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17 Pics To Put A Darn Good Laugh In Ya

17 Pics To Put A Darn Good Laugh In Ya

How do you like to laugh? Are you an able giggler? A sensible chuckler? Are you more of a skilled snickerer? Or perhaps you prefer a quality chortle. Well, it really doesn't matter because the next highly-amusing pics will have you doing whatever it is that you do. Enjoy! 

1. It's gone too far 

2. He definitely dog-eared the books 

3. Gotta love karma

4. What the...

5. Clearly...

6. Favorite child right there 

7. That's one heck of a hangover 

8. Kids these days! 

9. Can't say no to breadsticks 

10. An honest friend is a good friend 

11. Adele rocking that new 'do

12. My cat would kill me...

13. Look at the longing expression in that reflection

Can you spot it? 

I mean, just look at it! 

14. Classic Andy

15. Canada might have Justin, but America has Ken Bone...

16. Looks like we may have found the new Ken Bone

17. Just kidding, there will only ever be one

Artist's Super-Realistic Works Pit Primal Forces Against Each Other

Artist's Super-Realistic Works Pit Primal Forces Against Each Other

Art challenges us even as it reflects our lives — that, in fact, is how art works. It holds up a mirror to show us all the forces battling within us, the duality of our natures, and the drama we might otherwise miss when we're caught up living life. The great painters can achieve such lofty feats with images that comfort us and draw us in before revealing their secrets. Some might see that as trickery, and it is a trick of sorts; it's an illusion, but an illusion with a purpose, not an illusion for its own sake. And it's what's waiting within the painting — what you find after meeting its challenge — that makes artwork great.

Award-winning artist Joel Rea hails from Australia. He works primarily in oil on canvas, creating super-realistic images and placing them in surreal situations. 

Works such as The Promised Land show Joel's tendency to pit forces against each other - man vs. animal, man vs. nature, nature vs. animal. 

It's a theme he has played with throughout his career — and it's quite an accomplished career even though he's only 32 years old. 

"My paintings reveal to me what I'm personally obsessed with and a recurring theme is this duality within nature," he says. "As nature myself, I'm rife with the same kind of duality, whether it be the inner forces that drive my mental behavior or just the physical experience of witnessing the natural world. It's that combination of the savage and the beautiful that really motivates me to make this work."

In See Me, a man barely keeps his head above water. Nature is threatening to kill him even as the sun pokes through the clouds. We don't need to see sharks swimming in the water; he's already surrounded by peril.

Even when the subjects of his paintings seem to be on top, as with the wave-rider in The Precision of Luck, danger remains ever-present. That could represent Joel's own way of sorting through his life.

"I've always felt like my paintings have been a place of sanctuary for me," he says, "where I can deal with the experiences I've had in my life and the way that I've felt through those passages of time." 

"I can invest that into a creative process and in turn feel some kind of cathartic release and a way of moving forward with my life."

For his meticulous creations, Joel uses brushes as thin as just a few hairs to achieve the level of detail he desires. And it takes hours of planning to build the drama-laden images he's known for.

Joel's work has been featured in exhibitions at galleries across Australia, and his most recent, Beasts of Arcadia, which includes Clash, took over the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York in the fall of 2015.

Main image via Facebook / Joel Rea

Collage images via Facebook / Joel Rea

Dad Is Furious After Son Comes Home From School With Note Stamped On Him

Dad Is Furious After Son Comes Home From School With Note Stamped On Him

More often than not, kids spend their days at school. Their guardians send them to school for all sorts of great reasons...but everyone will have their own opinion on how the school is managing its students, right? Well, maybe, but guardians aren't always the impossible, difficult, self-centered helicopters some educators would have you believe. Guardians want the best for their kids and are responsible for their well being, both physical and emotional. This is where the policies some school boards put into place can really rub some people the wrong way....

This is a story about a policy with potentially detrimental effects on children...and it could be something your child's school is doing.

Schools Try To Keep Things Organized To A Fault

Whether it's a concert or a corporate event, moving and organizing large groups of people is a systematized process. Schools are not any different. Sure, it would be great to be able to treat each child like the unique little snowflake they are...but how? Well, most parents don't expect that, but systematized processes need to be considered with sensitivity nonetheless They should never humiliate a child.

One Policy Is Going Viral

Lunch time is one of the systematized aspects of school. You may be familiar with it. At many schools, children are given accounts so they don't have to carry cash; those accounts contain a balance. When the account gets low, schools have many ways of letting guardians know. The school in this story — and many like it — have a unique way of doing this though. 

They are stamping "I need lunch money" on children who cannot pay for their lunch. All of the other kids can see this stamp, leaving the stamp-barer an open target for bullies.

When Jon Bivens' Son Came Home From School...

