Saturday, June 25, 2016

12 People Who Turned Themselves Into Snapchat Filters

There's always that one app that has me hooked. First, it was Facebook, and then it was Instagram. Now, it's all about Snapchat. I always really liked Snapchat, but when they came out with filters, that made me even more obsessed. New ones are added every day, which is so awesome. Yas! Some make you look very crazy, while others make you look stunning. I'm talking about you, dog filter. I don't want to look like Kim Kardashian anymore, I want to look like a dog! Cute nose and all.

I'm not the only one whose obsessed with Snapchat filters, I'm sure you are, too. Here are 12 people who brought Snapchat filters to life. No cell phone needed. 

1. Evil Bunny

This would be perfect for Halloween. If you do this, stay away from me. It's terrifying. 

2. Golden 

Me when I put on too much highlight.

3. Flower Crown 

This is my favorite filter, so I definitely need a crown like this. 

4. Jeweled Eye 

Eye makeup on point! 

5. Golden Butterfly 

The only insect I'm not scared of. 

6. Galaxy

I think I found my zodiac sign! 

7. Dog 

Who knew a dog nose could make you look so cute! 

8. Bratz Doll 

The cutest filter on the app. That purple lip, though. 

9. Rainbow 

She recreated this perfectly! Even her eyes look huge. 

10. Strawberry 

Picked right out of a strawberry field. 

11. Comic

Why so sad?

12. Smudged Makeup 

This is so easy to recreate. Put on some mascara and red lipstick. Then cry and wipe your lipstick off! That's it! 

What's your favorite filter? Comment to let us know! 


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