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14 Ideas To Hack An Empty Pizza Box

14 Ideas To Hack An Empty Pizza Box

Pizza: a food group all on its own. Amazing, yet unfortunately the boxes are wasteful. 

Did you know that while the boxes are good quality cardboard, they aren't truly recyclable due to the grease and food buildup inside? The grease speeds the biodegrading process, causing the cardboard to become worthless before it can be processed. 

However, there are tons of ways you can reuse those pizza boxes at home. So clean out any stray cheese left behind after your feast and put those boxes to use.

1. Have fun gifting cash.

Giving money can feel impersonal, but sometimes, it's the best gift option for that particular person. So have fun with it by presenting the cash in a pizza box, complete with a punny description. 

2. Get lost in a childhood game. 

Remember those lovely wooden maze games we had growing up? The ones we'd play with until we lost the marble and were afraid the cat ate it? (Only me, huh?) Relive that happy memory by making a labyrinth from an old pizza box and some of the marbles the cat never got to. 

3. Or play a more grown-up game. 

Pizza boxes make a great base for a DIY game of Battleshots! All you need is a Sharpie and 34 containers of some sort to put your shots in. Pro tip: those little ketchup cups at the fast food joint are the perfect size — and they're free. 

4. Camp on a budget.

With a bit of tin foil and a sunny day, you can turn any pizza box into a solar oven. Line the box with the foil and point that bad boy at the sun. You'll be enjoying tasty s'mores in no time. 

5. Don't dirty your plates. 

Who needs to do dishes when the lid to the box will work just as well? Sure, you'll only get four plates out of it, but really, who has more than four people over for pizza and only buys the one pie?

6. Prop up your laptop.

When your laptop starts to heat up and feels like it's cooking you, use a cleverly folded pizza box as a stand. It will prop it up while also allowing the heat to vent out safely. 

7. Teach yourself some basic circuits.

Interested in electronics but overwhelmed with where to begin your learning process? Start small by learning to build basic circuits and switches. All you need is a pizza box, paperclips, and some simple electrical components. 

8. Escape into a virtual world.

With the template for Google's Cardboard VR headset, you can create your own viewer with just a bit of careful cutting and gluing. Slide your phone into the front and be whisked away!

9. Take your art to go.

If you're the artsy sort, you know how expensive travel art kits can be. Instead, use an old pizza box to store your supplies, and it can even be modded to turn into a small easel for when you're out and about. 

10. Mat a photo.

Matting is a great way to make simple photos and images look fancier, but unless you're lucky enough to have a frame that comes with one, buying mat board can be a pain. Instead, cut an old pizza box to fit your frame, and then cover with fabric, paper, or just paint the cardboard. 

11. Let your masterworks dry in peace.

Of course, once you've painted your next masterpiece, then it needs a safe place to lay flat and dry. Once again, the unassuming pizza box can help. Cut one end off and tape the rest of the box firmly shut. Stack as many as you may need, and you can always cover it with paper or paint to hide the truth of your genius storage system. 

12. Next-level storage.

If a simple shelf unit isn't what you're looking for, you can also turn those boxes into a sweet set of shallow drawers. 

13. Decorate your home on the cheap.

Pizza boxes are perfectly square, and so they are great to make symmetrical art for your walls. Cover them with fabric or paper. Depending on the style you choose, the look can be completely different and completely original. 

14. Let your cat recycle that box for you.

"What's this?" Pickles thought to himself, licking his paws, "A bed that smells like food? My human really does love me!" 

Secret Song Origins: Which Song Almost Didn't Even Appear On 'Thriller'?

Secret Song Origins: Which Song Almost Didn't Even Appear On 'Thriller'?

It had one of the longest intros in music history.

Its iconic video was almost never played on MTV.

And reportedly, superstar producer Quincy Jones hated it so much it almost never appeared on Thriller.

This is the story behind "Billie Jean."

Why did Jones not want the song to appear on the album? For one, he felt that the intro to the song was just too long. He also hated the song's title. He wanted to call it "Not My Lover" after the song's memorable refrain. But, Michael stood his ground and the version we all know made it on the best selling album of all time. Recalling "Billie Jean," Michael wrote, "I knew it was going to be big while I was writing it."

In his autobiography Moonwalk, Michael recalls the unbelievable moment he created "Billie Jean"—it was while his Rolls-Royce was on fire. In Michael's words:

"One day during a break in a recording session I was riding down the Ventura Freeway with Nelson Hayes, who was working with me at the time. 'Billie Jean' was going around in my head and that's all I was thinking about. We were getting off the freeway when a kid on a motorcycle pulls up to us and says, 'Your car's on fire.' Suddenly we noticed the smoke and pulled over and the whole bottom of the Rolls-Royce was on fire. That kid probably saved our lives. If the car had exploded, we could have been killed. But I was so absorbed by this tune floating in my head that I didn't even focus on the awful possibilities until later."
The song's appeal doesn't just lie in its rhythm and beats, "Billie Jean" also has great lyrics—and their meaning has been debated since fans heard that hook for the very first time. A lot of misunderstanding about the song can be traced to a story first told in a 1991 book that claimed that 'Billie Jean' referred to a fan and would-be stalker that claimed that Michael fathered two of her children. But according to Michael, none of that is true. Rather, the song is about the groupies that would follow Michael and his brothers while they were part of The Jackson 5.

