Monday, June 27, 2016

21 Things That Will Make You Facepalm

Every time I write a facepalm article, my urge to move to a remote location in northern Canada becomes stronger and stronger. Unsurprisingly, politics elicits many of the same emotions from me. I am trying my best to just laugh at these, but once you make it to #14, you'll understand why laughing becomes difficult in the face of something so...stupid.

Whatever, you all know why you're here. Feast your eyes on the cringe below and remember how doomed we are as a species. :)

1. I imagine most incest happens in bathrooms...especially bathrooms at KFC.

2. Damn, Donald. Back at it again with the ridiculous Tweets. 

3. Mel Gibson looks really sad to learn that he's dead...

4. Is this the Onion? It sounds like the Onion.

5. Bro, this is why they want Hillary in the White House. She's the shapeshifting lizard person that's gonna start WWIII

6. That's not how that works, friend.

7. This is how a dad (who has been using the internet for 15 years, allegedly) searches for pictures.

8. Mama mia.

9. Hey, it's Tony Robbins! That guy from Shallow Hal.

What an idiot.

10. Hashtagging makes your opinion credible. 

11. This absolutely confirms we need to invest more in education.

12. How far down the rabbit hole does one have to...ah, nevermind. 

13. For the jaded millennials unsure of what's happening, click HERE.

14. Holy moly. Holly effin' moly.

15. Nothing is sacred anymore.


17. You need to be annoyingly specific with us men.

18. Hey, they have those hanging nuts but for bikes!...WHY?

19. UN...EU...they're interchangeable, right?

20. CNN just after the Boston bombing. 

Never change, mainstream media. Never change.

21. I hate this because we'll eventually see his face on TV while his parents go on about how good a boy he was.


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