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University Sends 1,400 Freshmen Inspiring Postcards From Alumni At Exam

University Sends 1,400 Freshmen Inspiring Postcards From Alumni At Exam Time

Exams are a stressful part of a post-secondary school education, especially the first of our freshman year. We're studying until dawn, living off microwaved meals and leftover pizza, trying to cram as much as possible into our brains before it's too late. We feel overwhelmed and lost in our own world, and often need reminders just to breathe. 

With students ready to take their exam seats 96,972 times over 11 days at Western University in Ontario, Canada, the Alumni Association decided to enlist the help of former students to send those reminders via postcard. When they put out the call on Twitter, they only expected to receive about 200 postcards — instead, they got 1,359! The postcards will be delivered to the students in the alumni's former residences on the Monday exams start! What a great way to face that first test!

This year the Western Alumni Association began a campaign called "The Kind Mail" project. 

There are words of encouragement! Even the project coordinators made sure to send their own postcards.

According to the ChildLine National Exam Stress Survey, an astounding 96% of students experience anxiety when it comes to exams. 

When experiencing that kind of pressure, sometimes all a student needs is to know they're not alone.

And who is more qualified to talk about exams than someone who's already passed them? 

It doesn't matter how long it's been since they had their own exams. This alumnus remembers exams in 1969, giving great perspective to the recipient.

One alumnus also points stressed students to sources of free relaxation.

Like this one to the closest dog park. Puppy kisses make all the stress go away! 

Postcards have been sent from all over the world.

Distance doesn't quash the good vibes of these alumni from as far away as Italy, Germany, and Trinidad and Tobago!

Here's one from Australia.

And some great, simple advice from Arizona.

Sometimes you just need someone to remind you to relax.

Some alumni just want to add a little fun to the day.

Who can be nervous after learning about "Country Squares"?

Wouldn't you love to get one of these before a big exam?

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16 Secret Facts About The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

16 Secret Facts About The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers were an incredibly important staple of my childhood. My mum fought crowds to make sure I had the toys for Christmas one year, made my brother and I Halloween costumes of them, and so much more. And I was far from the only kid absolutely obsessed with them. Power Rangers Madness was everywhere in the early 90s. With the latest film reboot in the works, why don't we take a moment to look back at the wild history of these teens with attitude!

1. It's based on a Japanese series called Super Sentai that began in 1975. The American version we saw was based on the Dinosaur Corps of the Beast Rangers, which was the 16th version of the show.

We were behind the times then, but we're on the 20th Power Rangers series now.

2. The action sequences were almost exclusively from the Japanese version of the show. They synched up their plots to the Japanese sequences.

So the American actors very rarely actually wore the Power Ranger outfits.

3. Haim Saban, on a trip to Japan to meet with animators, discovered the show Super Sentai and decided they had to make use of this property. It took him seven years to make this a reality and sell the idea in America to Fox.

For some reason, no one wanted to take dinosaur robots and people in spandex seriously.

4. The "teenagers with attitude" were found through open casting calls. After being narrowed down from thousands of applicants, they were separated into 6 groups of 5. The actors we know today were all grouped together, and the rest is history.

With one tiny exception that is.

5. The Yellow Ranger was actually played by a different person in the pilot episode, Audri DuBois. The martial artist had impressive skills, but was let go after the pilot after asking for more money.

It does seem a bit bold to ask for a raise after your first shift, but I may be missing context.

6. Amy Jo Johnson had sold all of her possessions and was about to move out of L.A. when she got the part as Kimberly Ann Hart, the Pink Ranger.

It's a good thing she didn't give up on her acting dreams.

7. Bryan Cranston's history with the series began long before he was cast as Zordon in the reboot. He was the voice of two monsters throughout the series.

He was also on good terms with Haim Saban, and inspired the name of the Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston.

8. The original voice actress for Rita in English (they simply dubbed over her Japanese footage) Barbara Goodson, was fired for not giving a 'witchy' enough performance. However, she nailed the audition to find someone to replace her, and so we ended up with the scratchy voice we all love.

Because really, there's nothing quite like her.

9. Tommy, the Green Ranger, as played by Jason David Frank, was only supposed to be around for a few episodes, but was such a massive fan favorite that he became a permanent fixture of the show.

He appeared in a total of 217 episodes between Green and White Ranger appearances.

10. For the fighting sequences the English actors did get to do, they did most of the choreography themselves the day of. Walter Jones, who played Zack, revealed the process was usually something like "do something cool with that bench" and he'd have 30 minutes prep.

It's a good thing all the cast were martial artists and gymnasts.

11. The actors similarly did almost all of their own stunts. Since the show was non-union, they needed to do most of them, while wearing the helmets that had 3 holes in them to breathe. 

