Saturday, June 25, 2016

16 Cartoon Animal Puns Are Almost Too Cute For Words

Hands up if you love puns! Great! I have a whole bunch of animal pun artwork by 24-year-old artist Piper Thibodeau to share with you!

For those of you that groaned at the idea of puns, don't worry! They're also super adorable!

1. Navy Seals

I don't think the leader is getting the response he's hoping for.

2. Sockatiel

So that's where they end up after escaping the dryer!

3. Alpacapella

The bow ties!

4. Bogeymanatee

The kid looks more annoyed than scared. 

5. Hooootie

This owl will be warm all winter.

6. Unicornucopia

I wouldn't be happy with that horn, either. Seems heavy.

7. Yule Hog

A Christmas tradition?

8. Toucannoli

9. Lemon Meringutan

So cute!

10. Dough-Dough Bird

This one may be my favorite.

11. Turtilla

While cute, I'm not sure a tortilla is as safe a home as a shell.

12. Poltrygiest

Watch out for those ghost chickens. 

13. Pugkin Patch

I'm not a big fan of pumpkin, but I can get behind a pugkin.

14. Donkey Kong

Perfectly expected, and perfectly rendered.

15. Orca-rina of Time

Link's hat being on the dorsal fin is a perfect detail.

16. Gandolfphin

This pairing makes perfect sense, especially since dolphins are so much smarter than us silly humans.

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h/t Piper Thibodeau


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