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16 Space Saving Hacks For Your Tiny Home

Right now, my husband, my dog, and I live in approximately 950 square feet. You know what? It's too big! No, seriously, it is. We have so much wasted space in every room--and it's not like we don't have "stuff" either. We have stuff, I swear. We have everything we need. So what happens? The wasted space feels empty, we fill it, then it feels cluttered because, well, our space is designed to be a "small family townhouse"--not a tiny home. Tiny homes are constructed to use space as efficiently as possible. City townhouses? Not so much. So what we're left with is a lot of spaces that have seen new or used items that have then made their way to donation bins. Did I mention we're far from rich?! My husband is in grad school, for crying out loud! Once we realized our silly cycle of "filling and emptying spaces," we knew we had too much space (and probably time) on our hands. We knew we wanted something simpler, and so began our #tinygoals and downsizing projects. While we make the transition to an eventually smaller space, we are learning everything we can about tiny homes and their endless layouts. I've found a great love of surfing through all the ways to make tiny living not feel so small. Here's a list of my favorites — and all the things I've learned along the way! 

1. Do double-duty.

Everything you bring into your tiny space should be multi-functional. This yellow door serves as a room divider (privacy) and an accessories hanger (storage). 

2. Create division without losing space.

Although certainly practical, standard doors literally close off spaces. This is the exact opposite of what we want in tiny living! Check out how one woman used an open-faced bookcase to divide space in an open, airy way. 

3. Add a work station almost anywhere.

Don't have an extra office area up for grabs? Good! That's the whole point. Make your own tiny work-space with one these incredible inventions. 

4. Use your "stuff" as decor or to break up spaces. 

See how this genius is decorating and dividing her apartment with her clothes? While it's definitely best to downsize the closet, this method leaves room for the fashionistas who, no matter how tiny their goals, just can't let go of those key pieces. 

5. Paint your walls white.

White walls make tiny spaces feel bigger. They brighten rooms. They look sharp and modern. Tiny home wins all around! That being said, check out what color can do in #9.

6. Put shelving around the bed or door frames.

These shelves can be used for books, as seen above, but also for more generalized storage. I like the idea of using them for books because it looks great, but let's be honest: a Kobo could space-save all those shelves! Eventually, you will need to downsize something...

7. Install a cafe corner instead of a full kitchen table set.

It's cozy, it's cute, it's got everything you need for a perfect brunch for two! My only concern is that the chairs don't look super comfy, but that's an easy fix! 

8. Keep things simple. 

The motto of tiny living: less IS more. Don't let a desire to decorate blur this goal for simplicity. Simple is organized, clean, efficient, and doesn't stand a chance of looking cluttered. 

9. Include a pop of color. 

You're creating a living space, remember? So, amongst the white walls and simple decor, you want to show your personality, too. This is where colors come in. Check out how this pop of color really makes this space. 

10. Choose skinny stairs. 

If you have to have stairs at all, make them skinny to save as much space as possible. 

11. Make the most of windows.

Windows are your best friend in tiny spaces! They let natural light illuminate your space, making it feel brighter and bigger. Plus, they extend one's vision from the room itself all the way to the outside, creating a more pleasant view. Just imagine this 90 square foot apartment without that window! 

12. Think design. 

Tiny homes are super trendy right now! You know what that means? Designers the world over are getting on board and creating appliances and furniture that have space-saving hacks built right into them. Always ask yourself before purchase: does this help me achieve my #tinygoals? Check out this helpful kitchen unit — it's only 20 square feet! 

13. Maximize every nook! 

Wasted space just won't do in tiny living. Adding pull-out pantries in skinny spaces — like the one between your fridge and stove or fridge and wall — can save so much space. Plus, it's practically hidden, keeping clutter out of sight and simplicity in reach. 

14. Fill the space above your cabinets. 

If you haven't gone the open-faced cabinet route (see #16) then you definitely need to utilize the space above your cabinets for storage — it just makes sense. This person chose to keep their bar above their cabinets. You can also put serving bowls, pantry items, or those few trinkets you can't part with, too. 

15. Extend your space to the outdoors.

Why do people go tiny? To live bigger, fuller lives! This includes, of course, spending more time outdoors. Have a little porch, balcony, or grass/cement patch? Try this to get more out of your space!

16. Use flat shelves instead of boxy cabinets.

The difference is unreal. Having shelves instead of cabinets opens a small kitchen right up. This creates a much better vibe to the space. Check it out:

Main image via Classy Clutter
Collage images via 1. Classy Clutter 2. Alex Hemer / Desire To Inspire 3. Better Homes and Gardens 


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