Apparently after almost suffocating on one occasion, they then got stunt doubles.

12. Despite all of this, and actually again because they were non-union, the actors were actually paid very little despite how huge a success the show was. Amy Jo Johnson revealed in an interview it was as low as $600/week.

This is why half of the cast left and were replaced part way through the series.

13. David Fielding, the actor who played Zordon, was only filmed once. The shimmery giant head was his, but the reason it never truly synched up to his future lines were because they kept reusing the images filmed that first day.

All the rest of his time playing Zordon was via microphone in the recording studio.

14. Ron Wasserman composed the Power Rangers theme song in 2 hours with a rough cut of the credits and his only instructions being to use the word 'Go' because of the great success of the Inspector Gadget theme song.

It is a truly rockin' theme song for the ages, so mission accomplished Ron.

15. The Yellow Ranger was actually a man in the Japanese version of the show. This is why the Pink Ranger's outfit features a skirt, but the Yellow Ranger's does not.

To really send the point home, his name is Boy.

16. The show was originally going to be called, unsurprisingly, Dino Rangers. However, they changed the title to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers shortly after they began filming.

I definitely feel like this title had much better staying power throughout the ages.

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16 Pictures That Perfectly Describe Dog Logic

16 Pictures That Perfectly Describe Dog Logic

Dogs live in their own world with their own logic...and humans love it!

We get a total kick out of watching our furry, four-legged friends do the funniest of things. 

And why wouldn't we? It's. So. Awesome.

Take these 16 dogs for example: what are they even doing?! Only they really know...we humans just have to sit back and appreciate it for what it is! 

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1. I am dog. Dog can do anything. 

2. I don't want IN the bath, but I don't want you in there either...

3. If we sleeps like this, Mom can't move us. 

4. I'm not REALLY on the couch...

5. There is nothing too big for me to eats. 

6. If it looks, feels, or smells awesome, roll around in it.

7. If I sits here, peoples will thinks I need help and give me treats. 

8. Technically, I didn't leave the yard. Technically, I didn't break any rules...technically. 

9. If I finds it, I wrecks it. 

10. If I looks like this, they'll turn the car around and I won't have to vet today. 

11. Photo time? More like sprinting time! 

12. I'd rather watch dogs than act like one. No, I don't want to play fetch. Yes, I would like some toast and eggs with my TV time. 

13. It's a dog thing, Mom. 

14. It made sense at the time, Dad. 

15. This means you're taking me with you, right? 

16. This makes me a lap dog. 

18 Office Struggles That Make Monday Worse

18 Office Struggles That Make Monday Worse

Messy coworkers, anal coworkers, passive aggressive notes, just plain aggressive notes, the printer that works for everyone but you. If you've ever worked in a office, you know these daily nine to five struggles can make the work week feel that much longer. However, seeing these relatable problems in list form can actually have the opposite effect. So pretend you're reading emails or something, and make your workday pass by a little faster by laughing along with these hilarious office problems we've all experienced.  

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1. When Maintenance tries to cut costs at your expense

Thanks for the new monitor stand guys.

2. The battle for territory in the kitchen fridge 

3. The pain of starting a new work week

4. When the only bright moment in your day is effectively spoiled by that one coworker who does this

If I knew who you were, I would kill you.

5. The possessiveness over personal dairy products

Never touch a lactose intolerant coworker's non-lactose butter unless you wantto be hurt. They are a violent bunch. 

6. Butter that doesn't have the rest of the office's breadcrumbs in it is a precious resource, to be protected by any means necessary 

7. The constant cutlery shortage that forces you to get creative...

8. Really, really creative

Why do people need to use a new spoon for every cup of coffee they drink?! Save your damn spoon!

9. When the most obvious piece of office etiquette is the one too often ignored 

10. The countdown that inevitably begins by mid morning 

11. When you eat your lunch too early...

And the vending machine is calling to you by 2 o'clock.

12. When coworkers bring their "home" problems to work

You made a conscious choice to have children, but do not make everyone else suffer with you.

13. When what could have been a four sentence email, was a turned into a 30 minute PowerPoint

Which actually took 45 minutes because Jeff from accounting wouldn't stop talking about his new lawn fertilizer.

14. When IT tells you to try turning it on and off, but it's very clearly broken

15. The happy-hour peer pressure

I just spent eight plus hours with you guys. Excuse me if I want to wear sweatpants and eat grilled cheeses in silence for the rest of the night.

16. The pungent microwave odors left from the last person

If you just microwaved anything that resembled curry or vomit, please just leave the door open to air it out.

17. The measures we take to outsmart the office lunch thief 

18. The office prankster who makes everyone's life just that much more difficult 

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