Thursday, June 16, 2016

Disney Then Vs Now


It's hard to say which Disney era is better.

Classic Disney movies are full of traditional animation and full of the characters ingrained in our brains. But the new movies offer so much to a new generation that it is really hard to say which is best. And that's when the comparisons start. And as the Classic Disney generation grows older they start to realize things about old Disney movies that haven't quite made it into the new movies. Here are some moments from Disney movies that either draw or blur the lines between Classic and New.

Which do you love more, classic or new Disney? We love them all!

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1. There has yet to be a character as fabulous as Hades in New Disney.

2. Apparently redesigning princesses to make them modern means adding volume to their hair and sparkles to their clothes. Real progressive Disney!

3. While the songs were good, we were just waiting to see if Aladdin could actually fool the sultan. But now we'll sing those songs until we pass out.

4. Disney sometimes know exactly how to speak to the twenty-somethings. Thanks Disney.

5. Watching Disney movies as an adult really lets you see the whole story.

6. Ah, Disney Channel stars. We loved them as kids, and now... well, we still love them. How can you not?

7. Yes, the prince was hot, but now we cheer for Cinderella for a whole new reason.

8. Confessing that you play the cello has never been so terrifying or hilarious. Thanks High School Musical.

9. Princess Leia certainly had an influence on the older princesses...

10. Things have come full circle for Robin Hood and the gang. Or maybe these are the next generation!

11. Yes Toy Story 3broke a lot of us, but we broke because Fox and the Hound made a very very deep crack.

12. Times were simpler. Much simpler. Excuse me while I search for theme songs and sing them quietly to myself.

13. What happened to dresses? Isn't that what the princesses wore?

14. Yeah, this is not what princesses wore, though some of these outfits are cute...

15. Watching Disney movies as children, boobs weren't really the main focus, but now we all now the importance of them.

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Main image and collage image via Facebook / AlternativeDisney


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