Sunday, July 3, 2016

17 People Who Are Doing It Completely Wrong

There are a million ways to do something wrong, and there's usually only one way to do something right. If you take those odds, then you're way more likely to screw something up than you are to get it right. It's why we offer instructions and endless numbers of how-to videos. Despite our best efforts, we, as a society, have only managed to limit the screw-ups, but not to eliminate them completely. Some people are beyond instruction. No matter hard you teach them or how hard they try to get it right the first time, they never do. They're frustrating, I know. But they're also fodder for my amusement, and for that, I thank them. 

1. A paddleboat on water as well as a great mulching tool on land

2. Canoes are more effective when they aren't filled with water

3. Computer fail or virtual reality guru?

4. The moment it all went wrong

5. This is just straight putrid 

I bet the smell is atrocious

6. I can't see this fooling anybody

Not even the lowly bike thief

7. He just really likes the way they fit

8. How is this any easier than pulling the car closer?

9. I guess this is one way of doing it

10. This doesn't look right...

11. I wonder if this guy knows how badly he just screwed up

12. Take my bill 

Take it!

13. Either someone screwed this sandwich up real bad, or it's bulking season

14. Entirely defeats the purpose of having a wheelbarrow

15. "I don't get what all the fuss is about"

16. I don't know if you noticed, but your washing machine is on fire


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