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Experts Warn Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease Cases Are Rising, And Here
Are The Early Signs

Experts Warn Hand, Foot, And Mouth Disease Cases Are Rising, And Here Are The Early Signs

Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) is a fairly common illness that primarily affects children under five years of age but can also affect adults. The disease is usually harmless but in very rare cases, the disease can develop into viral meningitis. 

Health experts are warning that 2016 has been characterized by a noticeable rise in the number of HFMD cases and asks everyone, especially those with young children, to become aware of the symptoms of the disease. 

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Health officials in many parts of the United States have noted an increase in hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) cases in 2016. 

The West Central Health District in Georgia has issued a warning that cases of HFMD have been on the rise this November.

That's not the only place, though. 

Kent County, Michigan was also hit with an increase in HFMD cases in June of this year. So what are the signs and symptoms to look out for, and what is the risk to children or even adults?

The number one symptom of this disease is the appearance of flat, red and painful sores on many parts of the body.

The most visually shocking symptom associated with HFMD is the sores that accumulate around the mouth. 

Some of the most painful sores can be located on the roof of the mouth. 

Daycare centers often put up warnings when children in their care have or had HFMD as it is highly contagious during the first week of infection. 

There are several other markers of the disease...

This rash can also spread to the soles of the feet and a child's hands. 

Many parents panic when they see the pervasive rash, but this doesn't mean your child is at immediate risk or harm. It's important to know that the rash can spread to a child's legs and body as well in some cases. 

The disease can also affect adults, but they are less likely to have visible symptoms. 

Unfortunately, adults carrying HFMD can pass it on to other adults and children. As mentioned previously, HFMD is much less likely to affect adults. 

The sores can also appear in or around the throat, but a sore throat can also be present without sores. 

Some additional warning signs include a fever and lack of appetite. The CDC points out that the symptoms may not appear all at once and can come in stages. 

Luckily, HFMD runs its course over a week or two. 

The West Central Health District stated in their warning that there are clear precautions one can take to reduce spreading and contracting the disease. They explained, "You should always maintain good hygiene, like washing hands often with soap and water and covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing. These actions will minimize your chance of getting and spreading infections."
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Why You Need To Drop Everything And Follow Ryan Reynolds On Twitter

Why You Need To Drop Everything And Follow Ryan Reynolds On Twitter

Drop everything. Put down that newspaper. Put down that cup of coffee. Yep, even that small child you just grabbed from a stroller in the middle of the mall. PUT. IT. DOWN. You need to follow Ryan Reynolds on Twitter. The Canadian actor is hilarious in movies, of course. Everybody knows about his fantastic sense of humor from Deadpool, Waiting..., and Van Wilder, but the twitterverse might be where the 40-year-old is at his best. Here's why!

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Everybody knows that Ryan is a family man, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some fun at their expense.

And his lovely wife, Blake Lively, isn't the only one subject to his comedic wrath.

But at least he lets his daughter watch Disney movies…

OH. NO. Zero-100 real quick.

He isn't afraid to tweet about important issues...

Ryan likes to engage in politics.

But never takes it too seriously.

He gets intimate with his fellow celebs.

Like, really intimate...

We're asking the same question, Ryan...

If you tweet him, and he might even respond with some great advice.

But be careful, he has a bit of a tendency to exaggerate.

This can't be true. Can it?

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12 Undercover Household Objects Hiding In Plain Sight

12 Undercover Household Objects Hiding In Plain Sight

When I was younger my sisters and I would play this game while we were driving where we'd guess what kind of a face a car was making. The headlights were the eyes and the front bumper was the mouth. We would always joke that they were undercover, just waiting for whatever their secret mission was. 

Of course, I don't have to tell you that's ridiculous, but it was still a lot of fun. 

Apparently, those cars weren't the only thing that could disguise themselves. Looks like a bunch of ordinary, household things may be on a mission. 

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1. Whoa, check out that huge disco ball! 

Hold up...that's a pizza oven! Very clever. 

2. Looks like this little grape has big dreams.

Pumpkin-sized ones, to be exact. 

3. Dishwasher by day...

...robot by night. A cute one at that! 

