Saturday, June 25, 2016

16 Freaky Things That Don't Belong In This World

For about as long as we've been around, we've wondered why bad things need to happen to good people. Most of us are just trying to live our lives and aren't trying to bother anybody, so we can find ourselves expecting the world to leave us alone in turn.

Unfortunately, it seems that "if I don't bother them, they don't bother me" really only works for bees.

For everything else, many of us can just find ourselves at the wrong place at the wrong time and we're suddenly forced to deal with a situation that seemed to come out of nowhere. Whether it's a sudden disaster or something nightmarish and unexplainable crossing our paths, they can make us wonder what we did to deserve them. But of course, that doesn't usually matter and these things will sometimes just happen.

Even if we're still trying to figure out what happened in these 16 photos, they're definitely things we don't want to happen to us.

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1. Yikes, Santa looks absolutely terrifying when he's on fire.

It really doesn't help that the only clue we have to his expression is one large, unblinking eye.

2. The wildfires gripping Tennessee are so intense, they're actually melting the metal on cars.

Although the fire has been slowed down by firefighters and heavy rainfall, the threat is still very real. Now, 14,000 people who were forced to evacuate wonder what's left for them to return to.

3. This is apparently a "facial fitness device" called Pao.

Like many similar devices of the past, it's not likely to actually do much except look really creepy.

4. This man's gravestone was built like this because he wanted to look into his wife's face for all eternity.

While that's a very nice and romantic reason for this, I wonder if there was a way to construct it that didn't look like he was carrying a severed head. 

However, sometimes the strange things we see are just as sinister as they look.

5. Little is known about how Margaret Shilling came to die at the Athens Lunatic Asylum, but this was the imprint she left behind.

If it seems surprisingly detailed, that's because she wasn't discovered for over six weeks. Workers tried to scrub the stain she left away, but it was apparently no use.

6. This sculpture draws some clear inspiration from classic art, but why is it a giant bunny?

According to Artist Adam Trbušek, we're looking at "a man imprisoned by the system's mechanism, totally helpless, ill, and devoted to his desires and whims." 

Yeah, that still doesn't explain why it's a giant bunny.

7. If it helps, this is apparently from an adult coloring book.

It's also based on a weird French advertisement about sausage, so it's not like whoever made this regularly dreams of pig cutting. I mean, at least as far as I know.

8. On one hand, this is just a very realistic doll and not some kind of horrible experiment.

On the other hand, why would anybody make this?

Still, I think I'd rather find this in my house than the one coming up next.

9. I don't believe in ghosts or curses, but I still wouldn't go anywhere near that thing.

Apparently, rats are what caused that gaping hole in its face. Yeah, that doesn't help.

10. This photo's uploader claims they received this bite after they wouldn't give change to a homeless person.

They seemed to think it would clear up on its own, but if another person bites you and it breaks the skin, you're supposed to get that checked out right away. This is especially true when it gets all red and swollen because that's a sign of infection.

11. Yikes, looks like there's a black widow in this broccoli.

If there was ever a good excuse not to eat your vegetables, I'd say this was it.

12. Was there such a thing as a non-terrifying Halloween costume back in the '50s?

If so, the scary ones definitely seem to outnumber them.

13. This photo captures a glass eye exhibit at York museum.

You know how some paintings seem like they're watching you? Yup, this is much worse.

14. I don't think I want to know how Hitler is supposed to be related to ice cream.

Without the picture there could be a slim chance it was an accident, but nope, they seem to want you to know exactly what they mean by Hitler ice cream. But why?

15. Apparently these were just sitting around on the sidewalk.

Stranger still, the photographer said at least three people thought he should have taken them. I guess more people see nothing suspicious about picking up unexplained pig carcasses in jars than I thought.

16. I don't envy whoever has to keep their balance on this thing.

On the plus side, you'd never lose this in a parking lot.

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