Saturday, June 18, 2016

12 Pictures That Need An Explanation To Make Sense

Have you ever taken a look at something interesting but be left with more questions than answers? Unless you are the smartest person in the world, which you very well may be, sometimes things need a bit of an explanation. 
Here are 12 pictures that really need to be cleared up. 
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1. A gecko being held by the surface tension in a fish tank.

2. This person was able to see internal bruising by holding their finger up to sunlight. 

3. Freezing rain created the coolest Nissan logo replica ever!

4. Someone was making cookies and the reflection looked like a giant cookie!

5. This meat looks out of focus, but it's actually slices of meat layered.

6. Sometimes, contrails left by an airplane look like chromosomes in the sky. 

7. This windshield frost looks like a bird's eye view of a wintry forest. 

8. This person's take out spork had a built-in toothpick. 

9. The seeds on this one strawberry all decided to sprout a little early! 

10. You can see the high traffic areas of the room when cubicles are taken away.

11. This hen was protecting these two kittens during a storm.

How adorable is that?!

12. This isn't actually Chewbacca photobombing, it's actually the back of a woman's head. 

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