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16 Secrets About Lady Gaga That Even Her Little Monsters Might Not Know

I'm pretty sure when Lady Gaga released "Just Dance," we all just gladly accepted her as our Mother Monster. She puts out hit after hit, goes on world tours, wins literally every single award ever made and still has time to interact with her Little Monsters on social media! We're forever in a bad romance with her and that's totes ok with us! Gaga has confirmed that a new album is coming out later this year, but until then, let's see how many of these facts about her! Applause for the Little Monsters who know all these little secrets about her!

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1. Lady Gaga is a stage name inspired by Queen's song "Radio Ga Ga."

Her boyfriend had tried text her "Radio Gaga" and autocorrect changed "Radio" to "Lady." A legend was born!

2. When she was signed to Interscope, she would write songs for Fergie, Britney Spears and The Pussycat Dolls.

OMG now we know the reason why all their songs are so catchy! 

3. Remember when Gaga showed up wearing this? That meat dress weighed over 50 pounds and she said it had a "sweet smell to it." 

Uh... sweet? Sure... I can totes believe that raw meat smells sweet.

4. When Gaga won the Golden Globe for her performance on American Horror Story: Hotel, she said that she always wanted to be an actress but music just kind of happened first! 

OMG can you imagine if she had started off as an actress? We wouldn't have gotten songs like "Bad Romance" and "Poker Face"! That would have been so tragic.

5. Gaga said that she never wears pants to perform so that her nearly blind grandmother can see her performing when she's on TV or on stage.

Apparently her grandma can see lighter parts of her body, like her hair and skin. Well, whatever she wears, Gaga ALWAYS owns it. She looks damn good in those short shorts!

6. Gaga is a natural brunette but she was always mistaken as Amy Winehouse in the beginning. She got fed up and dyed her hair blonde!

There's no way anybody mistakes Gaga for someone else now!

7. We know her as Lady Gaga but she has other weird nicknames too! She also goes by: Gagaloo, Loopy, Mother Monster, Rabbit Teeth and Little Mermaid.

8. Her favorite flowers are white roses. She's so committed to her love for them that she wears them as a subtle accessory.

Talk about major Coachella vibes with that flower crown!

9. She taught herself piano when she was four years old and started writing songs when she was 13!

I can't even. She literally has more talent in her pinkie finger than I have in my entire body.

10. She loves to carry a purple teacup and saucer with her. She used to drink tea with her mom all the time so teacups make her feel like she's right at home.

Is it weird that I would literally die to see her teacup collection?!

11. She's only 5'1" so that's why you always see her wearing, like, 10 inch heels!

I'm about 150% sure if I had to wear those, I would fall flat on my face every two minutes.

12. She's such a huge fan of Michael Jackson that she owns 55 articles of his stage clothes!

She would do that for Michael and I would do that for Gaga. Can you imagine owning some of her insane outfits?!

13. Still humming "Born This Way"? Would you believe it if I told you that Gaga wrote that in 10 minutes?!

Of course, you'd believe it because she's literally a creative genius and we should all bow down to her. She wrote an entire song in 10 minutes? I can't even get out of bed in 10 minutes!

14. She has 19 tattoos. And she likes to only get them on the left side of her body because her dad asked her to keep one side of her body slightly normal. 

15. She lives by only one motto: Life is a performance.

She's inspiring all Little Monsters to go out and live theatrically. And I'm all about it.

16. Still dying to know more about Gaga? If you go to the University of South Carolina, you can take an entire course on her! It's called “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame.”

I high key want to take this class. Like, right now. 

And now you know more about our wonderful Mother Monster! What's your favorite Gaga song?

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