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A WWE Document Of Everything Banned In Live Matches Has Been Leaked

A WWE Document Of Everything Banned In Live Matches Has Been Leaked

Okay, I love wrestling. You can tell me all day about how fake it is, but I won't listen or care. It's the most entertaining thing in sports, with the most talented stuntmen on the planet. But now a leaked document has come out shedding light on part of the show I thought for sure was legit! 

1. The WWE has live events that are put on just for the audience in the arena – they don't make it to TV.

2. The audience has always been under the impression that the wrestlers in these shows have way more freedom than they do on the shows that air.

3. Half the fun of these are that the wrestlers can improvise and pretty much do whatever they want.

4. At least that's what we thought... 

5. A document has been leaked that might disprove all of that!

6. A memo has made its way to the web with a list of dos and don'ts for live events.

7. One of the shockers was absolutely no chairs, tables, or other props, unless they are approved beforehand. 


9. No piledrivers either! Although after Stone Cold broke his neck after being on the receiving end of one of these, it kinda makes sense.

10. But they have a specific rule just for John Cena!

11. The document states, "No one is to do the Yea-boo stuff except John Cena."


13. But really, who else would even bother to try?

14. The refs aren't allowed to "play a factor in the finishes." Meaning the wrestlers can't hit a ref unconscious so that they are unable to make the count.

15. The document also features secret codes the wrestlers use!


17. "Any time a competitor is really hurt the ref should go to their opponent and stand in front of them with his arms crossed. This is the sign the match has been stopped."


19. If the talent gets hurt but still wants to fight and "the ref and doctor agree they can continue ... then the talent should be able to get to their feet on their own."


21. So it looks like this is all for the safety of the athletes, which I'm more than okay with!


23. And it still proves that the WWE superstars really are phenomenal athletes and entertainers!

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14 Strangest Celebrity Death Hoaxes

14 Strangest Celebrity Death Hoaxes

People are SO good at faking things on the internet. And it's probably all our faults for believing them – but sometimes they just look and seem so real! It's seriously getting harder and harder to tell what to believe when you're reading something on the internet. Remember when there was that hoax about charging an iPod with an onion? But it's the worstwhen it involves a celebrity death. How do you know if it's time to mourn or to roll your eyes and scoff? Since the trolls know how much it gets everyone riled up, it happens so often now. So here are all the craziest celebrity death hoaxes!

1. Tom Cruise has supposedly died, like, 15 times. The latest was in 2013 when there was a false news report going around that he died of a car crash in Australia! 

The news report said he died because he lost control of the car when he was performing a stunt for a movie. Thank God it's not true! We would've never gotten more Mission: Impossiblemovies!

2. Everybody loves Tom Hanks. He's the nicest guy in show business! That's why the whole world was shocked when they heard that Tom Hanks had died!

The hoax was that he fell off a cliff while filming a movie! He was actually just in Canada at the time. He couldn't believe it when his manager called to tell him about the crazy rumor!

3. Miley Cyrus was also the victim of a death hoax! Back in 2008 (pre-weird Miley), people went crazy on the internet because they thought Miley had died on the way to the Hannah Montanaset.

Earlier this year, there was another report that Miley had died in her home because she overdosed on drugs! But Miley quickly debunked the hoax with a topless photo on Instagram. Classic Miley!

4. Macaulay Culkin was supposedly found dead in his New York City apartment last year after a "RIP Macaulay Culkin" Facebook page was created. 

The page got so popular that it almost reached one million likes! But Macaulay found the whole thing funny and posted tons of photos on Twitter showing that he was on tour with his band. 

5. A website decided to to spread a nasty rumor that Angelina Julie had died because she committed suicide!

The website is known for sharing celebrity death hoaxes. 

People believed it because the website posted that CNN had actual video footage! Supposedly, the video was Angelina saying goodbye to her fans and her family before committing suicide. 

6. Jackie Chan apparently died twice in one year! In 2011, he supposedly died from a heart attack and his manager had to post on his Facebook page to calm the fans down. 

A few months later, a Facebook page called "RIP Jackie Chan" appeared and people freaked out! Jackie posted a picture of him with a newspaper pointing to the date to show that he was alive.

7. Why do celebs always supposedly die in car accidents? Apparently, Lady Gaga died in a car accident in LA. It was revealed that Justin Bieber's fans had started the whole rumor!

They were supposedly jealous that Lady Gaga's songs were being played on the radio more often than Justin's. 

8. Eminem was the victim of a death hoax when it was rumored that he had died in a car accident. There were photos posted that were supposedly from the wreckage of his "fatal" crash.

