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15 On-Set Secrets About The 'Pitch Perfect' Movies

15 On-Set Secrets About The 'Pitch Perfect' Movies

The Pitch Perfectmovies came out and we all got majorly pitch slapped. It made acapella groups popular AND it made everyone want to learn how to sing while using cups as percussion! Who else spent hours trying to learn "Cups"? Sadly, we'll never have the voice of an angel aka Anna Kendrick! The third movie has already been announced and it starts filming later this year! While we're waiting for more of the Bella Bardens, let's go over some aca-awesome facts about the movies!

1. Even though Bumper and Fat Amy are everyone's OTP, the couple wasn't supposed to happen. Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine would improvise and Adam kept trying to kiss her during the scenes. The director loved it so much he wanted them to keep it up! 

2. "Cups" wasn't even supposed to be in the movie! Beca was supposed to audition with "I'm a Little Tea Cup" but then Anna showed them that she could sing and play cups and they IMMEDIATELY wanted her to do it in the movie. 

I bet you have "Cups" stuck in your head right now! 

3. The riff-off was one of the best scenes! Did you notice the other categories? The riff-off wheel had other categories like Songs Gleeruined and Ugly Lead Singers!

4. Esther Dean played Cynthia Rose and she starts to sing "S&M" during the riff-off. Esther actually co-wrote that song for Rihanna!

5. You better aca-believe it! A Bella Barden and a Treblemaker got together IRL! Skylar Astin and Anna Camp are engaged! They met on set and fell in love. 

6. Remember the naked shower scene between Beca and Chloe where they sing "Titanium"? It was actually supposed to be a scene between Fat Amy and Beca! 

Okay that would have been HILARIOUS. I remember just dying whenever Rebel was on screen. Fat Amy is THE best character from the movies!

7. Remember when Bumper hits Fat Amy with a burrito? It took Adam so many takes because he kept missing and one time, he accidentally hit the cameraman in the face instead! 

8. When the Bellas are singing "Party in the USA," Chloe actually hums "Dancing Queen" before she starts singing "Party in the USA"! 

I've never noticed that before. I have to rewatch this movie! 

9. Whenever Anna is singing alone in the movie, she was singing live on set. Anna wanted to do it and the producers knew she had the singing ability to do it! 

Ugh. I would literally do anything to have her voice! 

10. In the second movie, Anna improvised almost all her lines. She said she was inspired by Rebel from the first movie and wanted to challenge herself!

TBH there's no way Anna can come close to being as funny as Rebel. She's the queen of comedy!

11. The Green Bay Packers were the best part of the riff-off scene in Pitch Perfect 2! They were amazing, right? They actually did all their own singing and didn't learn the choreography until the night before filming.

Okay so they're amazing athletes AND good at singing and dancing? That's unfair! People can't just be too talented! Save some for the rest of us peasants! 

12. During the end credits of the second movie, there's a scene where Bumper auditions for The Voice. Adam actually auditioned for the coaches during the Blind Auditions! 

13. The entire cast had to go to a special singing and dancing boot camp for a month before filming. The producers wanted the actors to be able to do every single musical number perfectly. 

And they pulled it off! Who else knows the choreography to the final number in the first movie?! *raises hand high with no shame*

14. Hailee Steinfeld got a record deal with Republic Records after producers saw her singing in Pitch Perfect 2. And now she has hit songs like "Love Myself" and "Rock Bottom"! 

Every song on her EP is so catchy! I can't wait to hear her full album. 

15. Fat Amy is actually a nickname based on Amy Poehler. It was something she called herself when she was pregnant! 

Fat Amy had the best lines. "I sometimes think I can do crystal meth, but then I think, hmmm, better not."

COMMENT and tell us your favorite musical number from the two movies!

I think I'll always have a soft spot for "Cups"!

What Is This, Your Lunch Break?

What Is This, Your Lunch Break?

A lot of us like to think we're pretty crafty. When a problem comes along, we can usually solve it, whip it, or do whatever we need to do. Of course, there are lots of problems that don't have easy answers, but we at least know what's wrong and what it'll look like when it's right.

Yet sometimes, even figuring out the problem becomes too much of a challenge. Everything was fine yesterday, but suddenly things aren't working out and there's no apparent reason for any of it.

Of course, this often comes up when we're dealing with our phones and computers, but it can sprout up in a lot of different situations and aside from waiting it out, there don't seem to be a lot of options.

Google, don't fail us now.

1. Now I know how my dad felt when he said, "it's gonna get cold!"

But just like how I couldn't get out of the bathroom any faster, Netflix is just gonna do whatever it needs to do, I guess.

2. Yeah, probably a good idea to avoid the word "unforeseen."

At that point, the sign might as well say, "everyone who was going to this fair is a fake."

3. It sucks when your first words have to be "you can save a lot of money by switching to us."

Yeah, the heavy sigh that he'll let out before he says that probably doesn't count.

4. For real, lying to me only makes it worse when you do me like this.

If I'm not allowed to slack off at work, neither are you.

5. Hopefully, they don't notice our eye twitch when we say "oh, pretty good."

6. No matter what happens, we'll never have to look at it again.

If only the actual grades worked the same way.

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15 People Who Are Clearly Going Places

15 People Who Are Clearly Going Places

To keep up in today's fast-paced world, you gotta have some good ideas up your sleeve! That's why I've invented the very first jelly-bean helmet, an idea that's sure to kick off as soon as I get the funding for twenty seven thousand jelly beans and thirty two metric tons of aluminum. Other people, however, have their own brilliance that you can see shining from an early age, or see honed in their later years. These folks, no matter what their game seems to be, are most definitely going places. Sure, sometimes those places could be jail or the loony bin, but for the most part, they're probably going to be billionaires like future me! 

