Friday, June 17, 2016

Tech Company's Ultimate Luxury RV Has A Hot Tub And A Helicopter On Top

I've always been fascinated – and somewhat baffled – by the luxury goods market. Really, what makes a Rolex so much better than a Timex? Are they even necessary? Who buys these things? Why make things plated in gold when simple stainless steel will do for a fraction of the price?

Of course, I know now that there are perfectly good reasons why luxury goods exist. A Gucci wallet will last many more years than one you pick up at Target. And there are craftsmen out there who take pride in their work and make absolutely brilliant things, and they deserve some rewards for their efforts.

Sometimes, however, luxurious products are just an expression of what a maker is capable of — just to show off their skills and their abilities. That's how you end up with the Furrion Elysium.

You might not associate "ultimate luxury" with "recreational vehicle" – until you see Furrion's Elysium RV.

This isn't your grandfather's RV; this is the kind of thing Q would cook up for James Bond – minus any ejector seats, machine guns or oil slicks, of course. 

Furrion, better known for its innovations in the electrical industry, unveiled the Elysium at CES 2017, and suffice to say they turned some heads.

But then, mounting a two-man helicopter on the roof will do that. They even designed the pad for the helicopter to lower into the body of the RV so it can safely travel underneath an underpass. 

And, for those needing to relax with a soak after a couple of hours seeing the scenery in the helicopter, there's a hot tub on the roof.

How much does the Elysium run? Even more than you might think, unfortunately, because there's only one of them. Furrion built the Elysium as a custom job to show off all of their technologies in one, mobile spot. Still, it's an engineering marvel.

Check out the video below to take a tour of the Elysium!


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