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Farms Are The Biggest Contributor To Air Pollution

Farms Are The Biggest Contributor To Air Pollution

We hear about global warming and its potential human cause all of the time. It's becoming increasingly obvious that if we want to continue living on this planet for a while, we are going to need to at least clean things up a bit, to say the least. We even hear that we can reduce our own personal contribution to pollution by driving a more energy efficient car or by keeping up on our recycling. But doesn't pollution mainly come from airplanes and big factories with smokestacks? When we think of pollution, we usually think about huge smoke plumes and major urban areas.

You might be surprised to hear that this isn't the largest source of fine-particulate air pollution. Another huge source of pollution, many argue, is unavoidable and relates to our basic need to eat.

There might be some good news, though. If pollution from one source is reduced, the impact of the other is lessened.

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Across the world, over three million deaths result from air pollution per year.

Researchers believe that this number could double by the year 2050.

Authors of a study published in Nature urged that unless world governments do something about pollution fast, this number could go even higher.

Fine-particulate air pollution results from a combination of different sources of emissions.

This is the main thing that people misunderstand about air pollution. It doesn't just result from industrial emissions alone. Fine particles from smokestacks, forest fires, or automobiles fill the air and combine with emissions from largely agricultural sources.

Yes, farms that grow our healthy, natural food are the biggest single contributor to this form of air pollution.

You need to hear how farms do it...

Nitrogen-rich fertilizers are one of the main culprits.

When emissions from fertilizers (usually in the form of ammonia) combine with pollutants that result from burning or combustion, dangerous solid particles (aerosols) are made. These are the particles known to become embedded in your lungs that cause disease.

So what do we do if food production is killing us?

It's inevitable that we'll need more fertilizers to grow plants...

There is good news to report!

Given that emissions from combustion are expected to drop in the years to come, there will be fewer nitrogen oxides to combine with fertilizer-based emissions.

The GIF below shows how nitrogen dioxide levels have in fact dropped between the years of 2005 and 2011 specifically. You will notice how there is less red around major urban centers as the animation gets closer to us in time.

It's still possible for fertilizers to pollute ground water.

Just because there will be less pollution resulting from combustion-based sources doesn't mean that everything is fine and good. Fertilizer run-off from farms is a major issue that developed countries need to pay attention to. Soil containing high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus can taint nearby water sources. 

While the news appears to be good when it comes to the prognosis of air pollution resulting from farming sources, it's a surprising issue that many politicians have yet to fully consider in the raging global warming debate.

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16 Times Alcohol Made Its Way To The Dancefloor

16 Times Alcohol Made Its Way To The Dancefloor

We all know those people who seemingly just hate having fun. They're always the first ones to shush you at the library. Social interaction makes them nauseous and their idea of a good time is reading the spoiler alerts to movies online. Well, believe it or not, there's one thing on this planet that can turn them into a much more interesting person: alcohol. That's right, good old booze is the answer to any party-pooper. One shot of the stuff gets even the stiffest of hips gyrating on the dance floor! Just check out these 16 drunken dancers!

1. Nobody wins when Dad and Uncle Steve start drunk dancing together.

Except for your weird cousin Norm of course. 

2. This is why we can't take Aunt Sheila anywhere... that the robot? Or maybe the Elaine?

3. This unwanted wedding guest.

Seriously, keep this guy away from the cake.

4. Every girl loves a guy who can dance.

Or at least one that can pick themselves back up after taking a nasty spill!

5. This pretty prancer.

I think that guy's just happy she didn't hit his truck.

6. Sometimes it's not a good sign if you clear the dance floor.

Especially if it looks like people are running for their own safety.

7. These two drunken soulmates!

It's as if they were meant to find each other!

8. If you're going to dance drunkenly you might as well do it on a boat.


9. This die hard LSU fan!

He's surprisingly graceful... like a swan.

10. This guy has a unique set of dance moves in his repertoire.

They call this one the giddy leprechaun!

11. Who needs a shirt when you've got moves like this?!

Believe it or not, he's single, ladies!

12. The only thing worse than drunk dancing... when it's in front of a room full of people.

13. Aggressively drunk or incredibly talented? 

All of the above?

14. Well ain't that a kick in the pants?!

Maybe somebody should sign her up for dance lessons...

15. This drunken ballerina ruined the whole wedding!

I have a feeling she's not getting invited to the next one... and there WILL be a next one.

16. And this happy camper who danced all his troubles away.

Hey, lady! Let the man dance!

