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Use The Lines On Red Solo Cups As A Handy Measuring Guide

Use The Lines On Red Solo Cups As A Handy Measuring Guide

Happy accidents just don't come along often enough in life. Of course, if the bass jumped into your boat every day, you'd miss out on the fight. But still, it's always nice when it happens, right? In an unlikely twist, the people who make red Solo cups had a happy accident too, and it's the kind we can all benefit from.

Is there any more obvious sign that a party's about to break out than red Solo cups showing up?

Everybody loves them, but they really only come out for a get together, don't they?

By now you've probably noticed that there are lines around every red Solo cup. As it turns out, you can use them to measure your drinks.

You know, if you want to keep track of such things. Seems like a wise thing to do. The line nearest the bottom is about one ounce, or one serving of hard alcohol. The next line up is about five ounces, or one serving of wine. And the next line up from there is about 12 ounces, or one serving of beer.

Of course, the folks who make red Solo cups didn't have any particular measurement or beverage in mind when they made them.

But as luck would have it, those lines actually do make measuring your drinks easier. And as the Solo folks point out, you can measure all kinds of things with those lines. 

And you might want to point these things out to your guests for a more dignified, sophisticated event.

Only the finest at your gatherings, right?

15 Times Khloë Kardashian Was Totally You

15 Times Khloë Kardashian Was Totally You

Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been on for 10 seasons! Can you believe that? That means that we've gotten 10 seasons filled with so many good moments from the family. I remember laughing so hard until I cried during a ton of episodes. Thank goodness for this show because we were all introduced to Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloë, Kendall and Kylie! It's hard to pick a favorite Kardashian but I have to say, Khloë is definitely the sassiest and funniest one! She's got an answer to everything and she's learned to perfect the art of not caring what other people think. So here's every single time Khloë made you say, "Yup, that's totally me." 

1. When she had the same thoughts as us about what she's doing in life. 

It makes me feel better that Khloë is also in the same boat as us!

2. When she knew the one and only way to win at a breakup. 

3. When she was honest about how she really felt about socializing. 

Literally me at a party.

4. When she admitted she just didn't want to do something that someone asked her to do. 

"Can you just really quickly do this for me? "Yeah... no. I just really can't."

5. When you hate drama when you're involved but then you can't help but love it when you see it from afar. 

"WHAT?! He's doing what now?!"

6. When someone told her what she already knew and she had the perfect response. 

7. When you see that your ex-BF has a new GF and is already posting about them all over social media. 

8. When she came prepared to a session of calling someone out. 

Always back it up with #Facts.

9. When she's around people who are unnecessarily stressed about nothing. 

10. When she was all of us talking about our existence and what we do every day. 

11. When you get to a party and want to announce your presence. 

12. When you see your friend clearly about to ruin their lives and they still won't listen to you. 

13. When you're visiting family and they all ask you why you're single. 

14. When she asked the important questions in life.

"Also, should I Snapchat this?"

15. And finally, when you look in the mirror and you can clearly see that you've mastered your makeup look for the day. 

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The Dramatic Evolution of Amber Rose

The Dramatic Evolution of Amber Rose

Amber Rose is a name that everyone should know! She's one of the hardest working people in the business. She's a model, actress, fashion designer and an activist. She's also got millions of followers on social media and is basically the queen of taking selfies. Amber, want to give us some tips? Amber is always fierce, keeps it real and is 100% unapologetic about herself. And believe it or not, Amber's been this amazing since the beginning and you have to see her insane evolution of style and looks!

1. Amber was born as Amber Levonchuck in Philadelphia. 

Rose is her mother's maiden name!

2. She's proud of her heritage and clarified on Instagram that she's of Black, Portuguese, Irish, and Italian descent.

3. When she was 15 years old, she made the decision to start stripping because she had to provide for her family after her parents divorced. 

4. She eventually gave up stripping and ventured into the show business...

5. Amber Rose started out making cameos in several popular music videos. Her first music video appearance was in Ludacris's "What Them Girls Like." 

6. Amber started getting more attention after she posed in a Louis Vuitton ad. She also was a runway model for New York Fashion Week!

Get it, girl!

7. She even signed with one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world, Ford Models!

8. This girl is seriously hard working. She has her own music career too! She released her first single "Fame" back in 2012 and has released tons of music since then. 

