Saturday, July 9, 2016

11 Amazing Things Terry Crews Has Done That YOU Could Not

There will always been two things in the world regardless of time: James Bond and an Old Spice Guy.

Unfortunately, they're still trying to figure out who the next James Bond should be BUT someone who's never left us is the spokesman for Old Spice deodorant.

He goes by many names such as "The (Second) Man You Man Could Smell Like" and the normal, bland "Terry Crews."


1. He was in the NFL for SIX YEARS.

He's been in the locker rooms of the LA Rams, San Diego Chargers, Rhein Fire (NFL Europe-Germany), Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles.

2. He admits that he had a porn addiction and overcame it.

He talks about it on Facebook and in his book, Manhood: How To Be A Better Man Or Just Live With One. He's also part of the anti-porn group Fight the New Drug.


3. He can draw you like one of those French girls... his first job was as a sketch artist for TV stations in the 1980s.

Plus when a courtroom sketch artist would take a sick day, he started filling in for that.

4. He's a beast and was a series regular on an extreme sports show called Battle Dome in 1999.

He was known as the urban warrior, "T-Money".


5. To keep keep himself afloat when he was strapped for cash he'd... paint portraits of his football teammates while he was in the NFL.

I mean, what would you do to support your family?? He probably could have just drawn himself! Especially with all the hilarious antics he gets up to.

6. He's a devout born-again Christian.

He credits his faith for helping him get over his pornography addiction and saving his marriage.

How are there MORE GIFs of this guy??

7. He's well-trained in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu because obviously.

He trained under Jiu Jitsu legend Rigan Machado.

8. While he was PLAYING in the NFL he also created a line of NFL-licensed lithographs for a national sports memorabilia company.


9. If you look close enough, you'll notice he made a cameo in a Blink-182 music video.

You can find Mr. Crews in their video for "Down." 

10. He also got BUSY! AKA he's an awesome dad and had a bunch of kids.

He has five children: four girls and a boy. He even has a grand-daughter!

11. His musical tastes include Coldplay, Justin Bieber AND Sting.

"I'm still steady into Coldplay. With rock 'n' roll, I go backwards with Sting and The Police. I like the older stuff more so than anybody brand new, right now. I like Justin Bieber. Hey, he's produced by Usher Raymond! I dig Justin! That's my man!"

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