Friday, July 1, 2016

21 Things That Never Should Have Been Posted

"Well, that was a mistake." How many of you have said those words about something you've posted on the internet? Whether it's a comment, a picture, a status, or a tweet, we've all experienced some regrets and embarrassment courtesy of social media...But I have a feeling none as bad as the next people!

1. Nope, not quite

2. I don't know who threw shade at Trey Songs, but I bet they regret it

3. Dude, what?

4. Bad idea 

I wonder how long it took for the next person to correct their mistake...maybe never

5. It's a travesty 

6. I think they were going for "menopause"

7. You guys are a day late

8. It's a fiery ball in the sky...

Who knows what the next person was thinking...

9. I don't think that's what they meant

10. That just doesn't make sense...


12. So she has a messy room, it's not that embarrassing...hold on...

13. Yep...there it is

I think the next person needs an anatomy lesson...

14. How would you like it if someone called your boobs "pimples?"

15. Persecuted because of their taste in coffee 

16. The colors are pretty similar...

17. This is one of my favorites...

18. Not quite...


20. How dare Grandma talk about Harambe like that?!

21. Hmm, those budget cuts are already taking a toll 


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