Sunday, January 31, 2016

20 People Who Are Having The Worst Day

20 People Who Are Having The Worst Day

Have you ever had a really crappy day? Just, like, it wouldn't stop being the worst? Just one thing after the other? 

I have been there. We all have. The worst part? There's nothing we can do about it. 

No matter how bad a day I have had, it has been nowhere near as bad as what these people are dealing with. 

1. This seems like a pretty multi-layered bad day. 

Certainly, a lot going wrong in this picture. 

2. I want to know what it was that attracted all these bees! 

3. Is anyone going to tell her?

4. In honor of the Olympics! 

5. I have never seen anything look more devastated. 

6. Guess this is what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. 

7. What a rookie mistake. 

He deserves for his pizza to be ruined. 

8. To be fair, they were warned. 

9. Ouch. 

10. I would just cancel that card. 

11. Cute dogs, though! 

12. How does this even happen?? 

13. Worst day of the summer so far for sure. 

14. This was one of my biggest fears in school. 

15. I need someone to explain to me why this happened. 

16. Pretty much. 

17. How often do you think he gets asked this question? 

18. I mean, they tried. That's what counts, right? 

19. Well, this is just disappointing. 

20. Whoever owns this dog is in for one heck of an afternoon. 

This Girl Looks Exactly Like Taylor Swift

This Girl Looks Exactly Like Taylor Swift

There are so many people who look just like some pretty big celebrities, but I'd never seen one that is spot on. That is, until I saw this girl. She literally looks just like Taylor Swift! It's very insane. The haircut, hair color, and even the eye color are similar. They could probably be twins! Keep reading to check out this Taylor Swift look-alike! You're going to be amazed. 

Ready to meet Taylor's doppelganger? 

This is not Taylor! 

I repeat, this is not Taylor! 

This is April Gloria!

Doesn't she look like Taylor? 

This girl should consider being a Taylor Swift impersonator. 

She even rocks red lipstick like Taylor. 

Both of them have cats too!

So crazy how much they look like one another. 

Do you think they look alike? Comment to let us know! 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

16 Times You Were Mad For Absolutely No Reason

16 Times You Were Mad For Absolutely No Reason

You ever feel like being grumpy for no apparent reason? 

Some people call this "Monday."

Call it what you will, I truly think this is a feeling that plagues us all. We need to experience a down to appreciate an up, a winter to appreciate the summer and all that jazz you see on Instagram pictures from 14 year old girls. That doesn't mean that when people are irrationally upset, we can't poke fun at them... even just a little bit.

And that's what today's article focuses on: lighthearted jokes about people (and pets) who probably aren't in a mood to have lighthearted jokes made about them.

Don't worry, we do it out of love.

1. I need to find out if someone's protesting something this weekend. I want to make this sign.

2. "No, no, no. I wake YOU up. Not the other way around. I'm going back to bed."

3. "It's too hot in this pan." –angry eggs

4. "I said I've GOT it, Stacey! I've done this before."

5. When Santa has had one too many alcoholic egg nogs and tells the kids to "Smile... or else."

6. Cats being angsty 13-year-olds.

7. Me during arguments with my girlfriend.

8. Why so mad, baby?

9. "What'd I tell you about touching the belly?"

10. No one's mad in this picture but Jimi Hendrix is looking like a boss reading MADMagazine.

That counts, right?

11. I believe it's pronounced "Mizz-ur-Rah," grandpa Simpson. 

Kinda like misery... the primary feeling of people who have to live in a place like Missouri. 

12. It's impossible to look that mad dressed as Tinkerbell. 

13. "We'll see who's laughing when I crap on the couch tonight."

14. "I will NOT wear that stupid sweater vest you knitted me. I'm a majestic, wild dog, not your child."

15. Taking playtime way more seriously than the other toddlers.

16. "I heard you say the walk word. I heard it! Don't pretend like you didn't."

Main image via reddit / zero2dope

Collage images via 1. Meme Center 2. Twitter / @Robert_Seholm 3. Imgur / MeShuggah

22 Shameless People Who Are Like 'Yeah, So What?'

22 Shameless People Who Are Like 'Yeah, So What?'

Some of the best people in life are the ones who just don't care.

You know the ones I'm talking about: the class clowns, the shoddy coworkers that half-ass every job just to annoy the boss man, and of course, our favorite, all those shameless people on social media who have absolutely no filter!

