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Frenchwoman With Down Syndrome Achieves Her Dream Of Being A Weather

Frenchwoman With Down Syndrome Achieves Her Dream Of Being A Weather Presenter

It's great to see so many inspiring stories these days where men and women with Down Syndrome prove that they are capable of so much more than they're given credit for. From starting their own businesses to running marathons, they're breaking preconceptions from every angle! They're achieving their dreams and I love it!

The latest person to prove what she's capable of is 21-year-old Mélanie Ségard, who challenged French TV stations that if she could get 100,000 likes on Facebook, they would let her present the weather live. 

"I am different, but I would like to show everyone that I can do plenty of things. I want to prove it by appearing on TV," she said. 

Launched on February 26th with help from the charity Unapei, Mélanie's page reached its goal in just 36 hours! 

The campaign received a ton of support from social media, too, helping her succeed. 

France 2 offered her a segment and even brought her in to train with presenter Chloe Nabedian for four days before going live. Mélanie was able to get comfortable in front of the green screen so she could hit her mark perfectly on the big night. 

Her brother, 27-year-old Cyril, went with her to training, telling her, "Imagine you're alone at home doing the weather. Have fun."

The segment beat French rating records as five million people watched Ms. Ségard reported that the north would be cloudy, but the south would have sun.

Yeah, I'd say that deserves a high five!

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13 Disney Hero And Villain Mash-Ups

13 Disney Hero And Villain Mash-Ups

Every Disney movie goes a little like this. There's always a hero and a villain. I know that the audience should not like the villain, but some are pretty awesome. For example, Ursula is beyond sassy. She's kind of my spirit animal. But I could never steal someone's voice. Sorry! If you are a fan of some Disney villains, then check out this awesome Disney hero and villain mash-up. They a lot more in common than you think! 

1. This one is crazy cool! 

By the way, it can take up to 12 hours to draw a single mash-up. That's a lot of hard work. 

2. So many people are obsessed with this artist's drawings...

That many of them comment on her Instagram photos saying that they would get these drawings tattooed on themselves. 

3. Not going to lie, but Hades is one of my favorite villains. 

Aside from him trying to ruin Hercules' life, he is pretty hilarious. 

4. Whoa! Both of their eyebrows are on point! 

5. Gaston really needs to lose that pompous attitude. 

Such a turn-off. Be more like the Beast! 

6. Cinderella's step mother's hair looks so voluminous. 

What products does she use? 

7. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how accurate the color of Shan Yu's eye is? 

It's so bright! 

8. I guess Ariel and Ursula have a lot more in common than I thought. 

9. Can we all agree that Scar is the worst brother and uncle ever?! 

He did the pride so dirty. 

10. Another villain that I can't stand 

She's somean to everyone. Why you gotta be so rude? 

11. This is the first time that I think Jafar actually looks cute! 


12. This drawing is super unique! 

What an awesome mash-up!

13. They both have such luscious hair. 

Mother Gothel, you can thank Rapunzel for your locks! 

Which one is your favorite? Comment to let us know! 

Photographer Dad Turns His Baby Into An Elf On The Shelf

Photographer Dad Turns His Baby Into An Elf On The Shelf

Dad-of-six and amateur photographer Alan Lawrence has taken the idea of the popular Elf on the Shelf tradition to the next level by casting his 4-month-old son Rockwell in the role of the elf! If you're new to the trend, the Elf on the Shelf is a toy elf that parents move throughout the house as though it is alive. Kids love looking for what the elf got up to in the night! 

So Alan dressed Rockwell up in an elf costume and recreated the sorts of activities those crafty elves seem to always be getting up to. Of course, the results are absolutely adorable! 

If your family has taken part in the Elf on the Shelf tradition, we'd love to see photos of the different hiding spots you've found him in! Share them in the comments!

Of course, it has to start with a shelf.

If some of these poses look dangerous, don't worry! Dad's just as skilled with digital photo trickery as he is at thinking up silly poses. 

WARNING: Sugar rush imminent!

Who left the syrup out where the elf could find it?

I hope no one needed to go...

Because they'll have to unwrap things first!

Who forgot to elf-proof the fridge?

Rockwell's mom made his costume. It's perfect!

Dog's like: "What is this strange creature?"

Baby Elf: "WHEEEEE!"

"Oh, did you not want help in the shower?"

"Don't worry, I'll wrap it back up before the kids see it!"


Pro tip:

Let Godzilla win.

Dad can't even eat his breakfast without having marshmallows thrown at him.

They're the big ones, too!

Um, that's not where the cookies go, Little Elf.

You can just give them all to me, instead!

Your tree was looking a bit sparse, so I thought I'd help!

DIY garland that you can do at home!

That's it, the elf is going home to the North Pole!


You're stuck with me until Christmas! Hah!

How excited are you for Christmas?