4. What cute pink penguins! 

I mean...bacon?! 

5. Look at this shady microwave...

Hiding out as a letter box. He's not fooling anyone! 

6. Don't tell this eggplant he isn't a tomato! 

He will clearly disagree. 

7. Hiding in plain sight. I like it. 

The best smart car disguise there is. 

8. This toothpaste is so dedicated to his work.

Look at him pretending to be a tooth. 

9. Looks like this little cup is all ready for Halloween! 

Love his little Frenchman's costume. 

10. There's a dog hiding in the paneling!  

For the family that always wanted a pet. 

11. There's a sleepy old man where I left my hat! 

Oh wait....

12. Look at this mysterious soldier tracking through the jungle. 

But wait! That is just a lonely piece of lint. 

A New Lexus Is Packed With 41,999 LED Lights For A Constant Light Show

A New Lexus Is Packed With 41,999 LED Lights For A Constant Light Show

Have you ever been annoyed that your car is stuck with one color? Well, the new Lexus LIT IS sedan takes care of that with more than 40,000 LED lights on its exterior. Need a 24/7 Pink Floyd light show on your vehicle? Lexus just answered your call. 

Check out this insane vehicle that is already being featured in music videos. 

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Check out the new Lexus LIT IS sedan.

If you don't particularly like the car's design in this photo, it doesn't matter because you can simply change it in a moment's notice. 

As you can see from this Lexus ad, this car really breaks the mold. 

The 41,999 programmable LED lights create a dazzling display (and probably a distraction) to those around you. One awesome feature is that the lights sync to the music that is playing on the inside of the vehicle. 

I agree! 

That means the car also has rhythm. 

Let's take a closer look at the LED lights.

You have to see some of the other cool things the car can do...

Not only do the lights sync with the music you're listening to on the inside of the car...

...the car reacts to gestures made from the outside of the car as well.

In this gif, you can see how the light array changes when a person waves their hands near the front of the car. 

The car has even made an appearance in a music video already for "Be The One" by Dua Lipa.

That's pretty good advertising, I would say!

Here is the full promo video from Lexus. This vehicle is too cool.

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This Man Hilariously Captures What Taking Instagram-Worthy Photos Is

This Man Hilariously Captures What Taking Instagram-Worthy Photos Is REALLY Like

Nowadays, there's no such thing as just sharing a photo on your Instagram. No. It's a full affair now. You have to start thinking about the photo even before you've taken it! Do you have a good background? How's the lighting? What's your pose? Did you make sure people weren't in the shot to ruin the photo? Did your friend take enough photos for you to choose from? Do you have a slew of apps to put the photo through so you can choose the perfect combination of filters? Did you craft an apt caption? Honestly, I'm just tired thinking about the process! And don't try to deny it, we've all been that person who's pressured their friends or boyfriends to take a flawless photo. 

At its core, Coachella is a place where people come together to listen to their favorite artists perform live. But it's become so much more than just a music festival. It's prime time for you to get those Instagram-worthy photos. The music and dancing comes later! Because really, if you attended Coachella and didn't take that classic photo of you posing in front of the Ferris wheel, then did you even go to Coachella? 

Travis Henning went to Coachella with his girlfriend and decided to show her what it was like to be her own personal photographer. The best part of it all is that he filmed his little parody for everyone to see. And it's remarkable how easily he's managed to capture what we all sound and look like when taking these Instagram photos.

You can show up to Coachella in these adorable outfits, but it doesn't mean anything if there isn't photographic evidence of you wearing them. So rock those outfits and choose your pose wisely. These photos will last forever on your Instagram.

These supermodels are demonstrating the classic "peace sign, legs up" pose to celebrate being at the famous music festival. 

Travis manages to nail the pose in an instant. He's even got the right picture-perfect angle down.

Another popular pose is standing with your back to the camera. It's a way of showing how happy you are to be there.

Travis really should become an Instagram model. He has a natural talent!

If you want to see Travis' version of "Pose naturally with the Ferris wheel in the background," watch the video below! And get ready for some delightful commentary from him. 

If this video has you saying, "Yup, that's me," then he definitely did it right!