Saturday, October 31, 2015

23 Who Deserve A Smack In The Face

23 Who Deserve A Smack In The Face

People are jerks. All they is think about is themselves. The pictures on this list are all the proof you need.  

1. Got enough weights there, pal?

2. A major faux pas in the bike community

3. Facepalm alert

4. While you're at it, have your dog take a massive dump in there for all of us. We'll love it

5. People who do this...

6. Yes, to answer your question, that really happened

7. Great guy

8. Maybe not a slap, but it appears she could use a haircut

9. Toll level: amateur 

10. You don't need to be a tree-hugger to think the person who did this deserves a slap on the head

11. This guy...

12. Sure, man, just make yourself right at home

13. The problem with this generation summed by this one picture

14. I wonder what the target market would be

15. Some benevolent soul he is

16. Smartass

17. Parent level: -25

18. Part of me wonders why she doesn't roll over it

19. I guess this is compromise...

20. I advise not slapping this person even though they clearly deserve it 

21. Yes, she is the worst

22. The worst kind of sports fan

23. The world is his oyster 

A Man Who Lost His Penis To Cancer Just Received The First Penis
Transplant In The US

A Man Who Lost His Penis To Cancer Just Received The First Penis Transplant In The US

The devastation that results from a serious penile injury is hard to state. Until recently, if a man incurred an injury that led to the complete inability to reproduce or even urinate, there wasn't much that could be done for him. While reconstructive surgery is possible, if the penis is completely removed due to, say, penile cancer, a transplant would not be possible. Until now.
The first successful penile transplant in the United States JUST happened, and doctors are calling it a "landmark procedure." Doctors at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston successfully attached a donor penis to Thomas Manning, a 64-year-old man who had his removed due to spreading penile cancer. 
You have to hear about Thomas's story...

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The reports of the newest penis transplant come a year after a 21-year-old Cape Town man also underwent a successful penis transplant.

In fact, the recipient of the transplant is now expecting a child with his girlfriend. Not bad!

Meet Thomas Manning.

Three years before he was fortunate enough to be selected for the landmark procedure, Thomas lost his penis to cancer. He was selected to undergo the first penile transplant in the U.S.

In total, the surgery took 15 hours.

An interdisciplinary team of 50 surgeons and health care workers was chosen to perform the surgery, with specializations in urology, plastic surgery, and even psychiatry. Psychiatrists were brought in to help Thomas because a penile injury can have an enormous impact on someone's psyche, both in terms of embarrassment and an overall sense of self.

Here are Dr. Ko (left) and Cetrulo (right), the two who headed the operation.

The team of surgeons carefully performed the intricate attachment of the penis to Mr. Manning, a penis that came from a deceased donor.

Dr. Cetrulo explained to The New York Times that perfecting the procedure on civilians will help with transplants involving war veterans.

In an interview, he says that there are many veterans who, "feel they have no hope of intimacy or a sexual life." He continued saying that, "they can't even go to the bathroom standing up."

Years in advance, the medical team prepared for the transplant by practicing on multiple cadavers.

In fact, given that the surgery seemed to go so well, another is planned soon for a man who severely injured his penis in a car accident.

Thomas Manning is using the experience to give hope to other people with a serious genital injury.

In a statement, Thomas said that "today I begin a new chapter filled with personal hope and hope for others who have suffered genital injuries." He will most likely have to take anti-rejection medications for the rest of his life.

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19 Pictures To Entertain Your Brain

19 Pictures To Entertain Your Brain

Everyone loves a Monday off: fact. Coming back into the place where we trade our time for cash on a Tuesday, though? Yeah, it's almost worse than doing the full five days. You've been home for three days, so your pets are pretty used to you being there. Then you think you can just get up and leave on a Tuesday? Nah, son, nah. They're confused and upset, you're confused and upset, and it's just like what the heck? Your entire week is all blown to shit because they thought you needed a paid day off. Smh. This world, I tell ya'.

1. But that's a Tim Hortons.

2. But actually, you're fooling no one.

3. Boom.

4. Oh my goodness, the King has spoken.

5. No chill, literally none.

6. "How you feeling?" "A little pressured."

7. This isn't how all people greet their long-lost friends then?

8. How any Columbus Day or Canadian Thanksgiving should be spent.

9. Baller life, though. No hate.

10. Playing us playing them. But for real, put the price of the PS4 down already.

11. The truth is out there.

12. Dat progress.

13. Not one person wants to read your typo-riddled crap — unless it benefits them.

14. So that's what Pops is up to.

15. Suck those kernels right off.

16. And here we have it, folks. The most accurate caption ever.

17. Fancy china tonight, kids. Let me introduce you to a little something called Styrofoam. Sly af.

18. Shit happens. And then you never talk to that person, or look them in the eye at least, again.

19. LOL ... Making people second guess their life. Ha ha?