Wednesday, July 13, 2016

15 Words That We All Ripped Off Of 'Seinfeld'


The premise of Inceptionwas that an idea can be implanted into your head so subconsciously that you thought you came up with it yourself.

That's how perfect Seinfeldwas. 

They literally came up with HUNDREDS of phrases and concepts that we all take for granted. They PUT them into our heads and they're now part of our everyday language. We don't even think about where those words originally came from.

Think about it, they spawned words like...

1. "Yada, Yada, Yada..."

The phrase came about LONG before we started using "TL;DR" (Too Long, Didn't Read). Now we use it when some blowhard is rehashing the same story they've told a million times...

2. Re-gifting.

Jerry gave Super Bowl Tickets to his dentist and in exchange, Tim Whatley gives Jerry a label maker that was given to him by Elaine. But we'd never do that, would we?

3. "...not that there's anything wrong with that!"

What we're forced to say after saying something "politically incorrect" and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings... Ahhh America’s PC mania and obsession with cultural sensitivity.

4. Shrinkage...

GEORGE WAS IN THE POOL! That's why his junk looked microscopic!

5. "Get out!"

We don't have to pound our chests or push someone to the ground like Elaine when we say this phrase in disbelief.

6. Festivus.

On December 23rd, the family gathers around the aluminum pole and competes in the feats of strength... AKA you celebrate the holidays without adhering to the faiths of any of them.

7. Double-dipping.

When you're at a party the worst thing you can be accused of (other than taking a dump in the bed) is dipping a chip into some guac, taking a bite and dipping again...

8. Close-talker.

A person with NO SENSE of personal boundaries and talks two inches away from your face.

9. "Missing your chance..."

If you take TOO LONG to take a dump, you're going to get backed up and have to wait for your body to give you another chance.

10. Man-hands.

Any woman who has larger, stronger or clumsier hands that make you question if they could take you in a fight.

11. Shiksappeal.

Seinfeld introduced the word that means when a Jewish man falls victim to the wiles of a non-Jewish woman otherwise known... as a shiksa. Yes, I know, Puddy isn't Jewish.

12. The bro.

Or manzier, whichever one. In other words, it's a bra for dudes with some extra meat on their chest.

13. A big salad.

Any ridiculously sized salad that we should just switch out for the REAL meal we'd want to eat.

14. The vault.

What we say when we want to be entrusted with a secret of some kind and want to say it'll never come out.

15. Master of your domain...

AKA have you gone for the longest time without choking the chicken? 

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