Wednesday, June 29, 2016

16 Great Pics For An Awesome Day

16 Great Pics For An Awesome Day

I don't know about you guys, but with all the madness in the world and all the angry people on the internet, sometimes, I've just gotta unwind and remember the world can still be a cool place.

So what better way to do that than with some wicked pics? Hopefully, these will make your day that much more awesome!

1. I guess my whole point can be summed up with this meme.

Like, if you can't take the time to appreciate a dude who's totally stoked on a huge shoe, there's something wrong.

2. It may be a myth, but this guy looks like a total savage.

Yes, that's definitely Adam Savage. Apparently, the dude's been making mad gains. Oh, wait, that's a muscle suit! Myth busted!

3. Hey, kitty, paws off!

Rambunctious little thing, ain't he? It's actually kind of hard to tell whether the cat is loving or hating this video. Probably a bit of both.

4. You might have done some cool stuff in your day, but have you ever given an uppercut to a Jet Ski? 

That's some next level badassery right there. Super Saiyan–style, "kamehame-yamaha!" 

5. This kid has their mother's eyes and their father's feet!

They're either a hobbit or the offspring of the elusive Big Foot. Either way, throw out the baby shoes, right?

6. And if you are raising kids, remember that it's never too early to teach them about democracy. 

Wow, they both went with a smear campaign, huh? Yep, it's an American election alright. 

7. I hope a professional stunt driver lives here.

I would go through multiple cars a week tryin' to get my sleepy butt pulled out of the driveway while balancing on this.

8. We all gotta do our part to fight injustice.

Look, I don't know what the full story here is, but I'm glad that someone came out to show some support! 

9. When your grandpa just ain't someone to effffffff with.

Either some grandkid got him this shirt or he's just the most ballin' old man I've seen in a long time.

10. Huh, I never knew there was a need to farm those...

I wonder what that process is like, exactly. Are there just a bunch of people sitting in a field eating beans or something?

11. Yeah, if only there were a way to conserve materials for the sake of the environment, ya know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I guess we'll just have to keep using these handy dandy packages. 

12. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, right?

I like that the bird doesn't look bothered by this at all. Like, "Excuse me, this window is in my way!"

13. Here's something you'd never catch me doing in a million years.

If extreme heights is your thing, I say go for it! Me, I consider myself a little more grounded.

14. Now thisgirl has the right idea.

Remember, when it comes to exercise, taking things at your own pace is important. I'd say this is just the right pace for me.

15. If your friend doesn't serve you lemonade in a stormtrooper outfit, is she really even your friend? 

Here's another time that I have no clue what the story is, but want to!

16. And lastly, this is a story all about how this raft got flipped, turned upside down.

I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there. I gotta come back on land for some air.

6 Outfits That Prove You Need White Boots ASAP

6 Outfits That Prove You Need White Boots ASAP

When I discovered that white boots were quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in footwear, I immediately pictured a '60s go-go dancer. Fortunately, white boots have modernized themselves into the current realm of fashion and the look is seriously stylin'. Celebrities and fashion bloggers everywhere have been recently seen strutting their stuff in white boots, and I'm dying to get my hands on a pair. So if you're looking to update your wardrobe with a fresh new item, keep on scrolling for six outfits that prove you need white boots ASAP. 

1. Fashion blogger and stylist extraordinaire Arielle Noa Charnas proves that winter whites basically require a pair of white ankle booties. 

2. Kendall Jenner shows us that a pair of heeled white booties aren't just for cool weather. They look amazing with her distressed denim shorts and baggy t-shirt. 

3. I love the simplicity of this entire outfit. These white heeled booties perfectly complement the rest of this dark-colored ensemble. 

4. Thigh-high boots are one of thehottest footwear trends right now. When paired with a sweater dress, your outfit will be unstoppable. 

5. This outfit is giving me serious '90s vibes, so of course I'm loving it. A pair of white platform boots is the perfect way to channel your inner Spice Girl. 

