Sunday, June 26, 2016

It Takes A Genius To Spot The Difference In These 8 Puzzles

Are you Ready?

Are you a genius? A Sherlockian super sleuth? A dynamic detector of differences? Prove it! Test your powers of observation by spotting the difference on these sneaky side-by-side puzzles!

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1. Last one! You'll have to work for it if you want to find them all.

2. Brain all warmed up? Good, because they're gonna get harder!

Wait?? Are you sweating??

Come on, we've got more for you. If you're ready?

3. Why does Mona Lisa have that sneaky smile? She knows the difference! But do you?

4. You've been training hard for this. You can do it!

5. This one is sure to get those gears turning.

6. This sure looks pretty but you shouldn't judge a puzzle by its... um, cover??? Good luck!

7. They say it's a magical place. I say it's tougher than it looks. Have fun!

8. This is an easy one just to get that old hamster turning the wheel in your brain!

1. Answer: the wee mouse hole!

2. Answer: the missing shadow!

3. Answer: the missing road!

4. Answer: the circle changed size!

5. There's an airplane, obviously, but also a change on the dials of Big Ben, the numbers of the bus, the top of the lamppost and a man's shirt!

6. This one starts off easy with the tree in the way, but the other two are pretty hard to spot! The couple in the left corner, and that building way in the distance!

7. This one's a bit trickier since there are differences in both pictures. There's a flag missing on the top, Mickey is missing the hole in his ear, and goofy has a patch on his knee in the left image. On the right, the spire on the left is missing, and there are only two windows on the one part of the castle.

8. OK this one is just annoying and deserves a paragraph.

In the picture on the left the shadow has an extra lamp, there is pavement from the street on the sidewalk, there's a marking on the street, a light on the side of the building, and an extra window on the building.

On the right, we have smoke coming out of a smoke stack, no lights on the bumper of the car, the white mark that's on the car is gone, and a higher shadow on the side of the building.


Celebrate your genius. Or if you just scrolled to the end for the answers, go pretend like you did it all on your own!

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