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18 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About 'Girls'

People always talk about how great Sex and the City is and then they always launch into this debate about whether they're a Carrie, Miranda, Samantha or Charlotte. But that's old news now. It's all about Girlsand if you're a Hannah, Shoshanna, Jessa or Marnie! Seriously, this show is amazing. You get to watch people like you try to grow up. It's just nice to be able to see that other people are struggling to #Adult like you! Sadly, the show is ending next season but here are some amazing behind-the-scenes facts about the show to take your mind off of that news! 

1. Lena Dunham is obsessed with alliteration. She loves it so much that all the character's names are alliterative: Hannah Horvath, Marnie Michaels, Shoshanna Shapiro and Jessa Johansson! 

Forever obsessed with the name Shoshanna. 

2. Allison Williams' dad (THE Brian Williams) sometimes shows up to set to watch her film. Yup, that's right! He even shows up to see her film those sex scenes. Talk about awkward!

3. Allison is the only one in the cast who specifically asked for a no full nudity clause in her contract. 

Well, that's good for her... and her dad. 

4. Remember Charlie? Marnie's ex-boyfriend? The character was actually written off the show because Christopher Abbot hated the show and talked trash about Girls to the media!

Lena found out and got so angry that she basically erased the character! But she was nice enough to let him come back for a cameo in Season 5!

5. Lena said that she gets so into filming sex scenes that she started to go without the nude patch that covers everything down there! 

She said she feels empowered that she doesn't care who sees her naked anymore on set! 

6. Jemima Kirke said she had trouble getting into character as Jessa so she decided to start wearing her own clothes to feel more comfortable. Most of what you see Jessa wearing comes straight from Jemima's closet!

7. Hannah's OCD storyline comes from a real place. Lena has dealt with OCD all her life and she wrote about it in her book Not That Kind of Girl

8. Even though Hannah got into the prestigious writing program at the University of Iowa, the school refused to let the show film there. The university said that Girls would make the school be seen in "an unfavorable light." 

Uh... a really cool character going to an amazing program at the school? How could that be bad?! 

9. Judd Apatow reached out to Lena after he saw her movie, Tiny Furniture. He told her that the story would work perfectly for a TV show!  

And now he's a producer on the show.

10. Judd also said that he wanted to produce the show because he thought it would help men understand realistic females. 

11. Marnie was inspired by Lena's bestie IRL, Audrey Gelman.

12. Ready for this weird fact though? Audrey eventually played the girl that Charlie ended up with after he and Marnie broke up.

13. Lena had to beg Jemima to play Jessa because she's not an actor. She wanted to focus on her career as a painter! 

14. Adam Driver said he's so thankful for Lena and Girls. He says he believes that if he wasn't in the show, he would've never been able to be in Star Wars

Do you like Adam with Hannah or Jessa? 

15. Shoshanna was originally written as a guest star but Lena loved Zosia Mamet and her performance so much that she kept her on the show as a series regular! 

Shosh is my favorite! I'm jealous of all the hats, hairbands and hair styles that she rocks!

16. Amy Schumer actually auditioned to play Shoshanna! Lena said that "everyone in the room was stunned by the detail and skill of her improv... it was clear Amy wasn't meant to play an innocent Juicy Couture lover..."

Whoa. Can you imagine how different the show would be with Amy?! 

17. It looks like auditioning isn't the only way to get a part on the show! Shiri Appleby was just shadowing a director on set when Lena randomly came up to her and offered the role of Natalia in season two.

18. Girls is ending after Season 6 because Lena wanted the show to accurate portray her life in her twenties. She was 23 when the show started and it'll end when she's 30! 


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