Monday, June 20, 2016

17 Kitters and Doggos Doing Their Best

Having pets is such a joy. They're goofy and strange and are always getting themselves into crazy situations. At least that's my experience. 

They just seem to have such an eye for trouble. Maybe they get into shenanigans only to make us laugh. That is what I'm going to believe. 

What are some of the craziest things your pets have done? 

1. Nom nom. 

Everyone loves frozen yogurt. 

2. Silly kitty! 

Sinks are for peoples. 

3. Goodnight sweet prince. 

4. Uh oh!

Thumbs sure would come in handy! 

5. This sassy future model. 

6. Suns out buns out.

7. He's standing like a people! 

8. I can tell by his little feets he feels very discouraged. 

9. Nooo! 

Not the cone of shame. 

10. Look at these little Game of Thrones fans. 

11. I hope they both take turns being each other's cat-beard. 

12. Kitty can't justify eating the bird anymore. 

It can ride a tricycle. 

13. He would tell you he didn't have a soul to begin with. 

14. He's so excited! 

Everyone loves new shoes. 

15. I also panic in social situations. 

16. They must be fresh towels out of the wash.

17. What a pretty little princess. 


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