Friday, July 1, 2016

14 Things That Are Trippy As Hell

The internet is full of pictures that'll make you do a double-take. There are websites dedicated to UFOs and Sasquatch sightings. What a waste of space, right? All the pictures are the exact same: taken from a distance with a bad camera. The pictures are overblown, making the objects in question blurry. And in every photo, the would-be UFO — what is in most cases a piece of space junk — is circled in red so that everyone knows what they're supposed to be looking at. 

Usually, I reserve a fair amount of criticism for extraterrestrials conspiracy theorists, but I recently learned one of my favorite football players, Aaron Rodgers, believes in aliens, so I will abstain from throwing shade. Instead, I'll just give you this list of photos that are hard for some of us explain but which probably have very simple explanations. 

1. What in the hell is this cat trying to do?

Just resting its head, apparently

2. I'm sure we can all agree that it didn't look like a closed eye at first glance

3. The Mario inception

4. A good photo ruined by a weird angle

5. Get a load of these beefcakes 

Damn, false alarm

6. But is it her?

7. This freak with two feet on one leg

Shoes must cost him a fortune given the fact he has to buy two pairs every time

8. Is she a vampire or caught at a bad angle?

9. George W. unveils his latest creation: the 'Merica gown

10. Check out the legs on this guy 

He's getting on all tips

11. Dog driving a car?

12. This guy's really struttin' his stuff 

13. No deception here, folks. That's a real knife in his back

14. That's a hand outta nowhere

Randy Orton would be proud


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