6. This edgy outfit was totally completed with a pair of heeled white lace-up boots. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

6 Secrets Behind The Most Famous Magic Tricks Revealed

6 Secrets Behind The Most Famous Magic Tricks Revealed

When you're a child, every magic trick seems real. You sit in amazement as your grandpa steals your nose or someone pulls a rabbit out of a hat. As children, we didn't even question how these tricks are done, we just believed them. When you grow up, the magic tricks get even more elaborate to satisfy our slightly more skeptical brains. Magicians like David Copperfield and David Blaine mystify us with elaborate Las Vegas stage shows and tricks that involve levitating people or making the Statue of Liberty disappear. 

I'm sorry to say that magicians are masters of illusion. They are experts at tricking the human psyche into believing completely preposterous violations of basic physics. At some point, magicians started exposing their secrets because most of these famous tricks have a perfectly reasonable explanation. Check out this list of 6 magic tricks that have been explained.

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1. The person-slicing magic trick is a classic. 

This trick starts with a woman (usually) climbing into a coffin-type box. After some elaborate dialogue on the part of the magician, he simply appears to cut her in half.

Believe it or not, there are actually two different people other than the magician incorporated into this trick. 

In most cases, the chamber that they sit in is deeper than the apparent table from the outside, allowing for extra room. Sometimes the magician asks the assistant to wiggle their feet after the cutting has already taken place. This set up allows for the other assistant to wiggle their feet for believability. 

2. You've probably seen this trick at some point on the street. It appears as if this man is levitating, with nothing but a post nearby.

Think about it: Why would he need that post if he were truly levitating? These onlookers appear quite convinced.

A hidden platform held up by a very strong post is the secret to this magic trick.

As magicians know very well, people can be easily distracted. Instead of caring about the post that the man is resting his hand on, they only really care about the fact that the man is levitating.

3. Here's another classic. The floating woman.

The trick begins with an assistant laying on a table in front of the magician. Of course, the crowd is amazed when the magician suddenly removes the table and she is still levitating.

There are a few tricks the magician uses to pull off this crowd favorite.

The woman involved in the trick usually wears a long flowing dress that covers up the real magic in this trick  a mechanical levitation device hooked onto the magician. Again, magicians are sneaky. They know that distracting away from the real source of the lift is key. 

That's where the hula hoop comes in. To convince the crowd that nothing is attached to the woman, the magician moves a large hula hoop along the length of the woman. The location where the lift device attaches to the magician allows for the ring to pass smoothly over her body.

4. Remember that unreal lean Michael Jackson did in the music video for "Smooth Criminal?" Sorry, but he wasn't that good.

This wasn't real? Ahhh, shamone!

Both in the music video and live performances, Jacko wore some special shoes that hooked onto a stage 'nail.'

You can see how it works in the GIF below. For some of you, this was really disappointing. I apologize.

5. This is probably the most well-known magic trick out there. Pulling a rabbit out of a hat!

While simple, this trick always confused me. Rabbits are hard to hide. It's not like you can have a false compartment in the hat that fits a decent-sized rabbit. 

Well, there's one way to hide a rabbit  hang it from a cloth sac from the edge of the table.

A tablecloth is also needed for this trick. While the magician shows the crowd that the top hat is completely empty, a rabbit is fully hanging from a cloth sac under the tablecloth. The difficult part of this trick comes when you lift the hat and slide the rabbit underneath.

6. In one incredible trick, David Copperfield convinced an entire crowd that he made the Statue of Liberty disappear. What, really?

On live television in 1983, the magician had a large audience sit facing the monument. The audience could initially see the statue through two giant pillars, but Copperfield hid it behind a curtain soon afterward. After a small period of time, Copperfield dropped the curtain showing that his magic had actually made the Statue of Liberty disappear.

Yes, even this insane trick is explainable.

Little did the audience know, but they were actually positioned on a giant lazy susan! After the audience looked at the statue, they slowly rotated around to a point where it was no longer visible. Wouldn't they notice that they were being rotated? It actually occurred in a location at night with relatively few noticeable landmarks. 

After the stage finished rotating, Copperfield dropped the curtain and the crowd gasped in amazement that he made the Statue of Liberty disappear. Wow, that is some major commitment, David.

