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15 Little-Known OITNB Facts

15 Little-Known OITNB Facts

Orange is the New Black has quickly become a staple in everyone's Netflix list because of the heartbreaking and hilarious stories about the inmates at Litchfield. And it's finally time to see what TV's popular prisoners have been up to since last summer! Season 4 ofOITNB is finally out and ready for everyone to binge-watch this weekend. But before you hole yourself up and devour all 13 episodes, here are some facts about the show that you probably never knew! 

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1. Laura Prepon auditioned to play Piper! According to the showrunner, Laura was just too tough for Piper. 

We're good with Laura playing Alex! 

2. The (very long) title sequence actually features pictures of real former inmates, including Piper Kerman! Piper wrote the book that the TV show is based on. 

3. Taryn Manning (Pennsatucky) told a magazine that the cast has to wear "court-ordered granny panties" and bras that give them "uniboob." Anything to help the cast get into character!

4. Laura's character from That '70s Show predicted Alex's fate on Orange is the New Black. Donna says, "I could get arrested. I could go to a girl prison." 


5. The first scene that Laura and Taylor Schilling shot was the kissing shower scene. Laura said that the natural chemistry between them was obvious that Taylor said, "Thank God it's with you!" 

The two have been best friends ever since! 

6. Suzanne is everyone's favorite character! But originally, she was supposed to only be on the show for three episodes. After the episodes were filmed, the writers and producers fought for her to stay on the show!

"I threw my pie for you" is probably the best quote from Suzanne. You just can't beat it!

7. With orange in the title, it makes sense in a weird way that one of the filming locations is on Orangeburg Road in Orangeburg, Orangetown. 

It's a real place in New York, apparently!

8. Pay attention the next time there's a scene where Piper's on the phone. The same crying inmate is always at the other phone!

9. Red shares the same nickname as Morgan's Freeman's character in The Shawshank Redemption. Both characters smuggled drugs into the prison! 

10. The scar that Nicky has is from open-heart surgery after getting an infection related to her drug use. It's a real scar that Natasha Lyonne got for the same reason! 

11. Laverne Cox's twin brother appears in a flashback as Sophia before her gender transition. 

12. If Yoga Jones' voice sounds familiar, it's because the actress voiced Patti Mayonnaise on Doug! Remember Patti? She was the secret love interest of Doug!

13. The title of each episode is always mentioned in the episode. Who can forget the crazy season 3 finale?! This is by far the best reference to an episode title. 

Piper finally grew up and got tough!

14. The show premiered on the same day that the book The Fault In Our Stars was released. The writers and producers are huge fans of the book and even included it in the show! 

15. There's a reference to American Pie in the pilot! Jason Bigg's character mentions two past events involving a webcam and a shaving incident. Those incidents happened to his character in the American Pie movies!

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Couple Turn Massive Tree Branch Into A Cat Tree

Couple Turn Massive Tree Branch Into A Cat Tree

What do you do when you find an awesome branch in the park? You make something for your cat. That's exactly what reddit user kinace did.

This is the branch. Obviously Ramon, the cat, is already intrigued.

After figuring out what to do with it, they decided to debark the branch.

Then they sanded it down to get rid of the rough parts.

Once that was done, they found the perfect base.

They drilled a few holes into the plank and bolted the branch into it.

And, voila! You've got a cat tree branch.

They even created a little hammock for Ramon to sleep in.

They wrapped some rope around the branch to give Ramon traction to help him up the branch.

Cozy as can be!

Ramon eventually even got a friend to fill in that space in his hammock. Meet Henri:

Happy Henri is happy!

The fact that this takes very little time and barely any effort or cost, but it brings such joy to your pets should be the reason it's the number one craft on your to-do list this weekend!

Plus it gives a cool, rustic, raw, forest-y vibe to your home!

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21 Ways To Save Cash On Grocery Bills

21 Ways To Save Cash On Grocery Bills

Feeding yourself and your family can be really expensive. A tight budget shouldn't mean that you can't eat well though. There are many things you can do that will help save some money on food. The more you do these things, the more you will reap the results. Some things cost more money upfront but save over the long run and some are instant money savers.

1. Buy In Season

To save the most money, buy mostly produce that is in season in your area. You'll save money and enjoy better-tasting foods. This handy guide not only tells you when it is in season, but how to cook it too!

2. Buy In Bulk 

Buying things like grains and potatoes in bulk will save you money in the long run. 

3. Know What To Look For 

Sometimes buying fruits and vegetables is a guessing game. Is this ripe? Too ripe? This helpful guide can show you what optimal produce should look like. You'll never buy an overripe melon again.

4. Ripen Up Produce

It can be super frustrating to buy things that won't be ready to eat until next week. Learn how to store things to get them to ripen up fast here. 

5. Cook It Right

Grains are a great addition to bulk up meals but they can be tricky to cook properly. Nobody wants to eat overcooked rice or beans so save yourself from throwing away food by using this guide to cook it right the first time. 

6. Is It Safe? 

"Best by" and "sell by" dates are just a suggestion and a best guess. Don't throw away perfectly good foods because the label says so. Use a guide like this one, which can tell you what foods last forever and which ones you should err on the side of caution with. 

7. Store Meats Properly 

Keep your expensive meats from spoiling by storing them in the proper places in the refrigerator or freezer. Here is a helpful guide to keeping things safe. 

8. Give Produce The Same Consideration 

Storing produce on the counter, in the crisper or in the cupboard makes a difference. Find out which foods go where with this guide. 

9. Use Sand

You're probably thinking this is super weird, but by storing root vegetables in sand, you can preserve them for a very, very long time. If it is good enough for farmers then it should be good enough for your kitchen. 

10. Put Paper Bags To Work 

Not a fan of sand? You can store onions, garlic and shallots in paper bags instead. 

11. Take To The Freezer 

Buying in bulk also means freezing things to make them last longer. Buy in-season fruits and freeze them using this guide as reference. 

12. Freeze Meats 

Portion out your meats before freezing so that you can take out only what you need when you need it. 

13. Make Your Own Baby Food 

Baby food is crazy expensive. Puree your own and freeze it in ice cube trays for a healthy, inexpensive alternative. 

14. Freeze Smoothie Ingredients 

Freeze things like spinach and greens for making smoothies. Keep it whole or pre-puree it. 

15. Single-Serve Herbs 

Freeze things like herbs or green onions flat then put them into an empty water bottle for storage. You can pour out just what you need and put the rest back in the freezer for next time. 

16. Preserve Celery In The Refrigerator 

Wrap celery in aluminum foil to keep your celery lasting longer. 

17. Avocado Knowledge 

Usually you want an avocado the day you buy it. Here's how to tell if it's ripe enough. 

18. Store Food In Glass

Glass jars are reusable, don't get smelly like plastic, and won't warp in the microwave. 

19. Grow Your Own 

Use the ends of the produce you buy to regrow your own. Green onion, lettuce and celery are great options that grow in only water. 

20. Double Your Butter 

Whip butter with water to make it easier to spread and last longer. Don't use it for baking though—the moisture content will make things turn out improperly. 

21. Last-Minute Milk Use 

Milk about to expire? Freeze it with some crushed Oreos for amazing iced coffee.