Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pit Bull Becomes Firehouse Dog After Being Rescued From Starvation

For a minimum of two days in January, Ashley the pit bull was left abandoned without food, water, or electricity in a building described as an old "crack house" in Staten Island, NY. When she was found by members of No More Pain Rescue, she was badly malnourished. Her body was covered in cigarette burns. Poor girl!

Erica Mahnken, who found the dog with her fiancé Michael Favor, told CBS News, "We didn’t ask any questions when the person called us and told us the dog was alone."

Alongside their friend Lara Ribeiro, Mahnken and Favor founded No More Pain Rescue almost a year ago. "No, we didn't think about it — we just ran and got her and said we'll figure out what we were going to do after we got her out of there," she continued.

Hoping to find Ashley a place to stay while she recovered, they contacted the firefighters at "Fort Pitt," the FDNY Station in the Lower East Side to ask if they could foster her.

 After only three days with her, they called the rescue back — not to return Ashley, but to adopt her!  

The firefighters call her "Ash" for short, and she even has her own little place in the fire truck so that she can ride along with her new buddies. 

Mahnken was delighted at how quickly she burrowed into their hearts. "Everyone’s so quick to judge a dog, especially a dog you don't know... It is very satisfying."

When she was found, Ashley was estimated to be about 25 lbs underweight, but since moving into the firehouse, she's well on her way to full health, now weighing about 50 lbs. 

She even has her own Instagram account!

Such a cutie! I can see why she won their hearts so quickly! SHAREAshley's story with all your fellow pet lovers!

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