9. She expanded her love for fashion by creating her own clothing line called Rose & Ono. 

Have you seen the clothes? I. Want. Everything.

10.  She's also an author! Her book How to Be a Bad Bitchis amazing. She gives advice on career, relationships and fashion!

Um, how can one person look so good with so many different hairstyles? I need answers, Amber!

11. She's also an outspoken activist for victims of sexual abuse. She also started the "Slut Walk" to bring awareness to the fact that women are often judged for their sexual behavior. 

Go, Amber!

12. And somehow, she also manages to be a great parent for her son, Sebastian. Oh, and she has her own talk show called The Amber Rose Show

How does she do it all?! 

13. And now she's going to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars! And I am 100% sure she is going to kill it. Good luck, Amber!

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Friday, April 29, 2016

16 Epically Terrible Product Malfunctions

16 Epically Terrible Product Malfunctions

Sometimes you can buy a product that seems like it'll fit your needs exactly. The sales rep rhymes just the right combination of bells and whistles that you're looking for and when you take it home, everything still seems fine.

Sometimes, it isn't until a few weeks later that the world decides to throw you a curveball, and what seems like a perfectly good addition to your daily life suddenly turns into a heap of melted plastic. In the past, we've talked about factory rejects that managed to slip through the cracks despite seeming like total write-offs, but this is a whole different beast.

Unfortunately, not all of a product's flaws are so obvious at first glance and you can find yourself with a defective product and not realize it until you've already started to get attached to it.

Today, we're going to show you 16 impressive ways that products have failed to behave as advertised and left their owners seriously disappointed.

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1. This rotating car display clearly got a little confused.

I'd love to see how it managed to flip over like this because I'm having a hard time imagining what happened here.

2. This Canadian bobsledder is just one of many folks who had to deal with a wardrobe malfunction.

Of course, someone's belly button peeking out to say hello is small potatoes compared to some other and more famous examples.

3. This is what happens when all your fireworks go off at once.

Mind you, this would actually be pretty cool to witness, but it certainly cuts the display short.

4. Looks like Times Square isn't always quite so dazzling.

I know people often don't like seeing ads everywhere but even those might be better than this. 

For those of you saying that they should have used a Mac for this, I'm afraid I have some bad news for you.

5. Oops, this definitely isn't what they wanted to advertise.

Well, at least it's showing everyone what the problem is in case a tech-savvy passerby can help troubleshoot it.

6. It's strange how these toilet paper rolls all found different ways to be wrong.

I'd really like to know what happened to the one in the middle.

7. Something tells me we should skip this vending machine.

Did someone try to shake their drink loose and just make everything worse or what?

8. Apparently, something sparked when they tried to replace the fuel line.

Luckily this didn't cause any injuries because that is one fearsome blaze.

Still, some vehicles are even more terrifying when they stop working properly.

9. Yikes, here's something you wouldn't want to sit next to.

Yet if this ever happens to you, it may be comforting to know that a plane doesn't actually become much harder to fly with just one engine. All that really happens is the plane becomes less fuel efficient, flies lower, and can't go as far because it's working the remaining engine harder than usual.

10. As you can see, this pilot managed to eject just in time after his plane stalled.

He ended up in the hospital with minor injuries, but he said nothing was hurting worse than his ego.

11. Whatever's wrong with this bus, it makes it look like it has a nitrous booster.

Unless Swedish public transit authorities are bigger fans of The Fast and the Furiousthan we thought, that's probably not what we're looking at here.

12. When a panoramic shot messes up, things can start looking pretty weird.

Between the Washington Monument falling over, this guy losing his face, and the ground getting bored and flying away, it's hard to decide where to start here.

But things get even trippier when the camera itself starts glitching out.

13. I think this is someone's bedroom, but it's kind of hard to tell.

In the movies, this would be your first sign that your camera is haunted.

14. Surprisingly, the people in this van had a good laugh about this.

Apparently they broke down pretty close to the photographer's house, so that's convenient at least.

15. This burned-out sign doesn't give new patients any comforting thoughts.

At least it's easy enough to see what it's supposed to say.

16. Every now and then you can end up with a malfunction that customers actually like.

Word really gets around quick when this happens, so it's definitely something to keep on top of.

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