So check out all these geniuses with their glory just budding and waiting to bloom...

1. This clever girl

I guess this guy's whole plan was a bust...

2. This guy with his Tinder game on point

3. This baller with his swanky hobby

4. This toasted individual, able to hide in plain sight

5. This young author, who is sure to be ranked with the greats like G.R.R Fartin and R.L. Stink

I can't wait till they finish that third book and complete the trilogy!

6. This poet who didn't even realize that they were so great...

7. This entrepreneur who would never cop out on a great idea

8. Or this student with a solid backup plan

9. This fine arts connoisseur 

10. Or this kid who is both an artist and a thinker...

11. This man who's all business — go big or go home, amirite?

12. Or this lady who is ready for action!

13. These residents who can flip anything

14. Or the best challenge ever posited by a guy just tryin' to make a buck

15. And once he has his minions in order, this mad scientist is definitely going places...

Just hope the rest of us survive long enough to see his plan come to fruition! 

Main image via reddit / S1NCLARE

Collage images via 1. reddit / S1NCLARE 2. Imgur / ason_unique36 3. Imgur / chknwing

Dad Teaches Daughter Valuable Lesson

Dad Teaches Daughter Valuable Lesson

Any man with a daughter dreads certain things. Well, correction, A NUMBER of certain things. We're all on the same page here, yeah? Anyway, despite the fact that most would prefer it if these things came later rather than sooner, the facts of life dictate that these events will indeed come, and some will come before others. Let's all just hope and pray that we aren't so unlucky as to be stuck in a car when they do! That's exactly what happened when one dad picked his young daughter up from school one fateful day...

As any father would, he asked his daughter what she'd learned in school that day. Since she was still only in grade school, he assumed he'd be regaled with stories of the ABCs and learning the value of sharing. You know what they say about assuming, right?

His little girl, brimming with excitement, couldn't wait to tell him!

"Today," she said proudly, "we learned that boys are different from girls!"

Looking in the rear view mirror, the father could only see his daughter's hair — she was still so little.

"My teacher said that boys have a thing that girls don't," she continued.

"Ah...yes, well that is true," the father said, a little daunted. Unable to think of anything further to say, he anxiously let the car descend into silence...and then his daughter started talking again.

"See, that's how girls know that boys ARE boys," she said. "They see this little thing that hangs down and know: that is a boy!"

As she was saying all this, the father was frantically calculating in his head just how long they had between where they were and home. His conclusion: literally an eternity!

"Did you know that boys swell up when they see a girl?" she asked, innocently.

At this point, the dad's hands had grown slick on the steering wheel as his palms began to sweat.

"I, ah, um...well..." he stammered, desperately trying to think of something, ANYTHING to say that might change the topic.

Then, she dropped the bomb!


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A Toddler Passed Away After Parents Used Home Remedies Rather Than Seek
Medical Help

A Toddler Passed Away After Parents Used Home Remedies Rather Than Seek Medical Help

As a parent, you want what's best for your child. Some parents are more protective than others, but they all have their children's best interest at heart. But when does one have to swallow their pride and ask for help or admit that they don't know what to do when seeking assistance for caring for their child? And how does one tell a parent that they are right or wrong, especially when it has to do with something that they build their belief system on? A couple took the medical health of one of their children into their own hands and are now receiving much backlash, and a court ordeal, from their actions.

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In 2012, Ezekiel Stephan became ill.

He had a runny nose, fever, and breathing troubles. His mother, Collet, looked up up symptoms online and thought it might be a type of respiratory infection. 

CBC reports her parents started giving him natural home remedies... 

...such as water with maple syrup, juice with frozen berries and finally a mixture of apple cider vinegar, horseradish root, hot peppers, mashed onion, garlic and ginger root as his condition deteriorated.

Collet and her husband David say they prefer naturopathic remedies.

According to the CBC, the couple was interviewed on tape saying they had negative experiences with the medical system and chose the natural route. Collet said that Ezekiel seemed to improve other the first few days but then became weak and lethargic. 

She called a registered nurse to come to their home and check her son, and the nurse said it might be meningitis.

Global News says that Ezekiel was taken to a naturopathic doctor who gave a treatment for viral meningitis without examining him. Collet and David saw improvement until the young boy woke up from a nap and wasn't as alert.

Then Ezekiel stopped breathing.

Collet began doing CPR and David called 911, and they drove to meet the ambulance. Ezekiel stopped breathing a few times throughout the drive and began turning blue. Paramedics took over when they met with the family.

Ezekiel died five days later, CBC reports say.

Collet and David are now on trial, charged with failing to “provide the necessities of life” for their son. The trial proceeded February 29, 2016 where Crown Prosecutor Clayton Giles says that the couple didn't mean to kill their son, but they were negligent. 

“I’m not saying they killed him, abused him, or ignored him — they loved him. They didn’t take him to a doctor until it was too late — far too late.”

The family is still in the midst of the trial, which is scheduled to go until March 24, 2016. 

Ezekiel was too young to have passed and his family continues to grieve their loss. Their story shows the importance of seeking medical help when your child becomes ill and does not show consistent signs of improvement. 

SHARE to support Ezekiel.

Main image via Facebook / Prayers for Ezekiel

Collage image via Facebook / Prayers for Ezekiel