Sunday, October 18, 2015

Women Living Close To Nature Live Significantly Longer

The world is such a vast and beautiful place. There are so many gorgeous sights to behold that it almost becomes frustrating to not be able to travel everywhere on a whim. While some people can actually do that, for most, that's simply not in our cards. Luckily, most places are in extremely close proximity to some kind of natural beauty. Going for a hike can prove to be an extremely tranquil and amazing experience — you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and, depending on where you are, anything specific to that area. I love going for hikes through a nearby place that has a waterfall, but that's not exactly next door to me.

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This is the kind of stuff I love to see on a hike. Oh, how beautiful nature can be!

Sadly, we can't all live in close proximity to places like this. Instead, we live in densely populated cities.

Interestingly, research is starting to show that nature might actually have more benefits than just its sheer beauty.

So, what exactly is it that nature can provide for the good people of this Earth?

According to a paper published by Environmental Health Perspectives, women that live in areas with high amounts "greenness" have "considerably decreased mortality rates."

Specifically, they refer to an area of 250 meters around the house. The difference in mortality is as large as a 12% overall decrease!

Well, I guess that's just another reason to move out of the big city and enjoy some fresh air!

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