...Jon was thinking the afternoon would go as most do: discuss what his son had learned, make dinner, help with homework and the like. He was probably already doing one of these things when he noticed something on his son's arm: a brand of sorts. It was a stamp with a smiley face that says, "I need lunch money."

Jon Was Livid

A message like this is not benign. Children are already living in a socially critical, emotionally traumatizing time in their lives with all the bullying that still goes on. Whoever came up with this idea didn't consider how it could be perceived by the rest of the kids.

To some kids, this stamp could mean you don't have money = you're a poor kid. It could mean you forgot to get your parents to load it = you're stupid. Mean kids can make something like this a real sore spot and the children aren't allowed to wash it off because it's for their parents to see.

Jon decided to speak out: "They herd these kids like cattle. When you start stamping a message on a child's body instead of calling ... it's not OK."

Parents are noticing the way their children are spending their days and the fact that a lot of things schools expect of kids are counter-productive and actually interfere with their wearing stamps on their arms. Educators are also starting to stand up for kid's rights as people and they are often reprimanded for it...

As It Turns Out, People Have Been Fired For This...

Noelle Roni was an elementary school principle in Denver who also took great issue with the policy of stamping kid's who cannot pay for their lunch. 

“The kids are humiliated. They’re branded. It’s disrespectful. Where’s the human compassion? And these are little children,” she said. She was let go after 9 years.

The School Agreed To Stop Stamping Jon's Son But Not The Others

The school where Jon's son was stamped has stated that they email parents as well as stamping the child. They say they want to communicate with parents in the way they prefer and have stopped stamping children of parents who disagree with the policy. The rest of the kids have to get their parents to complain in order to get out of the practice.

A news segment reported on the incident and one other similar case:

Parents and teachers have voiced their discomfort with the policy of "branding" children. Let us know what YOU think in the comments!

15 Things To Know About That Scottish Lad, Ewan McGregor

15 Things To Know About That Scottish Lad, Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor is one of those actors who always surprises you. He's taken on challenging and unique characters in his roles, and he has contributed to some of the most iconic films in recent memory. Outside of his career, Ewan is also a dedicated family man and volunteers with a number of global organizations. While I've always been a huge fan of Ewan's work on screen, I had no idea that he was involved with so many other causes. 

Let's find out more about this amazing actor's life! 

1. He was born on March 31, 1971 in Perth, Scotland.

Now you know where that trademark accent comes from. 

2. His first name is pronounced "you-an."

Ohhhhh, now I get it. 

3. Acting runs in his family (and so does appearing in Star Wars movies, apparently). 

His uncle is Denis Lawson, who appeared in Star Wars: Episode VI — A New Hope. If you're here for Star Wars facts, don't worry. There are more of those coming up! 

4. He is the former roommate of actor Jude Law. 

The two are still close friends. 

So that's what Ewan's early life was like. Up next, get to know more about his family and travels around the world!

5. He's been married to his wife, Eve Mavrakis, since 1995. 

That's over 20 years! Congrats, you two! 

6. They have four daughters together. 

Ewan is extremely protective of his children and tries to keep them out of the public eye out of respect for their privacy. However, his oldest daughter, Clara, has accompanied him on a few red carpets. 

7. Ewan is a dedicated UNICEF UK ambassador.

He's traveled on many goodwill missions with the charity to countries like Iraq, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. 

8.His trips have been filmed for documentary shows like Long Way Down and Long Way Round

Ewan and his pal Charley Boorman traveled by motorcycle around the world. It's an awesome series! 

Okay, okay. I know. You want to get to the good stuff. The facts about Ewan's movie roles. That's coming up! 

9. For his breakout role in Trainspotting, Ewan actually considered trying heroin to gain insight into his character.

Instead, he researched the drug and met with recovering addicts to learn about their experiences.

10. Prior to being cast in Star Wars, Ewan had been pretty vocal about staying away from Hollywood blockbusters.

But even he couldn't resist Star Wars

11. Apparently Ewan got so into the Star Wars fight scenes that he made "lightsaber" sounds while filming. 

George Lucas had to tell him that the sound would be added in by the special effects team later, but Ewan said he just kept getting carried away! 

12. For his highly anticipated role of Lumière in the live action Beauty and the Beast, Ewan struggled with getting the French accent down.

Even though his wife is French, he said that his accent sounded more Mexican than French. 

What's that? You want more Ewan facts? We've got you covered. 

13. While filming his role in Black Hawk Down, Ewan wouldn't let his family visit the set.

He thought the movie's violent content was too disturbing for them. 

14. Many were surprised to see Ewan sing in Moulin Rouge, but Ewan had been a singer long before being cast. 

He was even in his school's choir growing up and performed solos. 

15. Working with the dog Cosmo on Beginners inspired Ewan to adopt his own dog. 

He ended up adopting a rescue dog that he named Sid. Adorable! 

What's your favorite thing about Ewan McGregor?

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