Sunday, July 31, 2016

17 Pics To Put A Darn Good Laugh In Ya

How do you like to laugh? Are you an able giggler? A sensible chuckler? Are you more of a skilled snickerer? Or perhaps you prefer a quality chortle. Well, it really doesn't matter because the next highly-amusing pics will have you doing whatever it is that you do. Enjoy! 

1. It's gone too far 

2. He definitely dog-eared the books 

3. Gotta love karma

4. What the...

5. Clearly...

6. Favorite child right there 

7. That's one heck of a hangover 

8. Kids these days! 

9. Can't say no to breadsticks 

10. An honest friend is a good friend 

11. Adele rocking that new 'do

12. My cat would kill me...

13. Look at the longing expression in that reflection

Can you spot it? 

I mean, just look at it! 

14. Classic Andy

15. Canada might have Justin, but America has Ken Bone...

16. Looks like we may have found the new Ken Bone

17. Just kidding, there will only ever be one


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