Wednesday, January 13, 2016

36 Uh-Oh Moments That Ended In Major Disaster

"Uh-oh." Two little words that mean so much: an unfortunate realization, a warning of what's to come, and generally, a confirmation that it's too late to stop any of it! 

1. Time to go home

2. You're lucky, kid.

3. Better get out the hairdryer...

4. Oh shiiiiiiiii

5. You're gonna feel that one later

6. Enjoy the dip

7. Looks like you might be up there for a while

8. Careful what you tweet

9. This is what happens when you take pictures of your food instead of eating it

10. Uh-oh, group chat...

11. "It'll be fun," they said

12. Shouldn't have used those candy cane pieces on the cookies

13. Fingers crossed that it's not toxic...

14. That's not gonna sit well...

15. Oops...another financial crisis?

16. That's not going to be an easy fix

17. It's not what you think, Mom! I swear!

18. Might want to alert the neighborhood 

19. That's going to be messy 

20. Never let Mom get near your hair again...

21. Eh, as long as he gets his shot before the fire climbs the tripod, he'll have saved the important part.

I mean, feet? Pffft, who needs those? 

22. On the one hand, it's nice to see the doggos having fun.

On the other hand, I really don't envy whoever has to go collect them, 'cause that's probably gonna be a little tricky.

23. At this point, I don't think we can trust any life hack involving a microwave.

If they don't make a video of themselves doing it first, I'm assuming they're trying to burn my house down.

And no jump cuts, either. I know how y'all get down.

24. This person had a hard lesson to learn.

25. Not all friendships last, but tattoos do

26. This cow is trying to figure out how its life came to this point.

27. This person who wondered why the cookie dough chunks tasted kind of gamy. 

28. Well you messed up.

As a nugget lover, this is a devastating sight. So pristine, so golden — they didn't deserve this tragic end. RIP, my beauties.

29. This person's car cleaning bill is going to be through the roof.

I see they were transporting both Coke andPepsi, so they clearly had it coming. Pick a side!

30. You'd think we'd learn by now that getting a tattoo in a language we don't understand can only end in tears.

Still, I guess it could be worse. You can at least play this one off like you're a member of a Middle Eastern punk band or something.

31. I don't know, part of me thinks she should yell at herself first for not telling you that pillows don't go in there.

And then she can get up in your face for never noticing that she always took the pillowcase off on laundry day.

32. Shouldn't have brought your work keys out to the bar

33. Yeah, I'd definitely say that could have gone better.

Mom may have sounded like she was being a little too much when she said to always clean the lint trap, but yeah, not so much, as it turns out. 

34. So wait, you mean to tell me ghost-hunting was this easy all along?

Then why were we wasting so much time watching a bunch of people in night-vision goggles trip over themselves?

35. Don't eat and do home improvements at the same time

36. "Why is everyone pointing at this bus?"


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