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Farts Reveal A Lot About Someone's Health

Farts Reveal A Lot About Someone's Health

We all know the real icebreaker in any relationship, and it's not the first kiss; it's being able to fart in front of each other and not run screaming into the hills.

If a rump-shaker squeezes out without killing the romance, you know you've got something serious.

But those one-gun salutes can show up at some seriously awkward times and make your life genuinely uncomfortable. So what's going on down there?

The truth is a little more complicated than you might think, but it's not all bad news.

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Whether you're overtaken by thigh-shuddering rippers or blaming the pets for your silent assassins, there are two causes of farts: swallowing air, and your diet.

What you eat has the biggest effect on how often you dust the crops – and how it smells.

The main offenders are raisins, lentils, prunes, apples, cabbage, broccoli, and, of course, beans.

When your stomach finishes its digestive work, those foods pass into the colon, where microbes break them down.

That process produces the gas that will erupt just as the room goes quiet when your in-laws are visiting. 

But even though you might be clearing out the room, it's not a bad sign for your body.

The microbes that fuel your Dutch oven are actually taking nutrients from the foods they break down – they're getting healthier and more efficient, which makes you healthier. 

There are, of course, a few exceptions and some things to keep a nose out for.

The frequency of your gut thunder tells a story. On average, women daintily whisper between seven and 12 times a day. 

Men tend to peel off the paint more often: 14 to 25 times a day.

If you're firing off tear-jerkers more frequently, without eating those power foods, you might have a medical condition.

More often it's a food intolerance or a temporary condition like constipation. In rare cases, it could be IBS or celiac disease. Either way, it's not a bad idea to consult your doctor.

The type of farts you unleash – hopefully not in an elevator – tell part of the tale too. Explosive farts might be more bark than bite and just relieve pressure.

And there's more to those bombs that haunt office chairs and car seats. 

They might stink like a beached whale in month-old mayonnaise, but the bacteria that make them actually reduce the overall amount of gas.

The surprising truth is that the majority of farts sneak out undetected, an odorless release of carbon or hydrogen.

The real stinkers come with sulfur attached.

So if you feel like more vapor ninjas have been sneaking out than they should, don't panic.

Chances are, it's more a matter of perception than anything.

However, if you can't shake the thought that you're driving friends and family into hiding with an uncontrollable all-out assault, there are strategies you can use to reduce your impact.

Keep a food diary to identify any food intolerances that might be adding lightning to your thunder, or consider some over-the-counter treatments. If those don't work, or you're experiencing pain or a swollen abdomen, then it's time to talk to your doctor.

In the end, although the occasional blast might leave you red-cheeked, it's not the end of the world. It's actually a sign that your body is doing exactly what it should be doing.

Eat well and be good to your bum, no matter how it rumbles, and it will be good to you.

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15 Facts About Knockin' Boots You Didn't Realize Until You Actually Did

15 Facts About Knockin' Boots You Didn't Realize Until You Actually Did It

Let's face it, sex ed class doesn't really cover all the bases. You can be rounding third and find out that your nervous health teacher was stammering his way through the lesson, just trying to get it over with rather than impart any useful info. Sex is something you have to try. As with so many things in life, you'll never know what you're doing until you've had some practice. It's quite literally give-and-take; you need a partner and some honest communication if everybody is going to have a good time. And hey, even when it goes wrong, it's not the end of the world. If nothing else, you get a good story out of it! Nevertheless, there are definitely some things that all of us would have loved to know ahead of time.

1. A large height difference can make some positions challenging. 

2. You and your partner almost never climax at the same time.

3. Don't eat a lot before sex. Eat afterwards. Can't stress that enough.

4. Rolling a condom on with your mouth sounds sexy, but it tastes like lube and latex. 

5. Sex doesn't help warm you up as much as it makes you sweaty and cold.

6. Eye protection is important!

7. Leg cramps will happen from time to time. Stay hydrated!

8. You will need to pause for a pee break, and that's okay.

9. Car sex sounds like a great time, but it's cramped and uncomfortable.

10. Everybody farts. Even girls fart — especially when contorting themselves into weird positions. 

11. If you think that louder is better, your boyfriend might think he's hurting you.

12. When she needs to clean up afterward — even if you used a condom — she has a good reason.

13. Changing positions is much more difficult than TV would have you believe.

14. You want to cuddle up afterwards, but you've made a big ol' wet spot.

15. There is such a thing as getting too into it, especially where your teeth are involved.

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Make A Match Rocket With This DIY Video Tutorial

Make A Match Rocket With This DIY Video Tutorial

I've always been fascinated by science and experiments, but I have to be real: I really shouldn't go anywhere near something that could possibly catch fire.

I'd watch my sister do experiments that bubbled over in our back yard growing up, and want to join in. But after my parents took me to my third hospital trip when I was six years old, they decided I should probablysit those experiments out.

But here's something I actually cantry, with little to no risk of me injuring myself! And I can literally make it as soon as I get home.

It's called a match rocket, and you don't have to work for NASA to make one. In fact, you don't have to have even gone to school to make one. All you need is a match, some tin foil and a paper clip.You'll need to cut the end off your match, and place the stick and head of the match on a piece of tin foil, then roll it up. Then you'll use the paperclip as a launching stand for your rocket. Then take out the match stick, and slide the tin foil and match head onto the stand. Sounds easy, right? Well, duh, because it is!Finally, gather those friends and family who said you'd never amount to any thing in the science field, start the countdown, and light it up!But please, be careful. After all, you're not a rocket scientist.

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19 Hilarious Times People Got Trolled Mercilessly

19 Hilarious Times People Got Trolled Mercilessly

In legends of yore, trolls are infamous for asking questions or riddles that an individual must answer before moving on in their journey. But in our current age there is no more ye or yore, and instead, we live in a society dominated by a different kind of troll. The internet troll. Now, instead of answering a troll's questions, we often make the mistake of asking them the question, exactly like the next 19 unfortunate souls did!

1. The headless ex

2. Nailed it

3. I mean, it's not wrong...

4. He looks right at home now

Prom photos can be awkward, but the next one tops them all...

5. It looks way less awkward now

6. Looks like your father in law passed something on to you

7. Never tempt a troll with your poor spelling

The next one is actually terrifying 

8. That's not trolling, that's just extremely accurate

9. All those new makeup terms can be confusing 

10. Savage

The next guy's baller lifestyle didn't quite work out as planned...

11. "You get money they started hating..."

"I woke up in a new Bugatti"

12. I got you fam...

13. Short hair don't care

The next person's dreams of being in space were quickly brought down to earth...

14. A dream come true...

15. Trust me buddy, you're not missing out on much

16. Touche troll, touche

Not everyone can pull off long legs...

17. Might have gone a bit overboard...

18. Now he's interested

19. But in the end, some trolls are actually pretty great

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