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40 Jokes Only A Real Dad Could Make

40 Jokes Only A Real Dad Could Make

Dads say the craziest things. I don't know whether they think that their age and time on this earth gives them a special right, or whether they think what they say is funny. Some of it is cute, and some of it is cringe-worthy. No matter what jokes they tell, we can't help but love them. Here are 15 jokes that only a dad could make!

Has your dad told any zingers? Comment and share the best or worst with us.

1. A sticky situation

2. This photo seemed so innocent... and then her dad had to come in with this totally savage comment.

Literally nothing is more embarrassing than when parents comment on your Facebook photos.

3. I'd keep the dollar

4. I mean, you may as well embrace these men.

They all dress the same and try equally hard to be cool. I guess they are pretty cute. And maybe even kinda cool.

5. Calm, cool, and collected

6. I wonder which compartment has the most juice

7. Slow and steady wins the race

8. You know well and good that's not what I was asking for

9. Did you have to go there?

10. What came first?

Who cares? Just enjoy both!

11. Cooler than the literal alternative

12. Mr. Literal

13. A  force-full exchange

14. We don't have 19 candles

This should make up 4 it

15. You've got nothing on dad

16. Ugh! Can you imagine these words hitting your ears in public?

I can feel the cringes of grocery trips past. Those poor children. May they one day find refuge somewhere.

17. Annnd I'm celibate now. 

18. Wait, what?

19. So much for being protective

My dad would play on my fear of bees

20. Some girls might think it's cool to dress a certain way. That is, until their dad decides to match their style.

This guy is trying to teach his daughters an important lesson while also embarrassing them. It's a win-win.

21. Haha, that's a good one Dad...

22. Alexander... Grate... Get it?! GET IT?!

23. This dad's ready to *level up*

24. He might have a point here.

Let's give this dad joke a solid 10/10. Points for creativity, practicality, and humor. Maybe — dare I say it? — dads can actually be funny?

25. They're just so supportive

26. Man, this dad may have taken it too far

Way to crush his dreams forever!

27. Speaking as a parent, this is true.

Don't worry, kid. You'll get your day. It's just not your time yet. But everybody gets the chance to displace their childhood embarrassment, trust me.

28. This dad knows how to make his daughter regret all of her life choices with this hilarious text convo. 

I doubt she'll be getting in trouble with "Daddio" again anytime soon.

29. As lame and/or embarrassing as the jokes may be, you gotta admire his wit. 

I think this man deserves a slow clap for this one. Clap. Clap. CLAP.

30. Oh deer

31. I like his style. He's almost too good.

His take on a classic pun was clean yet effective. You can really tell who's a new parent and who's a seasoned vet.

32. When the dad jokes get way too literal.

You can just tell he was so proud of himself for this one. Bringing props into a dad joke will earn you mad dad props.

33. If you know your dad is like this, stop giving him the opportunity.

He will take the chance to make you roll your eyes every single time. Be wise. Stay alert.

34. If it's stupid but it works...well, it can be both.

This dad-approved "birth control blanket" is bound to scare away anybody — including the daughter he bought it for. Sweet dreams, kiddo!

35. Usually, I love a good dad joke, but some of them are so painful that I can feel them churning my guts and breaking my heart.

Like this little gem right here.

36. And as we've said before, it's all about getting that reaction!

That exact face right there — that's how you know you've done your dadly duty right. Happy birthday, kiddo!

37. Stay strong, girls. He does it out of love.

...A deep and unconditional love for humiliating his daughters at every turn. I swear that it's done with malicious intent. I'm really turning dads into quite the antagonists now.

38. This dad knows how to embarrass his daughter while simultaneously getting the point across. 

Oh, they'll stay clear, but because they are weirded out by this whole situation and not because they are afraid of him.

39. Oohh, we've got a witty one here!

Sometimes, dad jokes are funny. And maybe that's what the moral of this story should be. Laugh not at thy father, for his jokes be lit.

40. I'm so defeated that I think I'll just accept my fate.

I'm starting to laugh at some of these, and all I can think about is Stockholm Syndrome. Legit problem.