Monday, November 30, 2015

19 Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks That'll Change Your Life

If you couldn't care less about cleaning every nook and cranny, if you can't be bothered to move the couch each time, if you can't for the life of you figure out what the other attachments for the vacuum are, you're probably a fellow lazy girl.

So here are all the cleaning hacks you need to keep a decent-looking (and smelling) home while rocking your lazy status.

1. Never wash another bowl or plate.

Washing dishes wastes perfectly good eating time. Tortillas fix that.

2. Spray a no-wipe cleaner all over your shower every time you use it. 

This daily spray keeps serious cleaning at bay.

3. Save counter-washing time by placing plastic wrap on counters.

When you're done preparing food and you're ready to "clean," simply remove the wrap and toss it. Voila!

4. Plastic wrap can also be used to make refrigerator cleanups a breeze. 

Simply line your refrigerator with the wrap and replace it when it gets nasty enough to bother you.

5. For the eco-friendly lazy girl, use washable mats instead of plastic wrap in the refrigerator. 

Can you see the difference? This version adds an instant upgrade to your refrigerator. 

6. Make your home smell instantly better--no washing or scrubbing involved. 

What can't dryer sheets do for the lazy girl?

7. Only wash with liquid soaps--never bars.

Liquid soap slides down the drain so much easier than bar soap. Bar soap leaves behind serious scum in a way that liquid soap just doesn't. So, keep your shower clean by ditching bar soaps for liquid alternatives. 

8. Reduce musty smells with the simple slice of an onion.

So your closet stinks...or your basement...or your bathroom. Whatever room it is, it can be refreshed with almost no effort on your part at all. Here is how to do it: simply take a peeled onion and slice it in half. Place the halves in the room and leave be for one to two days. The onion will absorb whatever odors are killing your carefree mood. 

9. Forget scrubbing and bleaching: remove coffee and tea stains in mugs with a simple swish of vinegar.

This lazy girl hack works on coffee and tea pots, too.

10. Any clothes that need to be hand washed can be washed simultaneously as you shower.

You save time, effort and water this way. How exactly you execute the hack is totally up to you. I do recommend removing said clothing first, though.

11. Clean your keyboard in no time.

Seriously, I know we're lazy girls, but those keys need to be cleaned. Here is how to do it like the lazy pro you are:

12. Quickly clean lamp shades with a lint roller.

A Mum 'n the Oven tells us: "After completion, [my lamp shades] always look like new." 

13. Clean your blender with the press of a button.

Let those blades do the hard work for you. Simply toss some soap in the blender with warm water and blend. After a quick rinse, you're done.

14. Use old dryer sheets to quickly erase water spots on mirrors.

Why waste time spraying and wiping when all you need is a quick swipe from an old dryer sheet? 

15. Make oven cleaning easier with an oven liner.

Oh what, you didn't know aluminum foil is flammable and using it can void your warranty? Try this instead: 

16. Upgrade to more efficient tools.

This pot comes with a built-in colander, which means you ultimately save time on dishes. Winning!

17. Prevent dusting: give your house a good wipe down with dryer sheets.

Lazy girls can't get enough of dryer sheets. Wipe down tables, blinds, lamp shades, baseboards, picture frames and more to prevent dust from building up--and you from actually dusting.

18. Clean your elements with ease.

Some spill-proof bags and ammonia are all you need. Read the quick tutorial for this lazy girl hack here.

19. Clean your floor by walking on it.

Walking to the refrigerator just got a whole lot more productive. Check these "Swiffer Socks" out:


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