And then Eminem apparently died again! A Facebook post showed a gory photo of a man getting stabbed. The caption for it was, "left DEAD after being stabbed." 

9. Nicolas Cage was supposedly riding his motorcycle at night when he got into an accident. There was a picture of Nicolas beside a coffin posted on Facebook. 

The title said he died in a motorcycle accident but in the caption, it said he died because he was skiing! Which is the true false rumor?!??!?!

10. Bill Nye made some people angry when he posted a video on YouTube called "Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children." So some anti-science people decided to start a death rumor!

Joke's on them because Bill Nye is alive AND he's still The Science Guy. And the video reached over a million views almost immediately after the death hoax happened. 

11. Russell Crowe is another celeb who supposedly died because he was too close to the edge! Russell tweeted after the rumors came out that he fell off a mountain to calm everyone down.

He tweeted, "Unable to answer tweets fell off a mountain in Austria, all over red rover. Don't know how i got there, but the media are never wrong.G'Bye." At least he's got a sense of humor about it!

12. If you're starting rumors about The Rock being dead... you better be careful. There was a rumor that he died while filming a movie and he was pissed off! 

He tweeted: "I would love to meet the person who is starting rumors of my death – to show them how a dead foot feels up their ass." Don't ever piss him off! His arm is the size of a regular person's body!

13. Usher supposedly died in a car accident while driving to get fast food late at night. But then he had the BEST response on Twitter: "I must've died and went to heaven... Alive and cold kickin ass!!"

And then he posted a picture of him shirtless. His abs are no hoax.

14. Paris Hilton's been the victim of death hoaxes for years! The first one was back in 2007 when there was a rumor that she was stabbed while she was in jail. 

And then she was the victim of a fictional car crash! That's not hot!

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Monday, March 30, 2015

20 Of The Most Canadian Things You'll Ever See

20 Of The Most Canadian Things You'll Ever See

What's furry, occasionally wet, and does its best work with its mouth?

The majestic beaver, of course. Canada's fiercely patriotic water rodent. And also a colloquial name for a vagina! But in this context, we'll be dealing with Canadians. The bearded, beautiful, rugged, annoyingly cheery, over-caffeinated upstairs neighbours of the United States of America. Sorry, that wasn't too over the top, was it? Forgive me. As a Canuck myself, I tend to get giddy when given the opportunity to write about my compatriots of the Great White North. 

Here's the thing about Canadian stereotypes: we enjoy them. All of them. And even if we didn't, we wouldn't have the heart to admit it, anyway. 

We are the ideal neighbors and we keep (most of) the bad weather for ourselves. Sorry.

So let's have at it, eh? 20 of the most Canadian things you'll ever see.

1. A puck landed in your poutine? With that kind of luck, you better drive to Timmies and get a Roll Up The Rim, because you're about to win one of those fancy Toyota Rav4s!

2. In the Canadian Rockies, there's a mountain with the heads and bodies of the 2014 Canadian bobsled team chiseled into it. Or there should be.

3. This is why you never feed the local moose. Not even once. No matter how cute they may look. 

4. Terry's graduation picture. It's not a backdrop, it's just how classrooms look in Canada.

5. Canadian Tire (a massive box store that sells tires, camping gear, guns and Magic Bullets) built a fully functional truck from ice. 

6. "Sorry the turnstile doesn't work, and sorry I wasn't here to collect your fare."

"No need to be sorry neighbour. Sorry I put you in a position where you thought you had to say sorry."

7. Listen, eh? If you don't get what this references, you're not my friend, guy.

8. Remember the time the ocean froze over and we played hockey on it? Canadians do.

9. I can't take credit for this caption, but someone titled this picture, "police brotality." Welcome to Canada.

10. "Is...is there a problem?"

11. You might ask yourself, "what does Canadian culture consist of?" To which I'd respond with this...

12. That time you heard Timmies was running out of coffee and didn't have time to brush off a light winter's dusting.

13. Ever heard of the Canadian tuxedo (blue jeans and a jean jacket)? This is the Canadian business suit.

14. FREEdom looks a bit different in the Great White North. 

15. "So the moose looks at me and give me one of those 'wanna go, buddy?' looks. So I raced him." ... "Shoot yeah, I won!"

16. The closest things Canadians have to a tribal tattoo.

17. Canadian politicians Patrick Brazeau (Conservative) and Justin Trudeau (Liberal) once had a boxing match for charity. Trudeau is now the Prime Minister of Canada. 

18. "It's so cozy walking between 14' walls of snow and ice."

19. Besides red and white, the unofficial third color (spelled "colour" up here) is wood.

20. And finally, why are we such cheery folks despite the barrage of snow and the very real possibility of being killed by a grizzly or cougar?