1. You can't really blame Mr. Ramsay. I mean, who likes raisins?

Not to mention, way to cut yourself off from one of the most lit Twitter accounts the world has ever seen. Now other people have to tell you about his culinary clapbacks and that's just sad.    

2. "It was in the way, what was I supposed to do?"

Paint around it? There's no way they're paying this person enough for that, get real.

3. Seriously, dude?! What more do you want?

I mean, she can throw on a random emoji if that's what you're looking for. Also, you somehow know what you made her feel like? OK...

4. Huh. I wonder what those are for...

I feel like they're really trying to tell us something here but it's so subtle that I can't put my finger on what it is.

When it comes to presentations, the next student does it their way...

5. Who says Dad isn't a credible research resource? 

I wasn't there so I'm not about to tell him he's wrong. It doesn't exactly sound like a rip-roaring good time, though.

6. He sure knows how to work the system.

They always say it takes patience and dedication to make your dreams come true. He obviously took that lesson to heart.

It's not his fault they weren't more specific about what those dreams are supposed to be. 

7. You've got to love those friends who put honesty before your feelings...

Especially when that friend turns out to be your mom. But, hey, if there's anyone you should be able to trust to give you the truth...

8. This is what you can get away with once you've given your two weeks' notice.

The customer may not have requested this but I don't remember putting in a request for their attitude so I guess that squares us.

Note: Unless you are 100% positive this a job you don't care about, no, it does not actually square you.  

9. You thought you could stick her with a messy room. You were wrong.

Haha, I'm sure you just conveniently "forgot" to take all those trashy bits along with you. You can't really blame mama for helpfully returning them.

10. "Who can be bothered with wiping the damn thing?"

Ah, the one time where it isn't better to just get a Roomba. Those things love to get stuck at the best of times so adding height is just a recipe for disaster.

11. Stop bothering poor ol' Bob!

Yikes. If I got that many messages from some rando, I'd probably block them, too. Even though some of them almost make it worth keeping her around.

Like, who else is gonna tell you that they want you to start dating Lil Wayne? Yeah, I don't know either.

12. Let's just take a moment to appreciate the fact that she actually tagged him. 

Like he's just supposed to pack his bags and jump ship as soon as he sees her? Haha, that's some confidence.

I wonder how many people fell for the next one...

13. I see right through your scam!

Gotta say, at least they're admitting that you save absolutely nothing here. Other stores that do this — yeah sorry, there's more than one — just leave you to figure that part out for yourselves. 

14. Don't let the judgment of others prevent you from living your life to the fullest.

At least, that's what I keep quietly repeating to myself because I legit hate it when people do this. Call me what you want but don't call me unfair.

15. This kid is a legend. 

If he showed up and screamed "Bricksquad!" with his Sailor Moon swag on, that would pretty much guarantee the most lit show ever. Waka knows what's up.

16. That point in the semester when you just can't be bothered.

When they make attendance part of your mark, this is the kind of thing they should expect.  

17. "Late for your flight? Not my problem."

Those eyes say everything you need to know about the whole situation. You can try to get her to move if you really want but that's exactly what you'd be doing: trying. Not succeeding.

18. They're a perfectly good pair of pants! 

This man and I share a common problem but I really hope I don't have to resort to this.

I guess that depends on how many people keep bugging me about it. I wish "Yeah, I know..." worked as well as it should.

19. Sorry, couldn't be bothered. 

"They hired me to paint the lines. There ain't nothing in my job description about picking up dog crap."

Better go get a waste removal technician or something because this has "Not my job!" written all over it.

20. Props to this girl, who took what will probably be the best grad photos of the year.

If this doesn't take us back to our fondest memories, I'm not sure what does.

21. You do you, boo.

Say what you want about this but it's definitely ambitious. And if this is what the customer wanted, it's their head.

Even if it's not, I wouldn't be surprised if someone else out there wants this now.

22. Don't mess with Grandma. She does how she does. 

Just in case that cereal had any funny ideas about not staying fresh, grandma showed it exactly who makes the rules around here. Your move, Tony. Who's grrrreat now?

So yeah, are you at that point where you're over everybody's crap?

Then do what needs to be done. But just remember, it's always important to have an exit strategy!