Friday, July 29, 2016

19 LOL Loaded Pics To Laugh At

You can't win out here in this cutthroat multimedia landscape. Either you have an original idea that no one likes, or you have one that you think is original, but someone somewhere has already done it — which explains why people end up liking it. And, on the very rare occasion that you docreate something that is both original and good, 10 other people are waiting to steal it from you and claim it as their own. That's why I stick to simple ideas that have proven to work time and time again. So, without further ado, here is another simple but entertaining list of funny pics for you to enjoy. 

1. Emergency line bling

2. This is why face swaps shouldn't exist

3. That'll teacher her

4. Heart-warming

5. Watch me 

6. This really brings me back

7. Old people on Facebook kill me 

8. Future-you will deal with it

9. For real, though

10. Oh boy

11. What kind of shady operation is this?

12. Third time's the charm, hopefully

13. Interesting...

14. "Bear Grills"

That got me

15. The best that ever was

16. Savage

17. Church signage is getting too good

18. Depends on who you're asking

19. Got heeem!


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