Saturday, July 2, 2016

17 Ridiculous Examples Of Cartoon Logic

I freaking love cartoons, always have. They have a style of humor that you could only ever accomplish with animation, sound effects, and talented voice actors. What's always stood out in my mind are the moments that make you sit back and think, "Wait, does that make any sense at all?" I mean, there are the obvious examples like how gravity only works for Wile E. Coyote when he looks down, or how Donald Duck always covers himself with a towel after a shower even though he walks around pantsless all day, but we're going to go through all kinds of ridiculous situations and circumstances here. From classic conundrums you probably noticed as a kid to things you may have never noticed at all, these are the times "cartoon logic" decided what was right and your "real-world logic" can get the heck outta here!

1. This makes no mother-smurfing sense at all

2. And then there's this genius use of "physics" 

3. How can Dora be a genius and such an idiot at the same time?

4. When and where characters decide to wear clothes is constantly mindboggling 

5. The thing about Dexter is, he's always hustlin' 

6. The dude does not know the meaning of "incognito" 

7. But if you really wanna talk about exposing your secrets, look no further than Superman himself!

8. Then on the flip-side, sometimes these ridiculous "disguises" actually work! 

9. Then there's this brilliant use of "science"

10. No movie version of Spider-Man could ever capture thismagic!

What's even crazier is that later on in this scene, he pulls a cord to start the engine of his boat...which he alsomade from webs!

11. It's good to know that if you don't have ears, you can always put headphones around your freaking eyes!

12. Or, if you do have ears, there's no sense in putting headphones over them at all apparently... 

13. I guess they were just lucky that Ariel didn't start jamming this dinglehopper straight into the hearts of her enemies

14. Well, he had been out sailing the ocean for months on end before this, so maybe I can't fully blame Eric here...

15. SpongeBob is notorious for that classic "cartoon logic" freedom

Case and point: underwater fire.

16. So much madness in one screenshot...

17. Well, most of the time SpongeBob is the king of "cartoon logic," most of the time...


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