Friday, June 17, 2016

Here Are The Job Requirements To Be Kate Middleton's New Assistant

Fans of the royal family may be surprised to learn that Kate Middleton's longtime assistant, Rebecca Deacon is retiring from the position. For years, she has been there to aid the famous Brits through various social events, political meetings and typical day-to-day life. To say she will be missed is a massive understatement. That being said, the royals have already started looking for a replacement and, guess what, it could be YOU! Think you can handle all the responsibilities that come with such a prestigious job? Let's take a look and find out...

As Kate's personal assistant, you will be in charge of scheduling all of her meetings and events. Trust me, there's a LOT of them...

During these events, fans of Kate often gift her with random trinkets, cards or flowers. It'll be your duty to gather up these tokens of appreciation for the Duchess of Cambridge.

It's paramount that you constantly check to make sure Kate always looks stunning. 

That means always having essentials on hand like a hair brush, lipstick and anything else Kate may need to keep up that admirable level of elegance. So far this job sounds like a dream! I wonder what else I'd be in charge of...

If you want this position, you have to be ready to travel the world...constantly.

As her personal assistant, you will have to do your homework. It's your responsibility to brief the Duchess on who's she's about to speak with at any given moment. 

You will essentially be Kate's backpack. If there's something that needs to be held, you'll be doing the holding.

You'll assist with the shopping and ultimately approve of the Duchess' wardrobe. That's awesome! What other cool stuff would I be in charge of...?

One of your most important duties will be to make sure Kate stays on her strict schedule. 

Every morning, you will need to break down, in detail, the upcoming events for the day. A well-prepared Kate, is a happy Kate.

You will be in charge of handling communications for the always-busy Duchess of Cambridge. 

Finally, you will get to spend every single day with the royal family! Personally, that makes it all worthwhile...

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