Sunday, June 19, 2016

16 Dedicated People Who Tried To Sneak Into Another Country

In 2014, U.S. Customs and Border Protection caught almost 700,000 attempts to cross illegally into America, according to the Department of Homeland Security. That's down from a high of 1.1 million in 2005. Mind you, the statistics don't tell the whole story. It's hard to say for certain why there has been such a decline — maybe it's better protection of the border, maybe there are fewer opportunities here, maybe more people are trying legal immigration instead. Nevertheless, thousands of people try to sneak into the U.S. every day, and to fool the border guards takes ingenuity and dedication. These folks tried their hardest and still got caught.

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1. Tucked into a speaker box in the trunk, two men had to be rescued by border agents after a K-9 unit sniffed them out.

2. This group of 13 illegal immigrants tried to pose as marines in a van with stolen and altered government plates.

The plates, taken from a U.S. Marine Corps van, had had the center '0' changed to an '8'. Alert border guards noticed that all the uniforms had the same name on them, Perez, and subjected the van to further inspection.

3. These cramped, overheated girls might have made it through customs if not for sniffer dogs.

And the sniffer dogs might have saved their lives. "There are numerous possibilities of this incident having resulted in the death of these women, from a rear-end collision to carbon monoxide poisoning," said Acting Chief Patrol Agent Ricardo E. Aguirre.

4. Hidey-holes cut into the floor of a vehicle didn't make the grade for this pair trying to cross illegally.

5. Any hollowed-out space where a body can just about fit will be put to use by human smugglers.

Although carving out a space next to the engine block seems a bit extreme.

6. Somehow, two people crammed underneath the hood of a van to try to get across the border.

Hope these guys weren't claustrophobic.

7. The trend of hiding behind the engine block even made its way to Europe.

A migrant from West Africa tried to sneak into Spain under the hood, with another hidden behind the back seat. The pair needed oxygen after they were found.

8. This man, also from West Africa, had the same idea trying to get into Spain undetected.

No surprise, the results were the same as well.

9. Guess you might have a little more room hiding inside a washing machine in a truck, but still, the K-9 units aren't going to be fooled.

10. Can you imagine camping out inside the dashboard for a trip across the border?

This girl was well hidden away, but not quite well enough. 

11. Hiding under the bumper can't be a good time.

Just think of the fumes you'd eat on that journey!

12. The owner of this truck made a "non-factory" modification to the floor to carry migrants.

All that separated them from the road below was a piece of sheet metal!

13. If you can't beat them, join them?

Twelve illegal aliens were caught in the back of a fake border patrol vehicle by a real border patrol agent who noticed something wasn't quite right.

14. This desperate man built himself into the seat of a bus.

But his ingenuity clearly didn't stand up to inspection.

15. Perhaps taking inspiration from the above attempt, this migrant also tried to disguise himself as a car seat.

And with just as much success after border agents noticed the seat was moving. 

16. Border agents in England caught eight migrants hiding out in trunks of cars on the back of a truck.

Traveling in style, the migrants had stowed away in Maseratis. 

Say what you want, you can't suggest these people trying to sneak across borders weren't dedicated! Unfortunately, that dedication got them into more trouble than they bargained for. And it just goes to show that no matter how crafty, border agents have a lot of success finding people determined to hide from them. SHARE these crazy pics today!


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