreading to her arms and face, other children have started calling her "cat-girl" and refuse to play with her. And she's not the only person on this list to have a "furry" birthmark — read on to learn more.

19 Couples Who Prove That There Is Someone For Everyone

19 Couples Who Prove That There Is Someone For Everyone

Great things come in all sorts of packages. The 'one' doesn't always show up on a white horse with a sign that says "Yeah, it's me"; sometimes, the unlikeliest couples are the best ones. Love is love, tall or short, big or small, classy or less so. Everyone has something to offer and there is someone out there looking for just that thing you're sporting. These couples prove that love is no formula but rather, an organic connection that can inspire some unlikely courtships

1. That Kiss Tho'

Heads turned, eyes closed; this kind of passion is rare enough to make you jealous. Damn. 

2. Their Eyes Say It All

These two have a good thing going. The look...of love...

3. You Don't See This Every Day

The shorts should go but the romance sure can stay. Hands clasped and hearts on fire, these two belong together.

4. Trying To Convince Her To Pass The Tanning Oil

These two were both pretty pale until she started hogging all the tanning supplies. Sharing is caring, babe.

5. Great Things Come In All Packages

Opposites attract and the benefits are pretty awesome. No more reaching for him. No more bending for her. Win/Win.

6. These Two Strive To Be Close As Those Brows

If this guy's relationship habits are anything like his brow style, they'll be together forever, naturally. Rock your natural look because confidence is sexy AF.

7. The Couple That Shares Everything Including Clothes And Makeup

The possibilities are endless when you share the same style.

8. To Halves Of A Whole Outfit

These two stick to either tops or bottoms but put them together and there's the whole ensemble. Better together, indeed.

9. Nothing Says Love Like Wielding A Chainsaw

If this is what you're into, let your freak flag fly (safely). Wonder if they'll feature their favorite garden tool in their engagement photos.

10. To Fetish Or Not To Fetish

Growing up with unusual preferences can be hard but then you find that one person. They have everything you've ever wanted in a partner like you were made for each other.

11. Hording Tanning Oil Is Obviously A Common Problem

Compromise would make these couples look significantly less odd. The love is there but not the sharing.

12. Age Is But A Number

Love is timeless, even if that dress has a "15 minutes of fame" vibe to it.

13. These Boots Were Made For Walking...Into His Heart

Scale is difficult to determine. Either she's really tall or hes really small. Whatever the case, their bond is as tight as those laces.

14. These Two Are More Odd Alone Than Together

In come cases, like attracts like. This pair doesn't seem all that strange together.

15. When You Really Love Pulp Fiction

It can be hard to tell how some relationships may have started. Let's just say these two really love Quentin Tarantino movies.

16. Legs For Miles

This lady's got length in all the right places and her man is loving every minute of it. Just look at those genuine smiles.

17. Her Body Is A Canvas And He Loves What She's Done With It

Hats off to this woman for rocking her own style and dancing to the beat of her own drum. Shine your light and you'll find someone to shine with you.

18. The Support Of A Guiding Hand

This may be an unlikely couple but the connection is there. Just look at that chemistry. 

19. They Could Re-Write The Kama Sutra

With proportions like these, a new edition may be in the works. So many ideas, so little time!

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Collage Images 1. Tall Chick 45 2. Bajiroo 3. Elacorazado 

The Inspirational Quote You Need Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Inspirational Quote You Need Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Every single one of us is made up of a complex of qualities. Some of these qualities are more favorable (and tolerable) than others, but each is important in making us who we are. The star signs can help us understand our positive and negative attributes on a deeper level. When we understand ourselves, we understand our potential. We progress.

So what do the signs have to say to you? These are the perfect mantras or quotes you need based on your zodiac sign.

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1. Aries (March 21 - April 19)

You run as fast as you can to your goals, never stopping to take it all in. While you're a powerhouse (think of the Ram), you need downtime, too. You don't often take it, though, because you are a restless one. You like progress at any cost, but need to remember to rest. You can do this a little easier by taking into account all the smaller accomplishments you've achieved on your way to your larger goals.

2. Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

You are reliable and loyal, but also very stubborn. You can be incredibly uncompromising and possessive, which can really hurt a relationship if left unchecked. Keeping an open heart and mind can help counter these qualities.

3. Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

You are a little bit all over the place, aren't you? You start projects with great passion only to abandon them for a better cause. You make quick decisions and then find yourself back-tracking a bit. Remembering life is about the journey, not the destination, is key for you.

4. Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

You have a lot of emotions that you keep close to your heart. You don't let people into your shell easily and this means people have a really hard time getting to know you. It also means your bonds tend to be few and far between because it takes you a really long time to trust. Do the world a favor and open up, even just a little. You're pretty great and people should get a chance to know that.

