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15 Hilarious Beauty Fails Every Girl Can Relate To

15 Hilarious Beauty Fails Every Girl Can Relate To

The relationship between you and your beauty routine is probably one filled with a healthy mixture of love and hate. Most days, you can rely on it to help you look and feel your very best, but every makeup wearing, hair styling, nail painting fashionista knows that the sun can't shine everyday. We've all experienced the dark days: days when you feel like you have been betrayed by your favorite beauty products and techniques. It's as if they are doing everything in their power to work against you! What gives? I think it's safe to say that we'll never truly know, but in the meantime, the best way to deal with unruly beauty moments is to have a good laugh and realize that if it's happened to you, chances are, it has happened to plenty of others, too. 

1. Self Tanners

Some of us will do everything we can to get a that beautiful, sun-kissed glow. Self tanner can be the perfect way of achieving this look, but when it comes to DIYing your own batch, the results may be less than perfect... WAY less...  

2. Winged Liner

I don't think this problem really needs much of an explanation. Liquid eyeliner is awesome, except when it turns against you and ruins your life! 

3. Movember Nails

I mustache the mani gods why they insist on being so difficult whenever I try out a cute new design.

4. DIY Lip Stains

The only upside to this DIY fail is that your lips would taste absolutely delicious!

5. Sock Buns

I think it's safe to say that anyone who has ever attempted a sock bun has had this happen once or twice.

6. Trendy Colors

When you try the hottest new shade and it turns out to be a hot mess!

7. Fake Lashes

Be nice to the glue, people! It's your friend, but can quickly become your worst enemy.

8. Cartoon Nails

This design is supposed to be fun and exciting, not sad and rage-inducing!

9. Highlighting & Contouring

When you get halfway through your first attempt at highlighting and contouring and question all of your life decisions...

10. Glitter

Oh glitter, why do you have to be such a beautiful pain? 

11. Hair Bows

You know when you can't quite figure out what's going on in a tutorial and you try to improvise? Yeah, not always the best idea. 

12. Smokey Eyes

Haute couture raccoon eyes, anyone?

13. Bold Lipsticks

There should be warnings on lipstick tubes about how you only get one shot at perfect application. Trying to fix smeared lipstick? Good luck with that!

14. "Simple" Updos

We've all been tricked by the promise of a "simple" hairstyle many times, and the disappointment never gets easier to handle.

15. Sparkly Eyeshadow

Remember that time you were trying to go super dramatic and glam, but ended up looking like the sparkle fairy threw up on you? Good times!

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Move Aside Man Caves! "She Sheds" Are Here To Stay!

Move Aside Man Caves! "She Sheds" Are Here To Stay!

Man caves, move aside! 

"She Sheds" are here and they're not going anywhere! Check out these little oasis places designed to give women a much needed escape from reality. "She Sheds" offer women a quiet, serene place that is all theirs...or, you know, just a place to hang out for a few and catch a break. 

See how amazing these "sheds" look for yourself below: #IWantOne

1. Blogger from Farmington, NM turned her old garden shed into the "She Shed" of her dreams: a place to organize and store all her craft materials and do crafts in at the same time. 

This is what she started with:
And this is what she ended up with: 
She did the project for just 250 dollars. She says the difficulty level was moderate. Her hard work means that she can now escape anytime she likes to her "She Shed."

Let's take a look at another example: 

2. This "She Shed" is a REAL winner!

It looks pretty inviting from the outside—let's venture in!

3. The outside of this "She Shed" is just too cute not to share.

4. Now THIS could just be the freshest "She Shed" around! 

5. This beautiful "She Shed" is so nice, it could be mistaken for an actual tiny home.

6. "She Sheds" have even taken to the beach too! Check out this one:

7. This "She Shed" adds a major splash of color to the backyard while providing the perfect getaway just a few steps away from the main house. 

8. Here's a magical-looking "She Shed."

9. Here is an insider's view of one "She Shed" used for working and relaxing alike. 

10. And here's a basic "She Shed" that's made amazing by the purple doors, big clock and entrance flowers.

It's all in the little things when it comes to "She Shedding!"

11. A wonderful winter getaway is made so much more possible with "She Sheds."

See for yourself! Imagine sipping a hot cup of coffee inside this shed during the coldest of mornings.

12. Here's a fun and funky "She Shed!" 

Remember: your "She Shed" can be anything you want it to be!

13. For a better picture of what's really possible, here you go:

14. This "She Shed" is hard to believe! Inside, it looks more like a functioning diner than a shed.

But it's real! This 50s-inspired shed is a tribute to two wonderful parents who adored the time period. 

15. Here is another simplistic version of the "She Shed" that's great.

This "She Shed" looks like an awesome place to sip some wine and read the news.

16. Here is a rustic "She Shed" during the holidays. 

Who else wants to sip hot cocoa in there?

17. Here is another rather rustic-looking "She Shed" that's absolutely gorgeous. 

18. And finally, here is a tiny home that could easily become a stellar "She Shed" with a few upgrades. It's available for purchases here. 

Alternatively, you can build your own or buy a pre-fab shed and turn it into a "She Shed."

22 People Who Have A Right To Be Cheesed Off

22 People Who Have A Right To Be Cheesed Off

Most often, it's the little things that tick us off. We know we shouldn't let our coworker's chewing put us into a murderous rage and we know we shouldn't get so angry when our phone autocorrects "as" to "A's" every damn time, but sometimes, we just can't help it. Now, the next 16 pictures are a different story...let's just put it this way: These people have a right to be enraged! 

1. You dare to slander the King?!

2. "Don't play me like that, Coke!"

3. Literally cheesed off...

4. "I can hardly wait to drink out of these..." 

If I were the next driver, I'd be raging...

5. I just lost faith in humanity 

6. There's no way in heck this is chicken

7. Enjoy... I guess...

8. "I'm sick of your lies!"

Customer service has a lot of explaining to do...

9. Like cotton candy, but furry

10. "How dare you bring that into my home?!"

11. "Great...a desk light for my hamster"

12. Oh man...

The next one is inexcusable!

13. Is that a dehydrated pickle?

14. We should ALL be deeply angered by these ignorant words 

15. I don't know who should be angrier: the sister or the goldfish 

16. It's not always people who are the ones getting ticked off

17. How rude! 

18. "When I finally find the coworker who does this..."

19. This is gonna be an awkward 2-hour lecture...

20. Unacceptable! NO WORDS!

21. If I spent $300+ on a dress, I'd be mad if a hot dog stole the spotlight 

22. "Don't you dare cut that line!"