Tuesday, July 5, 2016

20 Things We've Been Doing Wrong This Whole Time

It's just come to my realization that I've been doing many simple, everyday tasks all wrong. Apparently doing these things in the easiest and most obvious manner is incorrect. 

Think you know the right way to fill your gas tank? Nope. Thankfully we have these geniuses to show us our mistakes.

1. I always used to lay on the actual mat for the sake of comfort, but obviously I've been doing it all wrong. I'm glad this guy could show me the right way.

2. It turns out you've been using your iPad wrong all this time. It's actually meant to be used like a bulky, oversized cell phone that looks totally normal to use in public.

3. Fun tip: scanning just the outside of your passport is a great way to hide your personal information and protect yourself from identity theft. And it doesn't take as long because you don't have to open up that darn cover.

4. Ladies, you've been wearing your clothes all wrong. Those cups on your shirt? Yeah, those are actually meant to provide extra padding for your scapula. At least this girl knows what she's doing.

5. I used to always use the wheels on my rolling luggage, but they always made it too smooth and easy. I think from now on I'm going to try her dragging approach.

6. If you thought the proper way to fill up was to actually insert the nozzle, think again! Stand back a few feet and shoot the gas from a distance. The fuel combines with oxygen and becomes much more efficient.

7. I always thought this thing was a tape player. Turns out, it's an iPhone dock that will charge your device and play music. For an added bonus, it will even scratch your screen in the process!

8. Thinking of eating your ice cream bar like a normal, sane person? Why do that when you can flip it on its side and eat it like some kind of savage?!

9. I always used my lawnmower for my lawn, and only my lawn. But for an added challenge, you can actually hold it vertically and use it on bushes. Now you know!

10. Many people think that the elliptical is used by standing on it and working on your cardio. But nope! You can thank this guy the next time you're at the gym.

11. Isn't it spelled "bon appétit"? I've been wrong before so I probably am again in this case. After all it is his birthday, so he's gotta be right. Dome app the tree!

12. Still heating up your marshmallows on an open bonfire just like everyone else? Well here's a life hack!  Just use your clothes iron and cut the cooking time in half!

13. iPads have a screenshot feature where you can capture the image that is currently on your screen, but that's too complicated to figure out. When in doubt, just toss it on the photocopier!

14. I always used this for my hands, but this sign exists for a reason, so apparently it's a urinal for someone. If you do try this for yourself, just be careful of the splashback.

15. If only there were some way to protect your eyes from the sun! Specifically two other ways...sitting directly on top of your head. Oh well, I guess the hand will do the trick!

16. Sick of using a lawnmower and leaf blower to clean up your yard? Here's an idea: Just put one hundred times the recommended amount of soap into your washing machine, and you'll have a sparkling clean lawn in no time!

17. Sure, you could rent a pickup truck to carry your ladder for you. Or you could turn driving into a game of Russian Roulette! There's no way that this could end badly.

18. This guy's girlfriend didn't want to lose her keys, so she decided to lock them in a safe place! Now she'll never lose them again. Wait a minute... Something doesn't seem right.

19. It turns out we've been using selfie sticks all wrong. Most people have been using them to take photos of themselves, but those people are sadly mistaken. It's actually meant as an extra grip for talking on the phone!

20. We've all been pumping our gas wrong this entire time. It turns out that if you back your car in, you can get the tank closer, and become an internet meme in the process!


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