Friday, June 17, 2016

23 People As Cold As Ice Willing To Sacrifice

There's something so refreshing about ruthless people on the internet. Seeing those cutting comments and hilariously ruthless barbs is like taking a long sip of an ice-cold beverage on a hot day, and the next pictures are no exception. Just be careful you don't get a brain freeze! 

1. Everyone has their own definition of romance 

2. Build me up, Buttercup 

3. Roasted like a fine rack of lamb

4. In a cold world like this, you've gotta grow up fast

The next person had zero pity...

5. That's one VERY public rejection...

6. Never let a guy tell you what to do with your hair

7. She's staked out her territory

8. He's going to be in the bad books for a very long time 

The next one is an excellent reason to have trust issues...

9. This is why I never trust compliments

10. Ice queen extraordinaire

11. He might be right though...

12. That takes a lot of guts and a ice-cold heart

The next guy messed with the wrong person...

13. Never make enemies out of garbage men...there's no telling what they'll do

14. The best brush-off ever

15. I guess Valentine's day didn't go quite as expected

16. I'm sure she just didn't have time to write "Okay" out...

It always hurts to be left in the friendzone...

17. Well, that certainly cleared it up

18. Yearbook fire!

19. This girl thinks ahead

20. What do you even say to that?

The next one is definitely the coldest way to break up with someone...

21. Ever been dumped over Spotify?

22. Why don't you go ahead and slide right on out of those DMs

23. Gotta de-clutter your life 


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