5. Leo (July 23 - August 22)

You are passionate, light-hearted, and oh so much fun to be around. That being said, the amount you give to others can begin to hurt your sense of self if you feel taken advantage of. You tend to run yourself down for others. This can make you retreat into a self-centered state, which isn't a good balance in qualities. Finding a middle ground is best.

6. Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

You worry a lot. You're the type of person to say something nice and wonder if it came across that way days later. Your brain is almost always in overdrive, trying to decode the world around you so you can actually relax.

7. Libra (September 23 - October 22)

You're the type to carry a grudge around even when it's weighing you down. You hang onto things for way too long, don't you? This does you no good, but it's a habit by now. Learning to let it go is the best thing you can do for yourself and others.

8. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

You don't trust easily. You also don't forgive easily. These two things put together mean that if someone burns a bridge with you, there's no rebuilding it. That being said, when you find a tribe that suits you, you stick with them no matter what.

9. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Your idealistic, positive nature means that sometimes you over-promise. Essentially, you try to people-please at the expense of realistic goals. This causes internal conflicts and external frustrations. This type of behavior can lead you down a path you'd never of chosen for yourself.

10. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Being as intelligent as you are, you can sometimes come across as condescending. This creates separation between you and whoever you're with. You're also dead-set on being serious and professional. These things together can make you seem a little dry at first, but we know how amazing you are when you begin to let loose. Show the world this, too!

11. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

You are not the touchy-feely kind. In fact, you aren't much into your emotions at all. You keep a straight face and tend to hide behind it. This means you sometimes come across as though you don't really care about those around you. Remember that those you love can't read your mind (although that would be helpful sometimes, wouldn't it?). Be real with those around you.

12. Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

You are afraid of the solo life so you give everything you have to others in the hope that they will stay. This can create a serious case of burn-out. It can lead to a sense of sadness, too. Remember, you are the protagonist of your own story and thus, you need to come first.

Our star signs reveal a lot about us: the good and the not-so-good. These two halves make us whole. That's right, even our not-so-good qualities are important. They teach us about ourselves and our relationships.

Every time you are a little uneasy or unsure, remember these words. They're meant to help you wade through some of the not-so-good stuff so you can have the flourishing life you deserve.

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15 Hilarious Beauty Fails Every Girl Can Relate To

15 Hilarious Beauty Fails Every Girl Can Relate To

The relationship between you and your beauty routine is probably one filled with a healthy mixture of love and hate. Most days, you can rely on it to help you look and feel your very best, but every makeup wearing, hair styling, nail painting fashionista knows that the sun can't shine everyday. We've all experienced the dark days: days when you feel like you have been betrayed by your favorite beauty products and techniques. It's as if they are doing everything in their power to work against you! What gives? I think it's safe to say that we'll never truly know, but in the meantime, the best way to deal with unruly beauty moments is to have a good laugh and realize that if it's happened to you, chances are, it has happened to plenty of others, too. 

1. Self Tanners

Some of us will do everything we can to get a that beautiful, sun-kissed glow. Self tanner can be the perfect way of achieving this look, but when it comes to DIYing your own batch, the results may be less than perfect... WAY less...  

2. Winged Liner

I don't think this problem really needs much of an explanation. Liquid eyeliner is awesome, except when it turns against you and ruins your life! 

3. Movember Nails

I mustache the mani gods why they insist on being so difficult whenever I try out a cute new design.

4. DIY Lip Stains

The only upside to this DIY fail is that your lips would taste absolutely delicious!

5. Sock Buns

I think it's safe to say that anyone who has ever attempted a sock bun has had this happen once or twice.

6. Trendy Colors

When you try the hottest new shade and it turns out to be a hot mess!

7. Fake Lashes

Be nice to the glue, people! It's your friend, but can quickly become your worst enemy.

8. Cartoon Nails

This design is supposed to be fun and exciting, not sad and rage-inducing!

9. Highlighting & Contouring

When you get halfway through your first attempt at highlighting and contouring and question all of your life decisions...

10. Glitter

Oh glitter, why do you have to be such a beautiful pain? 

11. Hair Bows

You know when you can't quite figure out what's going on in a tutorial and you try to improvise? Yeah, not always the best idea. 

12. Smokey Eyes

Haute couture raccoon eyes, anyone?

13. Bold Lipsticks

There should be warnings on lipstick tubes about how you only get one shot at perfect application. Trying to fix smeared lipstick? Good luck with that!

14. "Simple" Updos

We've all been tricked by the promise of a "simple" hairstyle many times, and the disappointment never gets easier to handle.

15. Sparkly Eyeshadow

Remember that time you were trying to go super dramatic and glam, but ended up looking like the sparkle fairy threw up on you? Good times!

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