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20 Laughable First Times That Hurt So Good

We all remember our first times for major milestones in our lives. It could be your first kiss, your first time sleeping over at a friend's place, or even the first time you laid witness to the glory that is pizza. Sometimes it's so amazing it'll leave a lasting impact on your life, or it could be a terrible experience you wish didn't happen in the first place.

Whatever it may be, the first time is always a game changer, much like these individuals who dipped their toes into some brand new experiences. 

1. When you're finally tall enough to go on the big kid rides.

You can tell this is not your older sister's first rodeo. She's enjoying every second, while you hold on for dear life while questioning your parents for putting you in this position.

2. Never really got the appeal of meeting the Easter Bunny.

Pretty sure this is most kids' reaction when meeting an adult sized rabbit for the first time. I'd rank this experience up there with seeing a clown for the first time. 

3. That cute outfit can't hide how he really feels.

There's probably a good number of us who've taken a picture with the big guy in red while wanting to get back into our parent's arms. The kid is too young to realize how swell Santa is yet. Give him a couple years and he'll be grinning from cheek to cheek on his lap.

4. Ah, your first experience with the great outdoors.

While you and your significant other try and relax and enjoy nature, your little one is getting a taste of mesh netting on his face. If you haven't tried it, rub your face on mesh netting and tell me it doesn't feel great.

5. Taking your first bath with mommy.

That's the look of pure betrayal. You wonder why they ran out of the room when you mentioned swimming lessons for the first time.

6. After years of seeing mom bake the best treats, you try your hand at cookies.

All the directions were followed correctly, yet you end up with this mess. Hope it tastes better than it looks — funky looking cookies can still be delicious. Or at least better than nothing, right?

7. Finish the steak in the oven they said.

It'll seal in the flavor, they said. One helpful thing to remember when cooking for yourself is to know which dishes are safe to put in oven. This right here, is the wrong dish. Cast iron all the way baby!

8. Your first day babysitting your cousins and this happens.

You told your aunt that you're responsible enough to handle the kids. Now, you're questioning if you even want to be a mom in the future. They'll be fine, right?

9. This poor kid is already worn out!

Think your son is his enjoying his first time on the slopes? When the bunny hills are too much for your boy's first snowboard adventure. Looks a lot like I did when I slammed into a tree trying to ski, my poles and skis were nowhere to be found.

10. Going into a car wash for the first time is a magical experience.

All those different colors and spinning clothes are really fascinating if you've never experienced it. Even as an adult I love a good, old-fashioned soft cloth wash. I loved going to the car wash with dad, this little guy, however, probably thinks the car is being eaten up by a small building.

11. When you're finally ready for the solid stuff.

On second thought mom, I think I'm good with the mushy carrots and peas. You're telling me this used to be alive, and you're feeding it to me?!

12. Your first burrito is always a spiritual experience.

That's the face of someone who's decided what she'll be eating for the rest of her life. Soak it in girl, it'll never be as good as this.

True story: I didn't try Chipotle until like six months ago. I can confirm that it was a spiritual experience, and now that I'm thinking about it, I think I'll have a burrito for dinner.

13. There's a reason it's called s'mores.

This little girl is thinking, "where have you been my entire life?" Nothing will ever be the same after experiencing this chocolatey, marshmallowy goodness.  

14. ...And then they add chocolate chip cookies to your s'more.

Just when you thought they couldn't make a good thing better. Your mind races back to that first time on the beach, your face covered in marshmallow and drool.

That is legit me every time I try a new food. First shawarma? Pure wonder. First deluxe pizza? Same deal. Maybe this says more about how much I love food than about the food itself...

15. When you finally realize what you're daughter really learned at university.

It's a whirlwind of emotions for mama who no longer has a little girl on her hands. Well, at least her tuition paid for something, she'll be able to knock back brews with the best of them.

16. Vacation is one of the best times to try out new things.

The itinerary said riding horses on the beach was one of the most relaxing experiences the island has to offer. A shame you got an over-clingy horse, cause you're about to nope your way back to your cubicle real quick.

17. Experiencing the rush that is cotton candy for the first time.

I think she's going through every emotion in the span of three seconds. From joy, to surprise, to an unnerving will to destroy everything to get more cotton candy.

18. Sometimes your first time is also your last time.

If during your first time surfing your head is in the water more than it's above, it might be time call it call quits. This kid has a mouth full of sand and a tough decision to think through during the rest of his vacation.

Not gonna lie, this is me whenever I try a new sport. The pain lasts for days, the shame lasts a lifetime.

19. The beginning of a lifelong friendship.

Pizza is like the best friend you always wish you had. Always there during the tough times, rarely misses a party or good time, and will never let you down. Can we marry pizza yet?

20. I ish I got this amazed every time I saw a new animal.

Zoology class wouldn't be the same without this dude's reaction to weird and wild animals. Keep doing what you're doing dude, your wonder inspires us all!

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