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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton In Middle Of Strangest Controversy Yet

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton In Middle Of Strangest Controversy Yet

With the 2016 Presidential Election coming up all of America has been following news reports of both candidates on a daily basis. At this point in time it's easiest to say that it's still anyone's game and that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a a strong chance to find themselves in the White House after November's election. However, some recent activity in Hillary's life has left conspiracy theorists in an uproar.

It all started when she collapsed after a 9/11 memorial service in New York City this past Sunday. 

Hillary lost a shoe and was spotted stumbling into her motorcade early on Sunday morning.

She was leaving a 9/11 memorial service in New York City when the health scare drastically changed her plans. 

It was decided that Hillary would go to her daughter Chelsea's NYC apartment to rest.

But this is where things get kind of weird.

Hillary emerged from Chelsea's apartment at about 11:45 am.

As the media approached her, Hillary smiled and assured them that everything was okay and the she feels fine. 

However, some people saw something noticeably different about Hillary as she made these claims.

In fact, some people weren't sure this person was the real Hillary at all!

That's right, some are saying that the woman who exited Chelsea's apartment was not the same who entered it earlier that morning!

Since the accident, doctors have stated that Hillary is suffering from something called walking pneumonia.

It is usually brought on by seasonal allergies. 

But conspiracy theorists aren't buying it.

Many have speculated that Hillary Clinton is suffering from something much more serious, possibly even death! 

These theories also state that her diminishing health has resulted in a body double being used to ensure things appear to be okay. 

This alleged body double is who the theorists say left Chelsea's apartment. 

People are saying that the most obvious difference between Hillary before and after the accident is her nose.

Notice that her nose points in a much different direction that that of the woman who left Chelsea's apartment?

But that's not the only piece of evidence that has been brought forward...

People took to Twitter to air out all of the evidence they believed was proof that the woman wasn't Hillary.

Some claimed that the woman's ear lobes were smaller, her fingers were smaller and her legs were skinnier. 

And one of the most convincing pieces of evidence points out that Hillary wasn't accompanied by any bodyguards.


As Twitter continued to blow up with the hashtag #HillarysBodyDouble many skeptics pointed fingers at Teresa Barnwell. 

Barnwell has performed impressions of Hillary in the past, and many believed she was hired to cover up a mysterious death or illness. 

However, these rumors were put to rest when Barnwell made a statement proving that she was in Los Angeles at the time of the incident. 

This has slowed the conspiracy theory down, but there are definitely still believers out there.

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'Beauty And The Beast' Clothing Line Is Absolutely Beautiful

'Beauty And The Beast' Clothing Line Is Absolutely Beautiful

I think everyone is a little excited for the new Beauty and the Beastmovie. I know that I am! There's so much hype around this film, and I'm sure that it will deliver. Ever since the new movie was announced, there have been many new products released. I saw a Beauty and the Beast makeup brush and face serum. So cool! If you're into all that merchandise, then you need to check out this Beauty and the Beastclothing line. It's so chic! Keep reading to check it out! 

Isn't Christopher Kane's Beauty and the Beast collection absolutely stunning?

This kind of reminds me of the Versace Medusa head! 

I'm totally into it. 

I really want this dress now. 

It's just so lovely! 

There's even jewelry in this line. 

I want to rock this around my neck so badly. 

The rose is just so cute! 

I'm just as excited as these fellows! 

Do you like this line? Comment to let us know! 

h/t Refinery29

10 Smoking Hot Facts About Baywatch's Carmen Electra

10 Smoking Hot Facts About Baywatch's Carmen Electra

There were only two women who defined the '90s: Pamela Anderson... AND CARMEN ELECTRA.

I mean, Pamela was sweet but Electra was the the teenage dream of literally MILLIONS of us. Her whole thing on Baywatch was incredible and basically made that show the international sensation that it became.

She had those sultry eyes, the natural tan and that crazy body BUT there is more to her than what we saw on TV and in movies... 10 things to be exact.

1. She was dating Prince and he gave her name "Carmen" because she wasn't a Tara anymore. He named a song after her: "Carmen On Top."

Her real name is Tara Leigh Patrick.

2. She's been on Playboy four times since 1997. I can't imagine why...

We're talking June 1997, December 2000, April 2003 and January 2009.

3. During her first season of Baywatch, they did her dirty by having her dress in the bathing suits of Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth.

But by the end of the season, she finally got on that her name on it!

4. She hosted a a strip aerobics fitness video.

I must have re-watched it a hundred times. Because, uh... I love fitness.

4. Prince discovered her when she was just 18. And under Prince's record label, she released a single called "Go-Go Dancer."

5. She married former Chicago Bulls legend and North Korea aficionado Dennis Rodman in Las Vegas.

Ah... the '90s.

6. She was in five terrible movies with the word "Movie" in it. That includes Scary Movie which spoofed the horror genre and more specifically Scream

The other four were Date Movie, Scary Movie 4, Epic Movieand Disaster Movie.

But they gave us THIS so thank you.

7. She lost BOTH her mother and her older sister, Debbie, within two weeks of each other. This is her mother.

Her older sister was 40 when she died from a heart attack in 1998. Carmen's mother passed away from several brain tumors.

8. During the grand re-naming of Bankersmith, Texas to Bikini, Texas she was inducted to its Bust Of Fame.

It was named after Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill. But the city's name was changed back in 2015.

9. She is well aware and horrified of how many posters of her are in prisons across America.

She was once watching an HBO documentary on maximum-security prisons and saw her poster in quite a number of cells.

10. During a crazy Fourth of July event, she made everyone strip down and jump into the pool...  but she didn't out of revenge.

She stayed in a castle in Hamptons and everyone around her partied WAY too hard. She couldn't sleep because the music was always blaring and so when all the parties were all over she invited them all over and convinced them to go skinny dipping. But at the last second she bailed.

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Only 15% Of People Can Solve This Riddle. Are You One Of Them?

Only 15% Of People Can Solve This Riddle. Are You One Of Them?

Riddles always end up being a great way to have some fun, especially with family and friends. This riddle has the majority of people confused, but are you able to solve it? Scroll down to see the answer and how to solve it!

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This riddle has been causing some serious grief as of late. 

You have two dogs.

You give one of them away.

But you still have Both. How?

So what could the answer possibly be?

Most people guess that...

Most people assume that one dog is a male and the other a female, so the obvious answer would be that they had a puppy, right? Wrong. If that's what you guessed, don't feel bad. The majority of people arrive at that answer as well.

The moment you've been waiting for...

The answer is actually much more simple than that. One of the dogs is named "Both," and the other is named "One." When you give One away, Both is still with you!

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Main and collage image via OfficialHuskyLovers

16 Pickup Lines With More Game Than The Super Bowl

16 Pickup Lines With More Game Than The Super Bowl

Listen up, guys and gals. The level of your pickup line could be the difference of meeting your future spouse, or living in eternal loneliness. To prevent being #foreveralone, you need to be the wittiest, smoothest talker out there to grab the attention of your next potential bae. To help you out, we've gathered some winners to get your creative juices flowing, to help you stand out from the Tinder crowd!

1. Take note, science nerds!

2. Smooth, Brad 

3. Strange metaphor but it works

I think?

4. A clever riddle will do the trick

5. When you're shy but need to say something

6. Going old school

7. Mine too!

8. Tell 'em like it is!

9. How to pick up a musician

10. This could have gone better...

11. You don't have to be from France to appreciate this game

12. Direct and to the point!

He's not wasting any time

13. So that's how he did it!

14. I'd swipe right...

15. Where do I find one?

16. Bonus points if you are Ryan Gosling


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