Wednesday, June 22, 2016

15 Things You Never Knew About The 'Twilight' Movies

There was Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, Divergent and a ton of other book series that turned into amazing movie franchises but NONE of them will ever come close to matching Twilight. Those books and movies caused chaos in the world and it really started the whole team vs. team debate! Still to this day, people are always debating whether they're Team Edward or Team Jacob! For the record, I'm on the right team: TEAM EDWARD. The franchise is over and even though we've all probably seen the movies dozens of times and memorized all the lines, there are still a ton of really cool behind-the-scenes facts you probably never knew! Here are some facts that you can sink your teeth into! 

1. When Bella is at the cafeteria salad bar, she drops an apple and Edward picks it back up and cradles it in his hands. That actually copies the cover image of the Twilightbook!

2. Taylor Lautner almost didn't come back as Jacob in the franchise because the producers were worried that he wouldn't be able to put on the muscle in time. Taylor proved them all wrong and ended up gaining 26 pounds of muscle!

3. Remember the iconic scene where Bella and Edward are lying in the meadow? The sun coming through the trees actually makes a heart between them!

Bella and Edward were always meant to be <3

4. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart auditioned for Twilighttogether in the director's house. She made them rehearse the make out scene in the meadow right on her own bed! 

Uh... what? That's so weird...

5. When Bella and Edward are saying their vows and share their first kiss as husband and wife, the song "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" is playing. That's the SAME song they danced to at prom in Twilight when Bella tries to convince Edward to turn her so they can be together forever!

AH! I will forever ship this couple. 

6. Kristen said in an interview that she HATED filming Bella and Edward's honeymoon sex scene because she felt it was so awkward! She said that by the end of the day, she didn't even feel like they filmed a passionate scene at all!

But, that scene though. THAT SCENE. THEY BROKE THE BED.

7. Robert is actually playing the piano in the scene where Edward is playing "Bella's Lullaby"!

He's talented at acting, good looking AND can play the piano? R Patz, come back to us!

8. The author of the books, Stephanie Meyer, actually made a cameo in Twilight! She's the woman in the diner using a laptop!

9. All the actors from the wolf pack actually had to go to "wolf camp" before they started filming New Moon. It was so the actors could get to bond with each other! 

10. Mackenzie Foy was the main actress that played Renesmee but there were also 10 other actresses who played her as she was growing up throughout the movie! Oh, and there was also that creepy CGI-animated baby. Remember that? Scariest part of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 for sure. 

The baby looked like it was possessed or something!

11. Bella's beautiful and quirky prom dress was the cheapest item of clothing out of all the characters. It only cost $20!

TBH, I really wanted to wear her dress to prom. It's so cute!

12. Have you noticed how Robert's eyebrows are significantly bushier in Eclipse and the later movies? That's because he refused to let his eyebrows be waxed like they were in the previous movies. He said it hurt too much!

13. Kristen actually bought the truck that Bella drives in the movies! 

14. Even if you're not on Team Jacob, this is still pretty sweet. Just before Jacob almost kisses Bella in New Moon, he says "Kwop kilawtley" which means "stay with me forever" in Quileute. 

OH MY GOD. How cute is that?! 

15. During one of the takes for the battle scene in Breaking Dawn: Part 2, the Cullen side just decided to start a dance off and that take ended with the entire cast and crew freestyle dancing! 

Robert, Kristen and Taylor BEGGED the producers to put the scene on the DVD!

COMMENT and answer this once and for all: Team Edward or Team Jacob?


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