Wednesday, June 22, 2016

14 Shameless People Living The Troll Life

Trolling is not just an act, it's not just something to do when you're bored and you want to tick people off — it's a way of life. It's an art that takes immense skill, practice, and intense dedication in order to perfect, and the next individuals have done just that!

1. Lookin' good, Dad

2. That can't be right...

3. Those are pretty nice socks 

4. I thought it tasted a little off...

5. Who's that hottie on your arm?

The next guy brought his trolling into the kitchen...

6. No one tells this guy how to live his life 

7. Looks like trolling runs in the family 

8. Those are skills 

9. Nice one, Wendy's 

When it comes to gift giving, trolls never disappoint...

10. It's all you ever wanted! Oh wait...

11. Thanks... I guess

12. The best way to deal with bullies is a good ol' trolling 

13. Every single screen in the store

The next troll is either cruel, brilliant, or both...

14. Once upon a time there was a troll...

15. They really liked the word red...

16. Despite many attempts, their love for the word could not be curbed 

17. Then one day, their message was heard

18. But of course, they had to leave one more.


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