Tuesday, July 12, 2016

12 Eye-Popping Photos That Can't Be Ignored

No matter how we look at it, the world never stops surprising us. Thanks to the army of cool-hunting photographers sharing their work across the internet, we have access to a bottomless supply of snapshots of our planet's most eccentric moments. Yet even these don't fully convey how many shades of weird exist at all levels down here.

Whether you're looking at everything from as far away as possible or closer than we could ever hope to with the naked eye, you're guaranteed to find something interesting after a while.

So it shouldn't come much of a surprise that we would have a whole new collection of spellbinding photos for you today. And we hope that each of these 12 photos will make your eyes wide with amazement.

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1. This is what it looks like when someone's e-cig explodes.

It turns out that if someone puts one in their pocket, any metal objects in there like coins can rub against the device and possibly short-circuit the lithium-ion battery. And that can cause some serious burns.

2. This definitely raises a lot of questions.

People will throw just about anything away, but how did all these skates get together in the first place? Apparently, this was just at an apartment complex, so it's not like we're looking at the back of a sporting goods store or something.

3. I don't have to tell you how terrible of an idea this is.

But unless this child hitched a ride without anyone noticing, apparently someone has to tell whoever's driving that car.

4. This creepy sculpture can found gracing the campus of Kellogg Community College.  

I'm dying to know the thought process behind it and what it's supposed to be, but they're being maddeningly coy about it. I guess it'll have to remain a mystery, and frightened students will just have to think of what they did to deserve this.

Of course, this is far from the only unnerving statue just casually hanging out like it's supposed to be there. 

5. Someone would really have to have sore feet to sit next to this guy.

This is called Forgotten and it's the work of Argentinian artist Gustavo Torres, who goes by Kidmograph. If you like trippy motion art, he's definitely someone to check out. 

6. Don't worry, this isn't as scary as it looks.

When you're sitting on a plane, there are actually three different windows separating you from the world outside. All are made from resin so they're pretty tough to break, but this is the one that's the safest to lose.

7. As if we haven't had enough of clowns lately.

Now it looks like there's a whole spooky cabin of them to deal with.

8. Isn't it comforting to see a spider that can trap a full-sized snake in its web?

The best part? This didn't even happen in Australia. No, it seems we have Florida to thank for this soothing sight.

At the same time, there's no way we can have this conversation without our friends from down under.

9. Yup, this is a little more like it.

Funnily enough, the huntsman spider is actually one of the least harmful ones Australia is home to. This one, named Charlotte, apparently has a sweet disposition and her bite isn't venomous at all.

That said, it would still be hard to get used to hearing them walk when it's quiet.

10. This building doesn't look inviting, but knowing it was a hospital for lepers would keep folks even further away.

This photographer doesn't have to worry, though. In the absolute best conditions possible, leprosy-causing bacteria can stay alive outside the body for five months.

Since these don't look like anyone's idea of the best conditions and given that this building was used a lot longer than five months ago, the bacteria should all be long dead.

11. This tree in Tanzania lets us know the area has seen better days.

After all, the soil around it used to be at the same level, but it's in much worse shape now.

12. Yikes, imagine coming across this while on a walk through the woods.

Well, that's exactly what it's here for. This sculpture was intended to give visitors a little shelter while they're walking through the forest and taking in the view.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England actually voted this park as the most tranquil place in the country, so I guess it feels different when you're actually there.

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