Wednesday, July 20, 2016

20 Jokers Doing What They Do Best

Class clowns. Comedians. Pranksters. Jokers. They have many names, but all of them seek only one thing: a laugh. 

Whether it's wearing a funny outfit or pulling your chair out from underneath of you before you can sit down, jokers will do whatever it takes to strike comedic gold. Take a look at these jokers doing what they do best.

1. Check out the disclaimer at the bottom of this joker's sign. I'm not sure this policy is doing much to improve business, but it's definitely doing its job of getting a few laughs.

2. Mothers, if you have a joker for a son, never ask him to pick you up from the airport. Otherwise, you're just asking for public embarrassment like this mom received. 

3. I always hated when I would do a project based on knowledge I already had, then had to make up sources. This joker took it to the next level and graced his audience with a lovely picture of Danny DeVito. 

4. This joker's asking the real questions. People over profits is a very noble sentiment, but free guac is the only thing that would truly bring peace to this crazy world of ours.

5. Pregnancy is a great time for joker moms to have a laugh. Her shirt is right. Don't eat watermelon seeds, and definitely, no matter what you do, don't swallow a bowling ball.

6. This joker dad saw his chance to embarrass his daughter and he took it. I wouldn't be surprised if he had some former modeling experience. He's workin' it! She'll probably be more careful about what she posts from now on.

7. Whoever is the mastermind behind this joke deserves a promotion and a raise. Sometimes the best jokes are the ones that are subtle and involve and man injuring himself by falling from a ladder.

8. She just did what I always dreamed of doing in my yearbook quote, but never had the guts to. Hopefully she already got her diploma, or the school might hold on to it as punishment.

9. You know, I would expect this lame of a joke coming from a dad, but this is a new low for motherhood. Although I must admit, I do love how much joy is on her face in the picture.

10. I want to be friends with the joker who sent this Snapchat. I just like to imagine that this woman is best friends with Ben Dover, Jim Nasium, and Jay Walker.

11. If I walked into the bathroom at work and saw this sitting on the toilet, I think I might have a heart attack. The blazer is a good choice to class up the joke a bit.

12. You would never know just by looking at him, but this cop has a great figure underneath that uniform. Good thing he has a good attitude about this, otherwise the joker who took this picture might have been arrested.

13. This is top notch Snapchat comedy gold. If he didn't get a picture, all of his friends would've thought he was lion to them. But oh well, I guess that's irrelephant. 

14. I'm sure he could've found a more convincing fake ID to use, but as jokers usually do, he wanted to push the limits. I don't think that bouncer is going to keep his job for much longer.

15. Although it may be mean, this joker has a point. Who wants to spend their day off watching some kids pick flowers and chase butterflies in the outfield? Not me.

16. This high school senior completely nailed recreating her kindergarten photo. I hope she keeps this up and does it again when she's 30, 40, 50, etc., and then even passes it down to her own daughter.

17. These colors may not run, but they definitely burn. If you look closely, you'll see that even his sunglass lenses are the American flag. A true joker pays attention to the details. 

18. I don't care what the critics will say, this is art. No, it's an absolute masterpiece! I like to think that someone has this photo blown up and framed, hanging above their fireplace. 

19. His little brother wondered why he got so much wetter than everyone else, until he saw the photo. If I was their parents, I would be so mad. That's a complete waste of a $15 amusement park bottle of water.

20. This guy is a national hero. I've always wondered what I would do if I saw a Google Street View car driving past me, and I think this might be my new answer.


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