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Woman Who Accidentally Almost Starved Son To Death Wants All Moms To Hear Her Story

When you become a mother, it's wonderful and amazing but you don't really know what to expect. You read all the books, take the parenting classes and listen to your doctors, but you are still always going to have questions and doubts.

There is that whole theory floating around about mother's intuition. Is it true? Will you just know what to do? Or is this just something that people say to ease the minds of nervous new moms? I don't really know, but what I do know is that when you love a child you want to do your very best for them. When you are doing something that is supposed to be so beneficial and good for you child, the last thing that would enter your mind is that you are causing harm. 

1. Holding your baby for the very first time is a feeling like no other. 

When you hold that little baby in your arms, you feel as if you are on top of the world and that you will never let anything harm this precious being that you have made. 

2. When it comes to caring for your new bundle of joy, you do all you can to find out how to care for your little one in the best way possible. 

For feeding, the natural choice is breastfeeding – but make no mistake, this is not an easy task. 

3. Mandy, a mother who thought she was doing the best thing for her child by breastfeeding him, found out that he was actually starving. 

Mandy shared her story on a site called Fed Is Best in hopes that she could help other moms. 

4. The Fed Is Best Foundation is a non-profit that helps mothers to find the best feeding method for their baby, whether that be breastfeeding, formula or a mix of both. 

I am glad they shared her story, as it is one that needs to be shared. 

5. Mothers from all over have been helped tremendously by this organization. 

And they take to Twitter to share their stories and struggles. 

6. Mandy's story is one that could happen to anybody. 

The people at Fed Is Best believe that her story is one that needs to be shared, so they published it to their website in hopes to reach as many moms as they can! Moms everywhere responded very well to Mandy's story and a lot of them even could relate. 

7. In the summer of 2016, Mandy gave birth to a son weighing six pounds and five ounces. In her blog post, Mandy states that she had problems getting her son to latch due to flat nipples, so she was given a shield to help with breastfeeding.

The shield seemed to help, but Mandy noticed that it would be full of milk after her son was done feeding. She also noticed that he wanted to eat for very long periods of time and didn’t seem to ever be settled during or after feeds.

8. Some friends in mommy groups told her that his activity was normal and he was just cluster feeding. 

But by his one-week visit with the doctor, Mandy's son wasn't back up to his birth weight. The doctor wasn't concerned because the baby was still having wet and dirty diapers. 

9. At her son's one-month appointment, Mandy's son only weighed six pounds and five and a half ounces. Mandy's doctor suggested she see a lactation consultant. 

In his first month of life, her son had only gained half of an ounce. 

10. This is when things started to change... 

11. The lactation consultant weighed the baby, then Mandy fed him, and then they weighed him again. 

The results from the scale showed that Mandy's son had only eaten 20ml in an hour-long feeding. 

12. Mandy continued on this routine and her son continued to grow and thrive, but Mandy's breast milk supply didn't seem to increase. Not only that, whenever her son would nurse it would lead to "restlessness turned into full-on screaming."

This is what she wants everyone to know:

13. Her doctor had given her the validation that she was looking for. 

Mandy says, "By his two-month appointment, he had more than doubled his weight and at 6 months he is back to being a happy, observant, content baby and so far meeting his milestones right on schedule."

14. The Fed Is Best Foundation is committed to helping mothers make the safest feeding choice for their babies. 

They want to "prevent complications to babies that have become too common in today’s 'Breast is Best' world. Our motto above all else is Fed is Best."

15. There are now plenty of people and other organizations that are on board with The Fed Is Best Foundation. 

16. What are your thoughts on Mandy's story? 

h/t Fed Is Best


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