Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Baby Born On Plane Is Given 1 Million Air Miles

When it's your birthday, you expect a lot of presents from friends and family. Sometimes if you go to a restaurant on your birthday they'll give you a free piece of cake, or if they're nice enough, you'll get the entire meal for free. An airline recently gave out the best birthday present of all time to a little girl born on one of their flights. You have to see this!

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A Phillippine airline, Cebu Pacific, is getting some major attention after the generous birthday present they gave away to a baby girl born on one of their flights. 

About four hours into the Cebu Pacific flight from Dubai to Manila, Haven's mother started labor and needed to deliver immediately.

Luckily, two nurses were on board to help.

Here's the mother holding Haven shortly after giving birth.

What the airline did next was shocking...

So, what did they give her!?

The airline gave her 1,000,000 GetGo points! These are basically air mile points given out by Cebu Pacific Airline.

Baby Haven will be able to travel anywhere she wants in the future, and she doesn't even know it yet. Haven can 'share' the points with family members and the points will never expire. To put things into perspective, some Cebu Pacific flights can be purchased for only 100 points.

The birth was somewhat unexpected as Haven's due date was five weeks away!

Luckily, a gracious passenger provided some much-needed baby clothes.

For obvious medical reasons, the flight was immediately diverted to Hyderabad, India.

Overall, the flight was 18 hours behind time, but no one seemed to complain!

Here is a picture of the flight crew posted to Twitter by the airline.

Happy Birthday, Haven!

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