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Your Complete Guide To Shopping Smartly At Costco


The aisles and aisles and aisles of bulk groceries at Costco can be intimidating.

You feel like there's too much to handle the very first time you go. HOWEVER, that changes once you know the ins and outs of this place. It becomes like a magical place where savings and free samples are everywhere!

After reading this article you'll know exactly what's what.

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So the tips are all in the details for this one: Does it end in either ".00" or ".88"??

If it does end in either one of these numbers, that means a manager’s special, and that means that they are trying to clear it out – so you're about to save some dough! Act fast because that also means inventory could be running low.

The reason Costco's Kirkland Signature Brands are better than more expensive brands is that they don't spend money on advertising.

And they even buy similar products from the big brand (like Bounty & Charmin) and slap a different label on them.

They have an amazing 30-Day Price Protection Policy AKA if the price for something you bought goes down – instant store credit!

If a price goes lower than what you paid within the last 30 days, Costco will happily give a price adjustment if you bring a receipt.

Costco members can give non-members a Costco cash card so they get past the guard at the front...

Once the Costco Cash Card is loaded up with money, it can be given to anyone to use in the store or online. The Cash Cards have no expiration date and can be worth from $25 to $1,000. The funds on the card can then be used to apply toward getting a real Costco membership.

What the heck is "Action Alley"? Well this is how it equals savings!

Buy lots and lots of meat at Costco because it is arguably the best bang for your buck!

Per pound, buying meat in bulk is one of the best deals here. Just make sure to divvy it up and store in the freezer for later meals.

Short on cash for lunch? You can eat there for under $2.00!

Grabbing a hot dog and soda still cost $1.50 at the Costco food court and that's not even counting the FREE samples you can nom on.

The best deals are in "Action Alley." The middle of these aisles have stuff piled high and bright signs!

Retailers pay a premium to be in those high traffic areas and will sell ridiculously low so we buy it...

Save on gas since it's at least ten cents LOWER here.

Uhhhh yes please!

And finally, what about those asterisks??  

Those asterisks on tags mean that this item is being discontinued. So stock up now!


Get prescriptions filled out here because the deals are better than drug stores and big box stores.

You can do that WITHOUT an annual membership. There was a Consumer Reports article that found that popular drugs like Lipitor can be bought for $17 at Costco. But you're looking at $56 at Sam’s Club, $68 at Walmart, $65 at Walgreens, and $84 at local grocery stores.

You can save SOOOOO much on these healthy foods ONLY at Costco:

This includes but is not limited to nuts and dried fruits, seeds, fresh produce and fruit, bread, canned fish, olive oil, and great cheese!!

And finally: having a Costco membership can mean you SAVE tonnes on travel expenses!

If you book with Costco Travel, you're getting hooked up with Costco's partnerships with travel agencies and airlines. And carrying that white card can mean perks like room upgrades and spa credit to name a few!

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