Spread the holiday cheer!

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David Bowie's Daughter Looks Completely Different Now

David Bowie's Daughter Looks Completely Different Now

David Bowie should always be on everyone's list as one of the best musicians ever. David has done so much for music. He's such an innovator! He was constantly reinventing himself and it's amazing how he entertained audiences for over five decades. He's always referred to as a singer but he also had an acting career! Remember how good Labyrinthwas?! Despite having such an amazing career, he still had time to start a family. Find out what his daughter looks like now!

Back in 1992, David married one of the world's most famous supermodels, Iman. 

They were married for 24 years and Iman always chalked it up to ensuring that both partners were ready to settle down at the same time. 

And that's what they did! Eight years later, Iman and David welcomed Alexandria "Lexi" Zahra Jones in 2000. 

From the beginning, it looked like David had absolutely fallen in love with her! 

"We've always been very close, but if it's possible we've been drawn even closer. There's a joy or a contentment that's almost palpable to both of us," Iman and David said to HELLO! magazine

Right after welcoming Lexi, David decided to stop working so much. He pulled back on movie roles and only did his hilarious cameo in Zoolander.

David and Iman were committed to making sure Lexi had a normal childhood. 

David would wake up early in the mornings to walk Lexi to school!

What's even sweeter is that Lexi was always referred to as a miracle baby.

The couple were considering adoption when they found out that Iman was pregnant with Lexi!

Lexi is growing up! She's 16 years old now and still living in New York City with her mom.

Lexi is so beautiful! She definitely looks like Iman but there's bits of David there too!

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The Next Beauty Trend Is Faking Freckles

The Next Beauty Trend Is Faking Freckles

You can make your eyes look bigger, face look slimmer, and lips look fuller with the help of makeup. It's crazy to think you can do all that with makeup, but honestly, I have learned that makeup is magic. Nowadays, it seems like every beauty blogger is a magician because so many are tricking me into believing they have freckles! 

Freckles have become a huge beauty trend, and many makeup companies are even starting to sell freckle pencils. Sounds crazy, but there are tons of people who are digging the faux freckled look. I'm one of them, and I wish it were in my genes to have a couple of freckles on my face. Whatever, at least I can fake it, and in this video, I learned how! I have seen many faux freckle videos, and the results in this video are the best. Looks so realistic!

I think it's kind of cool that freckles are the newest beauty trend because many women are so used to covering them up!  

What do you think about faux freckles? Comment to let us know! 

14 Creepy Things That Were Once Considered Normal

14 Creepy Things That Were Once Considered Normal

The past is a place full of wonderful and horrifying things. Sure, some things were better in the old days, like cars and dresses, but other things deserved to be left in the past. Like waking up from a nightmare, I'm left wondering if these things really happened or if there's some messed up part of my imagination playing tricks on me. 

In these particular, unfortunate cases, they very much happened.

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1. Gas masks, need I say more?

Yes, they were a necessary evil and they saved lives. They were also creepy af. This little parade of nightmares was in Leningrad, 1937.

2. Ventriloquist dummies.

Lord in heaven, protect me. How were these seen as anything other than soul-sucking demons in doll form?

3. Edison's talking dolls.

They were only manufactured for six weeks, partially because the recordings didn't survive shipping, and partially because children found them terrifying. No surprise there.

4. Wildly inappropriate Valentines.

Believe it or not, this one is actually pretty tame. Most were horrifically racist and featured really bad puns.

5. Post-mortem photographs.

Because pictures were so expensive in the Victorian era, there was usually at least one dead person in most photographs. *Shivers*

6. Beauty pageants like this.

That would be the "Miss Lovely Eyes" pageant. I don't think it was meant to look like something out of a horror movie. 

7. The Utica crib.

It looks innocent enough, but it was used to restrain psychiatric patients after chaining was deemed inhumane. This one was made out of wood, but many were made of iron and patients were left to sleep in them for hours at a time.

8. Vintage "Freak Shows."

Back in the 1800s, showing off people with medical conditions as freaks was considered acceptable. Now we're able to treat them and help them lead normal lives.

9. Seances.

Contacting the dead was all the rage back in the '20s.

10. Vampire-resistant graves.

Just in case, y'know, they wake up with an insatiable thirst for human blood.

11. Sword-swallowing children.

I don't know if this was considered normal per se, but it was allowable, and that's just as bad.

12. Creepy-ass statues for your desk.

This one reaches back to the 16th century, when it was apparently appropriate to keep a statue of a rotting corpse in your medical practice. 

13. Being buried alive.

It was 100% considered creepy at the time, but it was such a real concern that graves were constructed with escape hatches! That's a pretty far stretch from the vampire graves we saw earlier.

14. Buying and selling slaves.

Yeah, remember when you could own other people? That was seriously MESSED up.


That's enough history for today.

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