The legacy of "Billie Jean" can still be felt watching its video, which MTV initially refused to play because it featured a black artist. Or watching Michael debut one of the most electrifying and recognizable dance moves of all time—the Moonwalk—during his performance on the TV special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever. Or hearing that hook again.

The video for "Billie Jean."


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6 Of Rihanna's Most Powerful Quotes

6 Of Rihanna's Most Powerful Quotes

Rihanna has one of the largest fan bases of any celebrity. And it's no wonder. The singer has built her brand beyond just music and into the realms of fashion and acting. Besides being an avid supporter of charities and a strong female voice, Rihanna has always been completely unapologetic. I've always admired her bold, fiery spirit and how she encourages others to stand up for themselves. Looking for a little edginess and motivation? Scroll on to read six of Rihanna's most powerfulquotes.

I can 100% picture the singer saying this.

Words to live by. You tell 'em, Ri-Ri. 

If you're too focused on the final destination, you'll miss the sights along the way.

Why does this not surprise me...?

The singer has sacrificed a ton to get where she is now. 

I love how Rihanna has always marched to the beat of her own drum. 

Packing Hacks For Smarter Traveling

Packing Hacks For Smarter Traveling

You must be excited: Your vacation is around the corner! Time to relax on a beach or marvel at that historic temple. But wait, you are forgetting one major hurdle. Packing. Yes, packing. That dreaded task you must complete before jetting off somewhere.   

You need to pack the right amount of personal belongings to take with you and leave enough room to bring back some souvenirs. It's tough, and we are here to make that process easier. Help a friend and pass this along to help them with their packing.

Packing Makeup

Packing makeup for trips can consume a lot of space. Next time, just pack some makeup in an old contact lens container. It's a super compact solution. 

Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags are useful in so many scenarios. On a trip you can protect your phone or other small electronics in ziplock bags when you are close to water. Also if anything is prone to leak, ziplock bags are great at preventing that. 

Keep Those Collars Fresh

Packing collared shirts can be a pain. Wrapping a belt around the collar will help keep it in place and save the unnecessary hassle of ironing. Plus, it helps protect your belt during travel. 

No Tangled Cords

Old cards are great for wrapping cords around. It'll save them from getting tangled and keep you organized.

Reusing Containers

Tic-Tac containers are awesome for packing anything small that can be easily lost. Pack bobby pins or even medicine in these compact containers. 

Protecting Necklaces

Packing those necklaces can be difficult, as they tangle easily. Putting one end of your necklace in a straw will keep it untangled, and you stress free. Simply clasp as usual. 

Pre-Package Outfits

Pre-pack outfits on a vacation. This is great for when you have a special night out planned and want everything in order. It's also a great way to plan what you'll be doing on your vacation. Instead of labeling days, you could also put an activity as a label.

Packing Hats

Sun hats are gorgeous and necessary for tropical travels, but can be a bother to pack. Stuff your jean shorts or some sundresses into the part where your head goes and then carefully place in your suitcase. Make sure you pack around the brim of the hat.

Stashing Money

This is a brilliant way to hide some money. Empty a Chap Stick tube, roll the money and push it in. This keeps your money safe and organized.  

Making Sure You Have Mini Toothpaste

Buying mini toothpaste is a waste of money. Find an eye drop bottle, clean it, and fill it with toothpaste. It's compact and a great way to carry just the right amount of toothpaste you'll need.  

Protecting Your Fingers

Packing razors is sometimes hazardous. Protect your fingers when reaching into your bag by putting a binder clip on the razor head. 

Multi-Purpose Bottle Use

It's always a great idea to carry a reusable bottle around. Save some space by packing a snack like trail-mix in your bottle. No unnecessary bags to carry around and you can rinse out the bottle before filling it up with water. 

We Want To Catch All Of These Pokémon Terrariums!

We Want To Catch All Of These Pokémon Terrariums!

Even if you're not still currently obsessed with Pokémon Go — I certainly am — that doesn't mean you won't love to have one of these pokéball terrariums that catch your favorite pokémon in its natural habitat. 

TheVintageRealm is a '90s kid who runs a whole Etsy shop full of vintage '90s collectibles... but her biggest seller is the Pokéball terrariums, which she makes with classic Pokémon figurines. Dibs on the Psyduck when she's got one available!

1. A Pidgey in its nest

Anyone playing Pokémon Go knows there are too many Pidgeys. 

2. Meowth

No word on whether this particular Meowth has mastered human speech. 

3. A Gengar and a jack-o-lantern

Ready for Halloween! How many of these guys did you catch during the October promo?

4. Slowbro

I can't help but love these guys.

5. Poliwhirl

Do you thnk they get dizzy if they look at their own belly in the mirror?

6. Plusle and Minun


7. Mega Mewtwo X

So mega that it requires an XL pokéball!

8. Clefairy

But this little Clefairy gets a tiny home that's just the right size. 

9. Tauros

I particularly love how she's matched the environment of the terrarium to the type of place you would find that pokémon.

10. Pikachu

Pikachu is always happy to see you!

11. Jigglypuff and Charmander

Larger pokéballs can sometimes hold two or more figurines.

12. A Snorlax is blocking your path!

How cute is this recreation of a Snorlax blocking the route? It's perfect!

Did you see your favorite pokémon in the list? Tell us in the COMMENTSwho's missing!

And be sure to SHAREthis with all your fellow pokémon trainers who'd love to catch one of these!