Friday, July 1, 2016

19 Photos That Will Make You Wonder What's Wrong With The World

Between Trump's campaign and the internet's reactions to him, I've seen enough mind-numbingly WTF stuff to last me a lifetime — until I'm on reddit, that is.

No matter how I fight it, my favorite little corner of the internet is the one where people send their socially rejected, oddball pictures to be appreciated by other weirdos. I LOVE the stuff that makes you wonder what's wrong with people/the world. 

Maybe it makes me feel better about myself, or maybe it's just good for a laugh. Either way, I just have to share it with you guys.

Check out these incredibly WTF photos and COMMENT to let us know what you think!

1. This bus that forgot something important.

2. This guy, who's just doing a little routine trimming.

3. This guy, who's either a genius or a complete idiot. Maybe both.

4. This one stop shop that offers everything you could ask for.

5. This creature from the depths of my nightmares, which is in a park for some reason.

6. The geniuses who managed to screw up this badly.

7. This post that just needs to burn. 

8. This person who thought plastic wrap was an acceptable substitute for shoes.

9. This unholy nightmare of a roundabout. 

10. This adorable little mutant of a cat. Look at those thumbs!

11. This completely unnecessary product that no one asked for.

12. The person who not only has eight cats, but has trained them to stay in a stroller.

13. This car that has zero hope of getting out anytime soon.

14. This guy and his questionable-at-best methods.

15. This classy club's page from a high school yearbook.

16. And finally, these insanely brave fans.

Which WTF moment was your favorite? COMMENT and let us know!


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