Main image via She's An Enigma
Collage images via 1. She's An Enigma 2. She's An Enigma 3. Wordpress / Under Water Raven

16 Times Snapchat Got It Right

16 Times Snapchat Got It Right

Sometimes, Snapchat gets it right. The truth is out there...and these Snapchat users have uncovered it. I think that Snapchat can be a beautiful thing. Nudes, dick pics, and drunken ramblings aside, it's when the right-time-right-moment hits and you have the perfect caption that Snapchat really shines. Here are some of the masters of Snapchat who totally got it right.

When you look at these photos, you can't help but say, "SO true!"

1. So sad, but so true

2. He shall be that hero

3. This is why I read books on my iPhone front cover to give it away

4. That time when this guy's mind was blown

5. That moment when you swear that your appliances have feelings

6. He'll look at you with those puppy-dog eyes and tell you he won't show anyone...DON'T BELIEVE HIM

7. Yup...

8. Double doubles all around!

9. I'll never look at cucumbers the same way again

10. Aaaaand then it goes viral, right?

11. This is me...any time I have pizza...or cake...or pie...

12. Priorities - you're doing it wrong

13. Pretty much

14. That about sums up our generation

15. "Sorry mom, I can't take out the garbage. I'm studying"

16. Seems legit

16 Easy Ways To Add Texture To A Mani

16 Easy Ways To Add Texture To A Mani

In my humble opinion, there's nothing quite so satisfying as a simple, single color manicure. Classic nail looks match with literally every outfit, and they're definitely not something you're likely to tire of quickly. Even though I'm a sucker for a glossy, burgundy manicure, there are those times when I feel the need to rock an edgy, patterned, unique nail look. And what better way to try out a nail look of this description than with a little bit of texture? There are so many ways to add texture and dimension to a manicure, and you likely already have many of the materials needed to create these looks. 

From stones to glitter to intricate patterns, texture is a sure way to shake up a basic manicure. Ready to experiment with your nails and be the envy of all your friends? Keep scrolling for a list of 16 easy ways to add texture to any manicure. #8, #10, and #13 are especially speaking to me. Which looks are you dying to try out?

1. Gold Leaf

A base polish and some pieces of gold foil are all it takes to create this stunning, subtly textured manicure look! The mossy green base polish was an excellent choice here. 

2. Rhinestones 

Add some bling and dimension to your manicure with a few rhinestone encrusted accent nails. Just look at that sparkle and shine! 

3. Milani Texture 

Don't have the time or the patience to create DIY textured manicures? Try out a more instant look with Milani Texture nail polish! 

4. Fuzzy Nails

This sounds a little odd, but you can create soft-to-the-touch nails using a base color of your choosing and nail fuzz! 

5. Mermaid Scales 

This is such a fun, easy way to get textured nails! For a DIY mermaid scale manicure, place a piece of netting on top of nails, then apply different polish colors to a sponge and dab it over the netting. 

6. Lace 

Try out this gorgeous design by placing pieces of lace (trimmed to the size of your nails) over nail beds and sealing them with a clear top coat. Too much work? Try out a lace nail stencil instead! 

7. Liquid Sand 

For a sand-like manicure without the hassle or mess, try OPI's line of Liquid Sand nail polishes! 

8. Glitter Ombré 

Glitter ombré nails are a perfectly pretty way to add texture to your manicure. Slap on a base color of your choice, then dab glitter polish over top, slowly fading it as you reach the other end of your nail. 

9. Gold Studs 

This is such a simple yet totally stunning nail look. All this manicure consists of is a black base polish and some tiny, gold stud appliqués! 

10. Sequins 

Sequins are for much more than jean jackets, sneakers, and crafts. Add some sequins over top of a complementary base polish for a girly, glamorous nail look! 

11. Snakeskin 

You don't need to use real snakeskin to get shiny, scaly nails. This look was achieved by placing a piece of tulle over top of nails, then painting a few metallic polishes on top.

12. Rock Crystal

Rock crystal or geode nails are so mesmerizing and look completely three-dimensional. Although you can definitely try this look out yourself, letting a professional manicurist do the work is a safer bet. 

13. Stars 

This is such a magical, totally beautiful nail look. This manicure was created by placing tiny gold stars on top of a swirl-accented, black base polish. I know what I'm doing tonight...

14. Polka Dots 

These bright polka dot nails totally remind me of cupcake sprinkles! Recreate this look by using a dotting tool to apply a variety of polish colors to your nails. 

15. Splatter

How very Jackson Pollock. Get these fun, paint splatter nails by flicking different colors of polish over top of your nail beds! Applying tape or liquid latex to the skin around your nails will make this process far less messy! 

16. Feathers

This is such a cool, whimsical nail design. Trim artificial feathers (you can find these at any craft store) to the size of your nails. Seal them with a clear top coat and voila!